1. MikeInSanJose says

    Bet he’d have a different opinion if it were anti-xian bullying. Oh, that’s right… only priests and adult old xians pedos have a right to abuse and molest young children… And they, of course, teach all the young xians to do the same to get them ready to ‘serve'(service?) the church.

  2. greg says

    Bullying is a part of growing up, for most people. But most kids have parents and the support of people within the school to counsel, defend, and protect them. Gay kids rarely have this. Additionally, they have the idea that if they were to be honest with their parents they might be ostracized. Where is the rash of suicides by straight kids? Why do gay kids make up almost half the homeless teenage population? The stats speak the truth. This idiot cannot.

  3. justinw says

    Bullying is a part of growing up? He professes to be a Christian and is still OK with this? Oh, that’s right, he’s not an actual Christian, he’s one of the mob of Xtianists/Christaints/… that have infested this nation.

  4. Mary says

    Bullying is a serious problem in American culture, especially in schools. Many of us in the Christian Right disagree with Mr. Newman’s position. I don’t for a minute dismiss the damange done to individuals by bulling, and this includes gay individuals. In my opnion, schools should definitely deal with this issue, even if it means discussing homosexuality to an extent. What could be wrong with teaching kids that no matter how you feel about gays or gay rights issue, bullying is vile and unacceptable behavior? I see no problem with teaching this.

  5. johnny says

    What he seems to forget that even in cases of extreme bullying, more than a few straight kids have committed suicide. Bullying is not the simple name calling, wedgies and spit balls of his day. Today’s bullies have Facebook and gangs. They have YouTube and guns and death threats and phone calls to the victim’s cell phones and worse. It’s nonstop and very aggressive.

    This isn’t the 50s anymore, gramps. Times have changed so all parents and schools better wake up and get a clue.

  6. Mike says

    Well it’s not a problem for straight kids that fit in perfectly. So he has no reason to care about the kids that have their confidence stomped on day in and day out.

  7. Mike says

    Yeah. What do you want to bet that this old twit was a horrible bully in his day. Yet his mouth did not get that flappy and round just from whistling.

    Damn, he looks familiar.

    Now this geezer just wears a flag and preaches the opposite from the CHURCH OF HATE!

    Nice flag shirt by the way. Most likely his grandkids just gave him that to shut him up.

  8. slatefish says

    Like I’ve said before, these people are making as much money as they can off the backs of homosexuals and others. They know their gravy train is soon to ride off into the sunset of tolerance and acceptance.

    What makes me sick is that “good xtians” hardly every talk out against these money grubbers pitched in hatred. There is no arguing with them cause ANYONE who calls themselves religious are unassailable.

  9. littlebadwolf says

    well, of course bullying is not a problem for good christian children in school. they just need something to do with their hands while they are not paying attention to the teachers…………and gay children are so very convenient and ‘there’………

  10. James says

    It’s not an “LGBT History law”. It’s the FAIR act. That’s an acronym (all political movements are reduced to acronyms!) for Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education. It mandates that gays be included in school lesson plans. It also addresses sexual orientation in discrimination policy. This isn’t one of those silly special interest history months!

  11. Josh says

    Anti-gay bullying usually leads to physical and sexual abuse. I was abused in this way by bullies throughout middle and high school.

    If you do a literature review of the studies on bullying, academics have known that it leads to physical and sexual abuse.

    Yet, the professionals in education still don’t care.

    Right wingers control the public schools.

  12. gregory brown says

    I remember a time and place where anybody wearing that flag as clothing would be chastised and even arrested for “desecration”. I suppose things changed when Dale Evans manage to slip one over her bouffant. I think America’s flag worshiping inclinations are stupid, and vexillolatry is
    contrary to those Commandments Xians enjoy cherry picking from–but I really think this costumery is tacky.

  13. Artie says

    Evangelical Xtians will accept the law of the land if they want to, and they’ll accept the law of the land if they don’t want to. When Xtians adapt to reality, that is “part of growing up.”

  14. Rin says

    Well, in my neighborhood a part of being old was having bags of poo set on fire in their yard.

    I wonder how this old geezer would take to that part of growing up?

    **wow, I’m bitter today**

  15. says

    Four years ago a primary schools has to do a survey, let the children write head first football player’s name. The adb family transfer list looks is complete by this school . David Beckham and ronaldinho are on the list.

  16. winston says

    I come from a small twon, half te population is related somehow (cousins were dating) and I can tell you bullying shouldnt be something kids grow up, esecially if they are lgbt. Most kids have to deal with parent, breakout, weight gain, school, peer acceptance. But when you throw in lgbt thats a whole new form of hell, you have your own sexuality as well as a pure lonelness especially if you are the only known lgbt child, physical and well as emotional, psyciological and even sexual abuse occurs, I have encountered my own share, and trust me lockers dont get roomier as you get older. To believe that bullying is not an issue ffor lgbt student… Well I dont even know what to say to that other than that this world is in trouble.

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