1. Scott says

    He was, and remains, a smart and gentle man. It is no surprise that the majority did not accept him as a man of action.

    They wanted their western hero to go in, shoot first, and ask questions later. Given the political climate of the time, it is a miracle that things did not go horribly wrong. I remember being so scared that we were gonna get accidentally annihilated.

    We were EXTREMELY LUCKY that Russia imploded and could no longer support its hostile rhetoric. It had nothing to do with Reagan and his policies.

  2. sparks says

    I’d rather have an ancient Jimmy Carter back in office next year than anyone in the republican party. (I’m sorta leaning towards Carter over Obama, too, in my little fantasy political race…)

    Even at 86, Carter still seems extremely bright and well-informed.

  3. Zlick says

    It’s looking like Carter will remain the Best Ex-President till the day he dies. It’s too bad his greatness wasn’t widely recognized, or perhaps did not sufficiently mature, till he was out of office. But he’s proven time and again, since then, to be – imo – better than any man subsequently holding his former office.

  4. anon says

    Most commentators here probably don’t remember Carter’s presidency. Obama has been way more successful than Carter, and I’m sure the current administration would wish he’d stay away to avoid comparisons. The Carter years were a downhill slide for the country while this administration seems more like treading water.

  5. Redebbm says

    Despite what people say about Carter, I wonder what the country would had been like if he had held onto the presidency, and the country had not gone all “lovey dovey” over Reagan. Carter was a good man, a cool head. The Republicans always loathe that.

    Back during the 80′ election, only public money was used in the election. No money raised whatsoever. This was 31 years ago! not a very long time. Now we are in the Hundreds of Millions almost Billion being raised.

  6. J H Robbins says

    I LOVE JIMMY CARTER – always have, always will.
    It’s odd that my fear of the Republican Party began; not with Reagan or with GHW Bush, but with the ascension of GW Bush.

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