1. TampaZeke says

    Way to go Chaz! Good job bubba!

    I can’t help but notice how Chaz looks, sounds and acts like he could be Marcus Bachmann’s more masculine, more straight younger brother.

  2. Rowan says

    Oh I see Zeke. Only masculine men are straighter and camp men are gay? Really? Is your experience of gay men that narrow and limited?? What a generalization.

    By your reasoning, you feel I guess that gay men have more female chromosomes which is what makes them unmasculine.


  3. says

    I sat through the whole show to watch Chaz, and he did great! It would be cool, even if you’re not a fan of the show to log on to abc and vote for him.

  4. Keith says

    Hats off to Chaz…thanks for breaking down yet another barrier, and proving to the haters that it is only through their own ignorance that intolerance is bred. Keep up the great work, and here’s voting for you to make it to the end.

  5. says

    Chaz did great! I’m happy he proved he can dance and will hopefully stay on the show for a while. What about Carson’s performance? I’ve just been to my 3 favorite gay news blogs and no one’s posted about him yet.

  6. Oliver says

    I heard there were hundreds of thousands, no wait, millions, of kids across the southern United States who decided to have sex change operations today. Why isn’t Focus on the Family reporting on this?

  7. says

    You’ll notice they put Chaz on last. He is their biggest draw. It can’t be easy for the guy to have his whole sexual struggle play out on television but he deserves our strongest support. Greg (husband) and I voted for him five times each and Carson too. Carson was not only funny but very entertaining. Sadly neither one of them can dance and that doesn’t bode well for the gay community – a community that has the best dancers in the world. Vote! Even if you don’t watch the show.

  8. Gregoire says

    You’d think while they were in there tinkering with stuff during the transition they could have stopped by the gut and liposuctioned a couple dozen pounds off as well. I support Chaz as a representative of the transgender community, but I don’t want to see him keel over from a heart attack.

  9. justme says

    I’m not the least bit surprised he did so well — he’s got some of the best genes in the business. And how great is his girlfriend? That man has talent and knows how to sell a performance, but, above all, he just radiates joy and serenity.

    I can’t believe I’m actually going to cast a vote on this show, but he’s earned it.

  10. TampaZeke says

    Oh Rowan, you’re just so darn cute and cuddly when you’re being all self-righteous and humorless. What I’d give to have had a video of your response so that I could enjoy the absolute adorableness of your tantrum. And it’s just so precious how you took my comment and twisted it so deliciously inside your pretty little head, managing, with the greatest of ease and style, to turn it into something unrecognizable to the original. I’m in awe!

    So I just had to take the time to tell you how much I adore you. No, really, I mean it. I could just eat you up. Don’t you DARE change a thing!

    Hugs and kisses <3

  11. walter says

    what chaz danced and there isn’t a line of people wanting a sex change and the sun didn’t fall from the sky. must be very frustrating to all those right wing bigots who preached doom and gloom. well wait didn’t that idiot in cali sy the real rapture was october and pat robertson hasn’t said what natural disasters will occur because of it.

  12. Tagg2 says

    Love Chaz and his outlook on life. Kinda sad Cher wasnt there in person. I think they still have a strained/weird relationship. They seem to keep in touch via Twitter! Cher honey…your a huge star and everyhting…but your presense at DWTS isnt going to cause the earth to stop rotating! Now show up and suppport Chaz in person :-) xxoo

  13. KD says

    He’s a great activist and speaker, and probably a great person too. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s a fat slob.

  14. Ryan says

    I have nothing against transgenderism, but how is Chaz a “Star”? To my knowledge, his only claim to fame is being the offspring of Sonny & Cher… and being transgender.