1. Lisa G says

    totally awesome!!! This is the most awesome thing ever!!! Ellen and Cher on the same stage taking about a fat woman wanting to dance on tv! Does it get any better than this? I think not. This is the best. Keep good stuff like this coming :-)

  2. tobal says

    @Karl: Well, it’s only been like 15 years, and Chaz said he was taken out of context anyway, so… Either way, it’s great to see these 2 together.

  3. Rob says

    @Lisa G – Let it go. This isn’t about “a fat woman wanting to dance on tv.” It’s about a trangendered man wanting to be treated like a person, reagardless of what stupid show he agrees to be on. The issue is still people thinking “I wouldn’t do that” means – “that’s wrong, that’s disgusting, we must not allow the difference.” It IS a gay rights issue, the point is to argue back, yeah, we’re different – so what?

  4. sean says

    @ Lisa G, I feel sorry for you. I hope you get through everything that makes you bitter and sarcastic and come out a better person. love

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    I have watched this 10 Times. Cher is Amazing and seeing a mother take up for their LGBTQ child is inspiring. I hope she can reach some of these Disciples of Hate.

  6. Lisa G says

    Nobody seems to be able take a little good humored snark. Its a fat woman wanting to dance on tv, not Rosa Parks moving to the back of the bus. Lighten up people! I feel sorry for you that everything is defcon 5.

  7. justme says

    Crazy is as crazy does. Why engage the troll? Although some of you might want to pay attention to the fact that a raving idiot resorts to using “fat” as the ultimate insult, which is the same kindergarten-level taunt I see here frequently from supposedly sane gay men.

    Cher was right that there are people with too much time on their useless hands and lots of hate in their empty heads and they won’t change because they’re damaged beyond repair. They hate the fact that we’re having a better time than they are. Sucks to be them.

  8. BBQ says

    Chaz Bono is no more a man than the “pregnant man” was. That sideshow blew over and this one will too. She sure doesn’t look like a man when she dances. She looks like the fat woman she is.

  9. Lisa G says

    oh, i forgot to check my Ms. Manners for how to “appropriately” comment on a fat woman talking about dancing on tv. And yes, no matter how you slice it (literally) she is still a woman.

  10. Tracee says

    Looking forward to watching this show. I never watched it in the past. I never cared before…I probably won’t care now either. I’ll just watch it for Chaz. He should run for office like his dad. Seems a natural at it.

  11. Paul says

    Lisa…you’re way out of your element. Why don’t you move your nasty ass out of here?
    Personally, when there’s nobody around that likes me…I figure it must be something I’m doing. That would be you.
    If you understood even the basics about sexual identity…it would be about how we “self-identify”. You do read, yes?
    Now, get the f out of here.

  12. iawl says

    @ Lisa G and BBQ– clearly you got your Troll marching orders from the creepy American Family Association, Rush Limbaugh and NOM. Crawl back into your disgusting Right Wing Hate Cave and take your fat jokes and juvenille remarks with you. Chaz is a courageous, inspiring and amazing transgender individual who is now a man. Get over it. Don’t watch the show. Go on with your pitiful hate-filled life.

  13. Lisa G says

    oh Paul, you are soo right. I am totally out of my element with intellectual titans like you. What is my problem? I mean, if you dont like what I am saying, then of course I should stop typing and just “get the f-out”. The one that appointed you to the word Gestapo did a great job. And thank you for the lesson on “self-identification”, if you think hard enough then it must be true. Like clapping to bring fairies back to life :-)

  14. wtf says

    Oh Lisa G, you’re just SUCH an intellect. We’re all just SO glad that you decided to come over to Tlrd so that we could see that you can type over and over and over again your funny funny joke about “a fat woman on DWTS”. What are you, 12? Mentally challenged? Or just plain stupid? I’d like to think that you’re just ignorant, that your trailer trash parents didn’t raise you properly, but that’s probably an understatement. If you need to come on a gay website and bash a trans man to feel better, well then you’re just PATHETIC. How sad to be you, and to have such a tiny tiny little mind.

    See You Next Tuesday!

  15. Lisa G says

    I do enjoy the irony of bashing me for making the very obvious observation that Chaz is an overweight woman, no other commentary, and suddenly I am retarded and have trailer trash parents. Using the mentally handicapped, the economically impoverished and those with less education as hate slurs is even more PATHETIC of you. Shame.

  16. JET says

    LISA G, There is nothing ironic about stupidity and a lack of compassion masquerading as wit when it is used to bash anyone. Such behavior demeans us all, both as the participants and observers. As a friend in Texas says, “Never wrestle with a pig, ’cause you both get dirty and the pig likes it”. Chaz’s mom is right, the people who don’t understand what Chaz is and has gone through won’t get it and are too deeply invested in their ignorance to find their own compassion.

  17. Paul says

    Lisa…could you briefly explain to me what brings you to this website & comments forum?
    I’m guessing you’re not a member, nor supportive of the LGBT community…so why are you here?

  18. iawl says

    @Lisa G…. I figured it out, the “G” in your last name is for GALLAGHER, as in NOM’s MAGGIE GALLAGHER– and you are clearly her demon offspring. Here to spread love, kindness and joy… Just as she does. Take your Troll Self and hobble on back to the Fox News message board and the Drudge Report… Go.. We’re waiting…

  19. Paul says

    @Tagg22…thanks for stating the
    I just thought that maybe he/she/Lisa would like to enlighten us with it’s own agenda.
    Who knows…maybe it’s got something constructive to again

  20. HoHo says

    @Lisa G

    Whether we should call Chaz a man isn’t really the problem. The issue’s that some lightweight conservatives are cowardly attacking him just because he’s scheduled to appear at some dancing show. Regardless of what you feel about Chaz being a transgender person, he’s not a threat to anyone – and by identifying as a man, he’s just exercising his freedom. The hysteria surrounding him, I can only see it as an attempt by small town conservatives to take advantage of an easy target to vent their hatred against values that depart from their small town beliefs.

  21. Lisa G says

    You are all getting soo huffy and bent out of shape, when really I didnt say anything attacking. yes, I mentioned that she was a little bit overweight. I suppose if Chaz identifies as “thin” then we must accept that she is so. Good enough. The only thing that should be attacked is that show for thinking she is a “star”.

  22. Derek says

    lol….look at this pathetic troll coming to a queer blog to stir the pot. This ‘lisa’ seems so hell bent to tell us, in all her professional scientific position, that Chaz is still a woman.

    Hey genius, everyone knows Chaz was born biologically a woman, the condition is called gender dysmorphia and THOUSANDS of scientists and years of research prove that it exists and that gender can be different from biological sex.

    We’re talking about respect from someone w/ gender dysmorphia, so while you’re in your basement laughing about pissing people off with your stupidity, probably waiting for your mom to fix you lunch, you just look completely idiotic. You have no point. You have no facts, you have no understanding of this topic. Just the fact that you keep posting makes you look more and more pathetic. You know that, right?

  23. Lisa G says

    Ha! I wish mom would come and make my lunch. That would be awesome. Once again, I am humbled by all the pillars of civility here putting me in my place for really saying nothing by throwing insults 10x as harsh. Now who is pathetic?

  24. Derek says

    Aw, are your feelings hurt, Lisa? Do you need a hanky? Gosh you’re sure getting bent out of shape. I mean you came here with the best intentions, right? Let me see, Lisa/Cletus, you first started by calling Chaz a fat woman, and then keep repeating it because it got the reaction you wanted.

    And now you’ve upped how pathetic you are by claiming you’re a victim. Gosh you must be right about us ‘libruls,’ right? We’re the most intolerant people around? Forget that nothing you say is objectively or scientifically true, or that you started the disrespect, poor little you is getting all hurt from the horrible gays. it’s so OBVIOUS.

    School’s in, Lisa, and you don’t have anything to show. You don’t have a point, you don’t have facts, and now you claimsyou’ve stated nothing insulting. You’re a mouthbreather with too much time on your hands, and we’re laughing at you.

    I look forward to your next pathetic post. it amuses me.

  25. Lisa G says

    oh no, professor Derek is lecturing me on the finer points of civil discourse by again throwing out insults. I just like pointing out the disproportionate vitriol coming from all of you based on an initially snarky comment..that admittedly had zero point (you know, like 999.999999% of the other posts including most of your sanctimonious ones). Im sorry, do i need to get out my annotated footnotes out and cite my scientific sources on this post or will this be ok for you in your ivory tower of righteousness? (amusing enough?) 😉

  26. Derek says

    Gosh, sounds like I hit a nerve, Lisa. You sound a little…defensive. I sure hope we can accomodate your brainlessness a little better next time. Maybe next time we’ll just compliment you on the fact that you actually seem to be able to make a complete sentence. That’s new, and you’re GOOD at it. So good for you! Gold stars.

    And an extra one for the use of the term righteousness! No extra points for ivory tower, because that just point attention to fact that you’re a simpleminded zombie with maybe HALF of a talking point rattling around that empty head of yours.

    I have two points: a)indisputable: the existence of gender dysmorphia recognized by the vast majority of the medical/psychological associations, as well as the fact that gender is a social construct. b)indisptubale: you remain pathetic and unable to address point A.

    Now if you can read any of that through your tears, maybe you should address the points. Try not to think of us laughing at you. It’s hard, but you must.

  27. Tagg says

    Oh Lisa…how absurdly funny was your comment on Chaz not being a “Star”! I guess you can judge that was asking how many people know who anyone is? Is Rob Kardahian a STAR??? WTF has that kid done in his brief shallow life? At least Chaz is the child of true superstars from his birth and has done alot in his 42 yrs in the public eye. Thats why he’s on DWTS…duh!

  28. Lisa G says

    I think the only thing I could be crying about is the fact that apparently mom still hasnt fixed my lunch here in the basement. Now that is sad.

    Professor, thanks for adding up my scores, though I would dispute that the ivory tower reference was a decent reference for someone who seems to claim such moral superiority on the little people he decides to lecture.

    As to your bonus items A) I completely agree with your point that she does have psychological disorders and fully believe they exist. Do I have to play along with her fantasyland ideas that she is really a man? No. B)thank you very much. I graduate 😉

    now if you will excuse me, I will go and enjoy my newly earned gold stars!

  29. Paul says

    @ Lisa…I asked you several hours ago what brought you to this website and coments forum. You should go back and read it. It’s probably the most civil thing anyone’s said to you (no surprise there)…and the only one you haven’t addressed. Cat got your tongue?

  30. Lisa G says

    Oh poor neglected Paul! I feel very bad for overlooking your very civil discourse, though I am not really sure what difference it makes why I came here and commented (a fairly benign if not a bit snarky comment). I suppose only those who follow the talking points and show the proper respect for all the important stories about Dancing With the Stars should be allowed to comment. Boy did I learn my lesson.

  31. Derek says

    See how long for you to state anything of substance? How many comments? We’re all on a learning curve, Lisa, and you seem to be on the ‘slow and steady’ path. That’s cool, baby steps.

    Let’s give your brain a little rest and backtrack to connect the dots: you start by an insulting comment, you repeat the comment over and over again. You almost recognize gender dysmorphia exists, but still state that you won’t refer to Chaz as a man.

    Because…why again? Are you insulted by an individual’s choice? Has it affected you? Is it hard for you? I mean pronoun usage? You were doing so good….

    And it doesn’t take a genius to realize that if you want respect, ie someone not talking down to you, than you have to come with respect, and if you have any brain at all, you’ll admit you didn’t do so. So not only are you pathetic, you’re hypocritical.

    The fact that you even start crying about how you’ve been addressed shows such a disconnect from your own behavior that I’m starting to think that you’re not leaving to enjoy those gold stars, it just might be that your internet time is up at the institution. See you next time, and thanks for playing.

  32. Lisa G says

    I’m really sorry for being so nasty & bitter today. My husband, who is also my first cousin…just told me that he’s having sex with my brother…who used to be my sister but had a sex change that went very badly many years ago.
    My DNA is hectic today and darting tither & yon…what’s a girl to do?
    Sorry to all you fabulous gay folk!!!

  33. Rin says


    if you are NOT some /b/tard who is enjoying the trolling here, and actually happen to be female and just having a PMS moment, do you think perhaps you could have phrased it all a bit less confrontational?

    I, too, think that you cannot change your sex so why take hormones and have plastic surgery on your body. I, too, think that 75% of what we call gender is a construct, but I still don’t see it being any of my business what people want to do with their bodies or call themselves. If anything, I have a world of empathy because struggle as they might they cannot change their sex.

    Why make it worse by lording over them that they aren’t really men or women? Do you tell poor people they’ll never have money, too? How about the handicapped that they cannot walk?

    You don’t need to be so snarky on a website where transgender people surf and could have hurt feelings.

  34. Lisa G says

    my dear professor. Not everything is leading up to the path to intellectual nirvana, especially a conversation about Dancing with the Stars. If you are waiting for a high brow conversation about anything around here on any story, you are more likely to find either the rancor and name calling or the lock step “YES, THESE ARE THE TALKING POINTS, WE DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE APPROVED MESSAGE”. Lighten up a little. This is not that big of a deal. Just as Chaz decides to live her life in fantasyland, so to do I chose to see it for what it is and still call a spade a spade. Neither one of our choices hurts or impacts the other. So stop imagining my teardrops on my computer and keep your damn hands off my gold stars 😉

  35. millerbeach says

    @Lisa G, I do not even need to see a picture of you to determine your ugliness. You, sadly, are ugly from the inside out. I’ve seen the other hateful posts you’ve made on this board, but this one takes the cake. You really seem to have it bad for Chaz. Is it just too complicated for you to figure out, so you make fun of him? Maybe you were the ugly, fat one in high school, and the only way you can feel better is to make fun of others while in the comfort of hiding behind the keyboard? Please do not tell me you identify yourself as a Christian, as it is an insult to true Christians out there. My dear, you are so filled with hate, you are anything but a Christian. Good luck with your bitter life, you will need it.