1. BBLQ says

    That’s right. She is a woman with a vagina and some hair hormones who had her breasts removed. That is not a ma, plain and simple. You have a vagina, you are a not a man.

  2. mick says

    i feel so sorry for the ignorant people that want to make themselves feel better by putting down someone who has had to face more hatred in the past 24 hours than almost anyone else in this country.

    Lisa is probably an uptight frigid person anyway.

  3. Gary says

    He identifies as a man so he is a man.

    I dunno why I’m always so disappointed that African-Americans tilt anti-LGBT, That so many gays are racist, or that so many people from one oppressed group want to be haters on another group. It gets me down.

    I should avoid ‘comments’ sections, I know. At least I have no haters in my circle of friends–I see to it.

  4. Joey says

    When are we going accept that a person’s identity is his or her own. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. It is his or hers alone. The need to make everyone conform is what killed Larry King. Chaz knows who he is. So just drop it.

  5. LFB says

    @BBLQ I double dog dare you to say that in front of Buck Angel

    Transgendered people have always stood by us. Transgendered people were the driving force that gave birth to the gay rights movement. Let’s not forget that drag queens were the ones kicking the pigs’ asses at Stonewall. Even today, hijras and kathoeys are the ones championing trans and gay rights in the developing world. Quit it with the transphobia. They’re just as deserving of dignity and rights as we are.

  6. johnny says

    The level of unbridled, scathing hatred towards Chaz almost leaves me speechless.

    I mean, wow! This is such a new, low low for the Towleroad comments section.

    People need to learn what empathy means.

  7. Paul R says

    I agree with many of the above comments. It sickens me that an oppressed group feels the need to find someone else “beneath” them.

    Have you ever considered what it would be like to feel an overwhelming desire to change your sex? It’s a hell of a lot harder than being gay or lesbian.

  8. Farley says

    @Paul R So now we finally have it out in the open. Transexuals have despised gay people for many years, because they consider their struggle to be oh so much “harder”. Of course, that hasn’t stopped them from riding on the gays’ coattails to get their rights. Now gay men are being condemned by the trans crowd for actually calling themselves “men”. They want us not to refer to ourselves as “cismen”, whatever the hell that is. Chaz/Chastity has finally gotten revenge on the gay community that rejected her after she viciously attacked Ellen. It is all about him now, and he can enjoy the pleasures of a heteronormative life, like so many transexuals strive for.

  9. Jonathan says

    Fist of all, I believe Chaz has had a the gender reassignment surgery so he does, in fact, have a penis and not a vagina. Buck Angel is still technically a woman but identifies as a man and certainly looks like a man. I will say one thing, after Prop 8 passed in California I became a massive racist for a short time. It was a reaction to the homophobia and bigotry of a segment of the black community. It’s not pretty but it is what it is. It didn’t start with the gay community. It starts with that stupid book they all read.

  10. Marie says

    I am a married, stay at home mom of two children. I married young and stayed with the same man and only man for the last 25 years. We waited ten years after we were married to have children. As I said I stay home. I volunteer about 45 hours a week at their schools. We live within our means, and pay our taxes. We give to charity and search for ways to better the community as a whole.

    We vote on a family value vote. And the that family value has a corner stone in moral strength of equality and civil justice. I am appalled at your reactions to Chaz, He is a person just as you and I. and I would say your actions against him are more dangerous to our children of our country than anything our children can see or hear on tv. I personally wouldn’t allow you alone in a room with my children.

    learn to Accept things that you might not support. For you are not the judge and jury of others.

  11. Jonathan says

    Also, the amount of hatred that Chaz Bono has been subjected to is tragic. By all accounts he is an intelligent sensitive person. The Maggie Gallagher clones are just exposing how evil they really are.

  12. Bring back the lions! says

    If someone wants to change their gender identity, thats THEIR business and nobody elses. I never watched DWTS but i will now simply to vote for Mr. Chaz. Chaz is amazingly brave and a true inspiration to people with a heart AND a brain.

    @Marie…thank you for your kind words.

  13. GregV says

    “I dunno why I’m always so disappointed that African-Americans tilt anti-LGBT, That so many gays are racist, or that so many people from one oppressed group want to be haters on another group.”

    @Gary: Inasmuch as the phenomenon of members of disenfrancised minorities not supporting other minorities’ rights exists, it bothers me, too.

    But I would never jump to making the assumption that “Lisa G.” or “BBLQ” or any other anonymous internet commenter is black or gay or anything else.

    I feel completely confident that out gay people are, on the whole, far more accepting and supportive of equal rights of disenfranchised races and sexual identities than is the general population.

    Rather than assuming that Lisa G. is gay or black (or even female) and “should know better” than to trash another disenfranchised group, I would be more likely to guess that she (or he, as the case may be) is from the trans-hating “million moms” group (or something similar like a trans-hating church) and scours the internet to find Chaz-related posts where she/he can spread the hate.

  14. Lance says

    I honestly can’t believe some of these comments are on the Towleroad comment section! How can a community that faces discrimination on a daily basis discriminate on one of our own? The reactions from BBLQ and Farley are one in the same with the reactions that the anti-gay crowd has towards gays and lesbians and should not be acceptable.

    The strength Chaz has shown in living his life the way he has (after all, he didn’t ask to be born “Cher’s kid”) and now the strength he has shown to embrace who he is on national television is something not only to be commended but also something that will advance our cause, yet some gays and lesbians are responding like a Fox News commentator.

    I can’t begin to imagine feeling like I am in the wrong body; and my hat is off to anyone who feels that way and has the guts to be open about it.

    Bravo to Chaz, dance those shoes off brother!

  15. Lisa G says

    Ok, so by your logic if my brain tells me I am a tiger and I have stripes tattooed on my body and a tail attached, then I guess I must be a tiger. Mee owww. Don’t judge! I know what pronouns I am using, the correct ones.

  16. says

    The blind animosity towards trans people never ceases to amaze me. What is so threatening and incomprehensible about someone feeling their biological sex isn’t true to their gender identity? It’s particularly perplexing why some of us gay people, who should know what it’s like to have an essential part of our being misunderstood due to the narrow-minded ignorance of mainstream society, not only lack the imagination to put ourselves in someone like Chaz’s shoes but hold the same sort of irrational hostility that homophobes show towards us. As with homophobia, transphobia says more about the phobic than about the object of their disgust.

    And, so what if someone doesn’t believe Chaz is a “real” man–how people perceive Chaz’s gender has nothing to do with whether or not he should be on the show (a show you couldn’t pay me to watch but not cause of Chaz). I hope he stays strong and proud in the face of idiot hatred.

  17. GregV says

    It irritates me that George Stephanopoulos defends the bigots by saying “Well, Howard, you call it a hate group, but they’re NOT being anonymous here; they’re being very open about their views [supporting “what they call family values”…].

    George, did you even look at their website” “They’re not being anonymous and they’re being very open?” Who? The people the website quotes from their organization, named “June B., Judith B., Mary B., RJ…”
    None of them have a first and last name and a third of those quoted have the last initial “B.”
    They use an automatic e-mail system that allows even followers who can’t express themselves in a gramatically-correct sentence to use an automatic “click-here” copy-and-paste of an automatic, anonymous complaint (or 12) about a sinful show or commercial.

    Like most any anti-gay group, they’ve chosen a misleading name to make them sound bigger or more important than they are (a million? I don’t buy it!)
    Anti-gay hate groups should no more have their views spotlighted and defended by TV hosts like Stephanopoulos than anti-black groups who might object to the very existence of a black person on TV (It sounds too ridiculous to be real today, but that’s where America was 45 years ago.)

    I’m tired of hate groups being “brought to the table” to get promotion for their divisive and falsely-based outrages.

  18. ohplease says

    How can anybody be surprised that there are several idiotic commenters on Towleroad? Unless this is your first time here, this is the way it goes. Andy must be so proud.

    Chaz doesn’t need non-LGB idiots to hate him; his own community is more than happy to do the dirty work for the bigots who hate them just as much as they hate him.

    Like I say: welcome to Towleroad.

  19. TJ says

    Lisa, if you went through all of the psychotherapy and soul-searching as a trans person has to before qualifying for surgery, and lived through phases of living as the gender you feel you are before any permanent steps are taken, I might just accept you as a tiger.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to know with every fiber of one’s being that one’s body and one’s gender don’t match. I’ve never wanted to be anything other than a man. I can’t imagine what it would be like to cut off parts of my body so central to my enjoying my sexuality. But it is this complete anathema (along with an education) that helps me understand
    how certain someone must be about what is right for them in order to even entertain the idea of, much less undergo, reassignment surgeries. Changing one’s body is not something done lightly. The fighting one has to do be at peace is not for the uncommitted. You have to KNOW what is right for you. As certain as I am that I was born in the “right” body, trans people are as certain that their inherent gender differs from their physical body. The depth of my certitude and experience of my certitude helps me understand the depth and experience of theirs.

  20. castaway says

    Chaz, if you are reading this, YOU GO BUDDY!, you GO LIKE THE WIND! Live your life how you choose and let the haters words bounce off and smack them back in the face. You are AWESOME and BRAVE and don’t let anyone tell you different!

  21. Joey says

    George Stephanopoulos helped elect Clinton and turned his back on him when the going got rough Then he wrote a book about how disappointed he was. It landed him a job at right wing ABC. This is not a man who I would ever watch or care about his opinion on anything. Just another villager.

    I think this place attracts a lot of bigots who troll for attention. But it is all good. Just laugh them off. They are losing and they know it.

  22. walter says

    @lisa this site doesn’t get a lot of female tolls but i guess you are one of the exceptions. chaz has proven he has balls because ot took a lot of courage to open yourself to these virulent attacks by the right. most people don’t have that kind of courage. as to 1 million mothers probably like the catholic league and nom with 7 members supported by some church.

  23. George Florez says

    Chaz obviously knew he would be against a lot of adversity when getting into the spotlight like he is doing…
    Somehow he is paving the way for many more transgender people to go mainstream in the US… and that is very commendable…

    I wish you the best in your show business career Chaz…and in your personal life as well!

  24. Sancho says

    Everyone *does* realize that this controversy is exactly what Dancing with the Stars was aiming for, right? The more the hate groups scream about Chaz being on the show, the higher the ratings will soar. The producers wanted this kind of reaction, and the social conservatives are too stupid to realize that their knee-jerk reactions are being manipulated.

  25. Bernie Keating says

    I know it’s surprising to see bigotry manifest itself in one minority towards another. But every minority struggle basically puts out the same message: “We are no different than you.”

    And if there is no difference, this ends up meaning: we’re just as wonderful, just as bigoted, just as loving, just as petty, just as giving, just as selfish, just as enlightened, just as pig-headed, just as forward thinking, just as backward thinking than any other segment of the population. Or in short, we’re just as human — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    If “We’re the same” is the ultimate message? That sometimes makes us look good and sometimes it don’t. But either way, the message is still good.

  26. Kevin Donohue says

    I laud Chaz’s decision to stand his ground. No one should be the target of the hateful and factually incorrect things being said about him; by standing up to this vicious bullying, Chaz is fighting for the rights of all transgender people. And kudos for Cher for standing by him.

  27. PRE says

    Lisa G has made by far the most stupid, self righteous statement that I’ve ever wasted my time reading on this site.

    “Ok, so by your logic if my brain tells me I am a tiger and I have stripes tattooed on my body and a tail attached, then I guess I must be a tiger.”

    If someone can’t tell the difference between being a different gender than one’s genitals, and being a different species then they ought to refrain from posting and making their ignorance known.

    I’ve generally thought that Chaz was a bit of an attention seeker, but when I see the naked ugliness in these attacks, by people who ought to know just a little better, I’ve changed my mind.

    Hey Lisa, burn a cross in anyone’s yard lately?

  28. Randy says

    Howard Bragman, awesome.

    Stephanopolous, not so much. Just because you identify yourself doesn’t mean you aren’t a hate group. One Million Moms, as part of AFA, IS a hate group.

  29. Randy says

    Also, before assuming all the negative comments on Towleroad come from the LGB part of the LGBT readership, consider that many of our enemies also read Towleroad… it may not all be us.

  30. Rin says

    I think that the problem is that we feel the need to label people and force people to conform to two standards: male and female.

    Chaz has no idea what it feels like to be “male” and the fact that Chaz believes he does is a social and psychological problem…he thinks because he likes women, sports, and doesn’t want to wear makeup that is what a man feels like, ergo he is and always was a “man”.

    I think it is a) wrong, and b) disruptive to perpetuate this separatist box between male-female, gay-straight, white-black, etc.

    So, if you like makeup, heels, and think guys are cute you might feel that you are a female, ergo need to get breasts, take hormones, etc. Well, Ellen Degeneres obviously doesn’t…is she not a female?

    We are biologically women and biologically men because Nature intended this for evolutionary and survival purposes. Our “sex”, however, does not define us. Our intellect, our actions, our passions, our likes and dislikes, our loves, our thoughts….these are what make us “us”.

    I have no problem with Chaz cutting off his breasts and wanting to be a male if it makes him happy, but he’s not a biological male and no amount of surgery will make him one until they can transplant those organs that can make semen shoot out of his “penis” when he ejaculates and he has the potential of breeding.

    I realize that there are sterile “men” and “women” but they were still born with the organs to reproduce whether they work or not.

    It is sad that people feel that they can’t “be” a unique creature on this earth that has a unique perspective without sequestering themselves into a “club” that they truly do not understand.

    I don’t wake up in the morning thinking “female” thoughts. I wake up thinking the same thoughts as probably all of you–what’s for breakfast.

    My children made me feel female, but beyond that…I feel like ME.

    All this to say…Let him dance on DWTS even tho he’s not a star, let him dance with a chick (odd he said that he would feel wrong dancing with a dude which is slightly homophobic), let him live his life without people hating him for making a choice that may hurt only himself.

    He seems kind and thoughtful and deserving of kindness back.

    I wish I could be more supportive of the Trans issues, but two thousands years ago before plastic surgery and pills…tell me what would they have done? If technology is the only thing that “completes” you…I don’t know **scratches head**

    Best of luck to Chaz, tho. Can’t be easy to be a nice person and hated by strangers.

  31. Rin says

    I just wanted to clarify lest people think I’m a hater…

    It is oppositional to gender equality to perpetuate the myth that women conform to certain standards and likes and that men conform to certain standards and likes.

    To say that you’ve always felt like a “woman” inside or a “man” inside is wrong because until you can do a Vulcan mind-meld you have no idea if ALL women or even MOST women feel a certain way inside.

    Yes, I like makeup, but so does Adam Lambert. Some days I don’t like makeup and neither does Ellen D. When I hear on interviews that Transwomen say: I’ve always been attracted to girlie things, I’ve always wanted to be pretty, I’ve always been attracted to guys…I’m a woman on the inside, etc

    It feels so anti-progress. Women can like men OR women and be women. Women can like makeup or no makeup and be women. The ONLY difference between me and the guy next door is that in a pinch I can give birth to a child–but even if I couldn’t, I was born with the organs that potentially could do this.

    Other than that we’re just both individuals living on the planet trying to find individual happiness.

    I guess I just don’t get it…or maybe I do. This whole thing is confusing to me.

    I only know that I won’t discriminate or try to hurt someone. I won’t have fake moral outrage because they’re on a dancing show. I won’t try to stop them from pursuing what they think will make them happy.

    I just wish they could be happy being a unique individual.

  32. johnny says

    RIN, while I applaud your fair outlook and the fact that you want to treat people kindly, your overall viewpoint about gender issues is a bit antiquated.

    You state: “no amount of surgery will make him one [a man] until they can transplant those organs that can make semen shoot out of his “penis” when he ejaculates and he has the potential of breeding.”

    I’m glad that there’s far more than the above to being a man. You’ve forgotten abut the mental/emotional quotient.

    It’s not necessarily all about sex or physical gender. Take away the sex organs and you basically have an asexual human. The rest is all brain chemistry, thoughts, feelings. If Chaz’ brain tells him he’s a man, if he goes through each day thinking “What the hell? I’m a man with breasts and a vagina, something’s wrong here!” then who is ANYONE to say that he’s not really a man?

    When it gets down to it, we’re all simply humans that either lean male or female or a mix inside our heads, regardless of what our bodies are. Chaz is one of the brave thousands that are simply taking things a step further because we’ve reached a technological age where it’s possible to do so.

    It’s OK to be a bit confused about it, some days I am. What’s not OK is to attack someone based on that confusion. I’m glad you didn’t and were willing to explore the issue without getting stupid and hateful. Good on you for that!

  33. Don says

    “Top’ Surgery isn’t gender reassignment surgery. Everything I read said he had the complete gender reassignment. Not to minimize but having your breasts removed is not a big deal.

    But whatever. Why does anybody care? He can do what he wants. By all accounts he’s a responsible member of society. I’m not sure it’s so easy do ballroom dancing when you’re very overweight. That is more the question, i.e., the quality of his dancing and his chances. Vote for him if he’s good, don’t if he’s bad. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

  34. Tagg says

    What I find almost laughable is why anyone gives a crap? This is HIS life. If HE wants to be looked at as a MAN than so be it! Who cares? Why do people get their panties in a wad over what someone else does with THEIR life??? I would hate to be so fundamental in aq belief that it drove me nuts if someone else didt conform to it. So sad. I for one will be VOTING for CHAZ!!Ive never voted on any of these type of shows but will now.

  35. Zell says

    I don’t see how the view that someone is either biologically male or female constitutes hatred. I have no animosity toward Chaz Bono and I’ll call him “he” if he wants me to but I’m not entirely convinced that gender DOES have a mental/emotional quotient. We do not, fortunately or unfortunately, get to define and label ourselves arbitrarily. I can say that I “feel” like a woman or a man or a koala bear or God or a cheeseburger all I like and that doesn’t change the actual, physical essence of my genetic makeup. Labels are something we have to avoid chaos. A dog will always be a dog even if we surgically alter it to look like a cat.

    I’m also uncomfortable with lumping transgendered individuals in with myself, and have never (and probably will never) used the acronym LGBT. I believe that transgenderism is something that exists separately from homosexuality, and honestly, so should transgendered people unless they want to appear to the general public as being “merely” gay people with an additional issue.

  36. says

    @Zell: Comparing complex issues of gender with feeling like a cheeseburger is like the right wing nuts who say that if a man can marry another man, why not marry a horse or a cow . . . you see, it’s kind of idiotic. Likewise, the right wing could say about our sexuality: well, you can call yourselves gay, but there’s no biological imperative to be gay since gay couples can’t reproduce naturally, and I’ve never wanted to screw a guy, so your sexuality doesn’t exist, it must be some kind of fake choice.

    Yes, T is different that LGB, but there is undeniable overlap (unless you’re under the delusion that all gay people are gender-conforming) and especially in the phobia around LGBT issues. Homophobia and transphobia come from the same ignorant place. Comparing a transgendered person’s core perceptions of their gender to koalas and cheeseburgers IS animosity–animosity you’re apparently not self-aware enough to recognize. Unless you’ve actually felt like a cheeseburger?

  37. ohplease says

    “Not to minimize but having your breasts removed is not a big deal”, wrote the gay man — and this is from a Chaz SUPPORTER.

    Anyone who judges or doesn’t accept him or any part of him, just get over yourselves. Ill-informed opinions or outright crazy hatred won’t make trans people go away. Your approval or disapproval of any of his medical history doesn’t make him more or less a man. But if you’re a man, it absolutely makes you less of one.

    He’s a person who will continue to exist independently of your ignorance or insanity, so do your blood pressure a favor and just worry about what’s wrong with you — which, in some cases, is plenty.

  38. TJ says

    “I’m not convinced gender has a mental/emotional quotient” – ZELL

    And I’m not convinced you are capable of intelligent cognition. But just in case you are, consider getting an education regarding the concept of gender. Then come back and justify the above statement.

    As for not being comfortable with T lumped with LGB, check out the earlier post about Chaz and it’s comment thread. One poster made an excellent argument about gender and how deviating from what is usual or normative is what we all have in common.

    And OH PLEASE: Well-said!

  39. Zell says

    TJ, you insult me but you offer no actual data or evidence to support your hypothesis… that’s kind of telling.

    I strongly believe that transgender people should not be lumped together with gays, bisexuals and lesbians, and the argument that what we have in common is “deviating from what is usual or normative” is so ridiculous as almost being unworthy of rebuttal. There are lots of things which deviate from what is usual which we do NOT include in our LGBTQetc acronym. Should we include left-handed people as well? The reason transgenderism was tacked onto the end is a, frankly transphobic, view that trans people are just extra-confused gay people. In reality, gay people have no confusion about their own gender and trans people are generally not attracted to people of the same gender they identify with. And it is not transphobic to think this way; I don’t have any problem with a lot of groups of people who I wouldn’t include in that acronym, either.

  40. says

    This outpouring of hostility should be a wake-up call for Chaz Bono. He claims he’s heterosexual now, but it’s clear that most of the hetero world will never accept him as such. It really irritates me when “transitioned” Transfolk grasp after binary gender privilege so eagerly. Some of them really come across as homophobic.

    Chaz used to be so shy, and now he’s going gangbusters after publicity and a high media profile. If he and his mother think this TV show uproar is bad, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet! There are some very hard knocks coming his way; will he be strong enough to hold up under the stress? I hope so. In any case, I have no interest in seeing him carry his Transsexual poster child act to “Dancing With The Stars”.

    Let me clear up a widespread misconception here: It was not just drag divas who “kicked ass at Stonewall”! That’s a lie. Read your Gay history. The ones who really triggered that revolution were the street kids outside the bar. Not all of them wore drag. Not all of them were Gay, either.

    And it bears noting that dressing in drag does NOT make someone a Transsexual person!!! Believe me, Transwomen resent being lumped in with drag performers. Truth be told, there has always been lots of tension between Transfolk and the so-called Gay community; you can find plenty of that tension in most Gay blog comments sections (like, for instance, this one).

  41. says

    First, let me identify myself. I am not gay. I DO fully support the LGBT community 110%! I’m a st8, married female.I’m 60 years old.
    I am a longtime fan of Chaz’s parents.
    I remember watching “Chastity” on the “Sonny and Cher” show in the 1970’s.
    A few things I find interesting and/or disturbing. Over the past couple of years I have been MORE aware than ever of this community due to Adam Lambert, my favorite singer/entertainer of this or ANY decade.And I have noticed a distinct and pronounced propensity of the community to “eat its own” as it were.That needs to STOP. Now.
    Statistics bear out that the suicide rate among the LGBTQ youth is more than DOUBLE that of other groups.When one looks at the reasons why this sad fact is true…non-acceptance,intolerance, bigotry and ignorance are the answers.
    Ask Mary Griffith, mother of suicide victim, Bobby Griffith.She was so SURE that she could “pray away the gay” that she never for a second allowed her son to feel loved or accepted for who he was which led to total self-loathing on his part and ultimately led to him jumping off a bridge into the path of an on-coming big rig truck.Mary has since dedicated her life to helping the LGBTQ youth and making amends. Though it won’t bring her son back, it may help others from making the ultimate bad choice and ending their existences.

    When I watch “Dancing”….do I see penises and vaginas dancing? No. Of course not. I see two people doing their best to entertain me.(and to hopefully win that mirror ball trophy!)
    Maybe I need to start my own ANTI-HATE group, “One Million Grandmas” to counteract the damage done by “One Million Moms”, the “Westboro Baptist Church”, the KKK and so many other hate-filled organizations with too little brains or education, too little heart or soul and way too much hate and time on their hands.

    I’ll be watching Chaz. You go young MAN and dance your heart out! We “Grannies” are rooting for you!

  42. Craig S says

    Transgender people have always existed throughout history. While it’s true that the idea of surgically altering one’s body to match the brain gender has existed only in modern times, many societies have *always* had some form or other of accomodating those whose mental and emotional gender didn’t match what was dangling between their thighs: just look up words like berdache, kathoey, fa’afafine, mukhannathun or fakaleiti. And the societies that didn’t have a cultural accomodation for transgender people would generally just put them to death — and I’d like to hope that’s not the solution anyone here would propose today.

    Whether you understand it or not, transgenderism is and always has been a very real phenomenon — and one for which the only “solution” that has ever actually worked at all is for the person, by whatever means are available within their culture and time, to assume the identity dictated by their brains rather than the one dictated by their genitals. Our culture offers them physical surgery; other cultures offer them a distinctive social and cultural role — but either way, they’re taking on a gender *other* than the one they were born with, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    Accordingly, not only is Chaz Bono a man, but given what he’s going through right now he’s far more man than a lot of the men posting in this thread. Go Chaz!

  43. TJ says

    ZELL I only ask that you do the work regarding learning about gender; I haven’t the time to do it for you. Just make sure you include a study of hormones and chemical processes which are part of the biological aspects of all mental and emotional processes. Gender is the expression of many contributing factors. Since you accuse me of offering no evidence, I’ll send it back to you: Where is your evidence that there is not an emotional/mental quotient?

  44. TJ says

    To Jason, and others who don’t accept trans people as part of the LGBT community, my own two cents.

    Sure, there are things I won’t be able to fully understand about what it’s like to be trans, just as I’ll never fully understand what it’s like to be a woman or a person of color. But much of the rest of the world doesn’t see those differences. To them, we are all gender outlaws. We “betray” (in their eyes) our gender by sleeping with people of the same sex (whether or not we also sleep with people of the opposite sex, which in many ways is considered even more taboo). Cross-dressers who are nevertheless heterosexual are gender outlaws for dressing outside of gender conventions. In some (much more limited) ways, early feminists were considered to be betraying their gender by defying gender conventions and choosing work outside of what was expected of them. And transgendered people are considered the biggest gender outlaws of them all.

    You might accept Chaz as being a straight man now, but to the rest of the world he is still considered a gender outlaw, and for that reason is deserving of being a true member of our community.

    POSTED BY: KEVIN_BGFH | AUG 31, 2011 7:30:08 PM

    ZELL – this is the post I referred to earlier regarding inclusion

  45. says

    To Jono, for the thanks, I say “you are MOST welcome” and thank YOU for your kind words.

    To CRAIG S, who said “Accordingly, not only is Chaz Bono a man, but given what he’s going through right now he’s far more man than a lot of the men posting in this thread. Go Chaz!”…I wholeheartedly applaud your thoughtful and accurate historical analysis.

    And to KEVIN_BGFH, I wanted to SHARE this song with you….it is a NEW one not released yet…written and performed by Adam Lambert. It will be on his forthcoming sophomore album. The name of the song, is “Outlaws of Love” and deals quite hauntingly and beautifully with the issues we have been discussing.

    I think he stated PERFECTLY the way it feels to be an “outlaw of love” in a way that perhaps only a REAL out and proud high-profile gay man can.Thanks to all of you.Please support each other with love and acceptance.Peace,Light and Love Always.

  46. anthony says

    surgery and self proclamation wont change your chromosomes,,,or any of you wishing it did,to me at-least gay people have a sense of(I)self
    shes a (xx) as in chromosome,,, and i dont care about her dwts, she cant dance anyway, and why do you all fell you need to call her a man…to pretend doesn’t make it so, your all lying to yourselves, and trying to convince the world that even you believe the lie

  47. Craig S says

    Chromosomes aren’t the sum total of what makes someone a man or a woman, anthony. They’re just one factor among many — and unless you’re in the habit of giving each new person you meet a DNA test to determine whether to call them “he” or “she”, they’re not the most important one, either.

  48. calcifer says

    @ANTHONY having a y chromosome doesn’t make a person a man, nor does the lack of a y chromosome make them a woman. About 1 in 20000 men have two x chromosomes (xx male syndrome) and about 1 in 20000 women have a y chromosome (androgen insensitivity syndrome among other).

  49. TJ says

    And speaking of chromosomes, the variations within, which signal chemical processes that produce the genotype, produce observable differences between all of us, despite basic commonalities. XX or XY is just the beginning. It might be convenient to focus on a simple, over-arching, black/white, either/or theme and be done with the discussion. But that doesn’t tell the story.

  50. babs says

    I am appalled by the comments of One Million Moms. I am also a Mom that taught my children it’s not whats on the outside but whats on the inside. I taught them it doesn’t matter what race, size, gender ect. I also believe that God made us who we are for a reason. So please try to love all, because hate is an ugly thing. I say to Chaz Bono, “My hat is off to you, good luck on DWTS!!”

  51. BEAU says

    I have to say, I have never known such bravery and courage in my life. Chaz doesn’t have to do the show, but he wants to prove a point. It’s just lunacy to try to keep him off the show. He knows that, if for no other reason, that someone transgendered, or considering it, sees his stance, or stature in trying to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and respected for being there, then isn’t that a good enough reason? Chaz is a true gentleman. I have the utmost respect for him on that point.

  52. says

    Is this a gay website? I just cannot believe what I am reading here. Why would you even care what Chaz has between his legs-that is NOT what defines you as a man or a woman.
    Grow up people and start having a bit more empathy for trans people. The struggle we go through is just as difficult as the struggle gays go through.
    There is POWER in numbers.
    Transgender people are real.
    Gay men are my #1 fans- go figure huh!!
    Buck Angel®
    Pioneering Filmmaker, Educator, and Advocate

  53. Jake says

    As a gay transman (yes, you can be both), I’m going to ignore all the hateful comments and say two things.

    1. Way to go Chaz!
    2. Howard Bragman can be my publicist daddy bear any day. Woof!

  54. Erykc says

    OMG, the comments on here make me sick! Chaz is a man. It ain’t what’s between your legs but what’s between your ears. I don’t get how Gays and Lesbians and Bisexuals can march, fight and demand equality and better treatment, yet deny the same basic dignity to TransFolk. Hypocrisy runs deep in the “community”.

  55. NoMenClature & PC says

    “Hate Groups”. What a concept. Anyone who doesn’t pander to calling a woman by male pronouns. Anyone who recognizes and won’t be forced by PC idiocy, to pander to accepting a non-celebrity as a star. Anyone who realizes a woman,is a lesbian woman regardless of how much testosterone she injects herself with while still having estrogen and a uterus, is considered hateful.

    No, that’s not at all true. They’re rationalists!

    Chaz Bono is a woman. A morbidly obese woman, who even with facial hair that can be seen on women all over the country, who also have breasts, is still a female and a lesbian.
    And a very short lived one at that. Because being morbidly obese, and injecting herself with testosterone that is outlawed in athletes but prescribed for those people, like Chaz, who suffer with body dismorphic disorder, is considered hormone therapy. While that artificial chemical combined with her bodies natural estrogen, due to her having female organs, is going to kill her within the next 10 years at most.

    She’ll die of organ failure, probably kidney, adrenal or liver cancer. She risks ovarian cancer now, and heart disease at the very least, due to her over chemical saturation of testosterone, which the female body produces naturally, but which is compounded when interfered with through artificial injection.

    She’s now trying to be a trans-gender icon. When before she was an advocate for the homosexual community, which she denies of course.

    What’s tragically apparent, besides her desperate need for therapy for her body dismorphic disorder, is she’s not mentally nor emotionally stable. So she doesn’t need to be artificially plumped up as a celebrity, which she is not. She needs to be ignored as anyone worth media attention.

    And it’s not hate to call a Lesbian a Lesbian. We don’t hate her because she’s mentally ill. We hate that she hates us for refusing to call Cher’s daughter, her son now.

  56. JCF says

    “Ok, so by your logic if my brain tells me I am a tiger and I have stripes tattooed on my body and a tail attached, then I guess I must be a tiger. Mee owww. Don’t judge! I know what pronouns I am using, the correct ones.”

    Those who think the MEDICAL condition of gender dysphoria is the same as believing “I am a tiger”, probably think that two men marrying, is the same as “man-on-dog.”

    Humans, of whatever sexual orienation or gender ID, are humans. Animals are animals. If you can’t see the difference, you are SRSLY effed up! (And a BIGOT)

  57. JCF says

    “And a very short lived one at that… going to kill her within the next 10 years at most. She’ll die of organ failure”

    Unadulterated HATE speech. Of EXACTLY the same sort that Fundy haters say about gay men.

    Towleroad, remove and BAN this bigot, NOW!!!

  58. tr says

    Forget about making this about gender. the contestants are judged on dancing not what thier “hoo hoo”is. what suprises me is that Chaz/Chasity has not being kicked off for lack of dancing ability and the whining, “my knees hate you right now.”
    But whatever, only half the votes are by judges the rest by popular majority.

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