Conservative Mag: “Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American”

Capitalist Last week, we saw Stuart Varney (pictured right), a host on the Fox Business Network, declare that poor people "lack the richness of spirit." Now for the latest installment in Republican classism, this one even more egregious and openly evil.

The American Thinker, a far-right online zine, has an article up today on the conspiracy to ensure that poor people are registered to vote. The title says it all: "Registering the Poor to Vote is Un-American." In fact, it's tantamount to being an accessory to crime:

Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.  It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country — which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote.

That's right. America's dreaded "welfare recipients" – you know, the single moms who work two jobs and take out food stamps to keep their kids from starving – are easily manipulated parasites, and any effort to help them exercise their sacred right to vote is "antisocial," bordering on treason.

The American Thinker, by the way, is the same zine that published this blockbuster piece of investigative journalism last week, "Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write," which reads like a particularly nit-picky chapter from a KKK re-release of the Elements of Style. In it, reporter Jack Cashill proves the president's illiteracy by pointing to his failure – not once but twice! – "to make subject and predicate agree" in a letter that he wrote in college decades ago. Nevermind that Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review or that he penned two best-selling books without a ghost-writer – Jack Cashill is sure that he's an ungrammatical "neophyte race-hustler" who snuck into the White House via affirmative action. 

But there's nothing racist about the right's opposition to Obama! And class warfare is all on the left!

(via Little Green Footballs)

Picture 11 UPDATE: As if to bring this post full circle, Media Matters reports that Matthew Vadum, author of the "poor-people-shouldn't-vote" article, was invited onto the Fox Business Network last night – after his article came out – to discuss the insidiousness of Obama's voter-registration drives. I wonder if someone at the network read his article and said, "Let's get him on the air!" Watch the video.


  1. Richard Farias says

    This is vile, but not a surprise…

    If I had a gun and a time machine, Ayn Rand would have never made it out of Russia. The current economic disaster can be laid squarely at her feet.

  2. BRENDA says

    Thanks again, Penn, for another great post that raises awareness to issues of economic injustice and covert racism.

  3. Something smells says

    Obviously The American Stinker is written for a target audience of the not very bright — people who feel things rather than know them.

    The circulation is probably less than 1,000.

    On the other hand maybe it is a prank from Onion.

  4. Ben says

    Yeah, this is clearly the writing of a handful of fringe lunatics. Deplorable, yes, but I’m not so sure it’s newsworthy.

  5. says

    Do those MoFos know I just walked, with partial paralysis, pushing a baby stroller, 4 mi. in New Mexico heat to buy some cheap groceries and scavenge more building materials for the greenhouse I’m building in front of the travel trailer I live in, so I can have fresh fruits & vegies in winter? Do they know? Do they know I’m a community volunteer? Do they know that, despite my $700/mo +$90 food stamps, I’m saving up to buy a little motor scooter? Do they know I make paper mache from trash to sell at the local flea market? Do they know I’ve taken old tee shirts and make a beautiful quilt from them? Do they know ALL my “poor trash” neighbors hustle their rumps off, just to make it to the end of the month, that we all read, listen to the news and are up on current affairs? Do Faux Noise or Amerikkan Stinker ever have to line up at food pantries for half-rotten crap or clothes closets for torn, dirty, stained rags? If any of THEM had to spend ONE WEEK living like we do, they’d die of exhaustion! Watch who you’re calling lazy, asshats! Where’s my Guy Fawkes mask?

  6. SReid says

    I think the scarier part of this is in the 70 or so comments listed below the article. They harken back to a time when only white, male, property-owners could vote, and the writers seem to feel that was the ideal situation. If you don’t own a business or property, you haven’t gain the ‘right’ to vote. This is frightening. I’m hoping the 70 people who commented are the only 70 who read/subscribe to this particular magazine.

  7. says

    You need to pay more attention, Ben. ACORN got dismantled precisely because of this mindset. The various requirements for photo ID to vote and other hurdles that disproportionately affect the poor and the mobile also spring from this. Having worse voting infrastructure in poorer districts, ditto. These aren’t the expressions of fringe people, it’s the philosophy of people who have successfully implemented their plans.

  8. says

    The rich are so quick to heap scorn on those less fortunate. I recall the utterly sickening feeling in my stomach as my dear friend’s buddy drove us to a Miami restaurant in his fabulous Mercedes convertible and then muttered “trash” as he spied the poor soul with a cup half-full of loose change sitting quietly on the sidewalk. I’ll never ever forget how that one word, from that one person I barely knew, made me feel. I can only imagine how it made the man on the sidewalk feel.

    In today’s economy, these people who think they’re so much better than their less fortunate counterparts are one pink slip and a few months of sluggish economic progress away from sharing the lot of those they once so venomously hated. It’s important for all of us, rich and poor, to remember that in the end, we really are all in this together. We can’t judge ourselves and our society by how we treat the well-to-do. That reckoning can only come by evaluating how we treat the least among us. A little kindness, even if it comes in the form of keeping your pie hole shut, is usually the best option.

  9. Dale says

    What a sweeping generalization that the poor only vote for those wou would give more “handouts.” Shall we also ban the rich who vote for their own interests as well?

    I know people who make $12,000/year who pay more taxes than certain corporations.

    What an utter scumbag.

  10. Joey says

    So now that corporations are people and the poor are not, can we just admit that America has been in a class war since Reagan?

  11. Brian in Texas says

    The ironic thing is that Obama won a higher share of the vote from the college educated, higher income, and also white. Poor whites, blue collar whites, and those who live in the “heartland” tend to vote teaparty/conservative republican.

  12. slippy says

    While these two pieces of “news” may seem extreme and shocking -the most disgusting thing is that if you look closely -most of these Tea Bagger REthugs deep down in their greedy-stone-cold heats feel exactly the same way. Poverty is the fault of the poor person -and what’s even worse that the white Christian God REWARDS his faithful with riches. Yes -Jesus bestows bounty on the faithful and if your poor and disadvantaged -basically you’re not quite right with the Lord . And if the Government does try and help those less fortunate ,it’s just being socialist and enabling the poor’s innate weakness of spirit.We’ve become a nation of selfish judgmental hypocrites who manipulate religion to justify political ends.Work ur butts off to HELP re ellect Obama -start NOW !!

  13. Chris says

    the FOX Business channel is nothing more than a tool to attack Obama. Its vile. Every single story is anti Obama with hate

  14. walter says

    let’s go to the founding of the republic when you had to own to vote and slavery and indentured servants were common place. let’s reopen debtor prisons. take the vote away from women. these people are just getting more moronic by the day. all these outrageous positions are supported by fox news. time to investigate their license and wether they control too manyof news/ sources

  15. anon says

    There are a lot of obligations that arise that don’t come from voting, so the argument would not stand any practical scrutiny. That is, preventing the poor from voting would not really release the rich from various obligations they find burdensome, and would probably not radically alter actual political policy because the poor don’t vote in large numbers anyway. It would be radically different if the elderly were banned from voting though.

  16. Anon says

    If I remember my college (history major, ages ago)reading correctly, I believe that Thomas Jefferson said that governing/voting should be left to “the rich and the well-born” [white males]. I’m too lazy to look it up.

    I vehemently disagree, but this is hardly a new idea.

  17. ratbastard says

    After almost a half century of LBJ’s Great Society, welfare, medicaid, food stamps, WIC, SSI [AKA crazy checks], public housing [around since the 40s-50s], subsidized housing [section 8,etc.], billions spent on education efforts…[the list is almost endless], WHY do we have an even HIGHER rate of ‘single moms’ [70% among African-Americans…some cities above 80%!] and ‘poverty’? WTF is going on?

    And PLEASE spare me lectures; yes, I’m ‘white’, and I grew up ‘working class’ [poor?] in the most diverse, multicultural big city environment imaginable. My dad died and me and my brothers and sisters were raised by my mom. She worked and had my dad’s pension. We had food stamps for a period of time. None of us had any kind of ‘connections’ [I couldn’t even get a summer job with the city], and of course no affirmative action [reverse discrimination] or ‘advocates’, etc. Yet we all graduated from college [one sister has 2 master degrees], non of my sisters are ‘single moms’, etc. WHY is this sh*t WORSE after a half century of trillion dollars plus spent on our ‘war on poverty’?

    Let me speak bluntly: Some people can’t be helped. They will always be a disproportionate burden on society. The key is preventing, NOT ENABLING, ‘poor’ women [who can barely care for themselves financially] from having children, and if they do, reversing the obscenely high rates of out of wedlock families. Accidents happen. Sh*t happens. 70% of woman getting pregnant with no responsible daddy, and ‘collecting’ is no ‘accident’.

    And please spare me: I think many bankers and Wall St. hotshots should be sitting in prison cells. I thought the ‘bailouts’ were a HEINOUS idea from day one. I’m opposed to our wars [but sympathize with members of our armed forces and think politicians, especially Congress, are to blame, more-so than the Pentagon]. I think our military budget is too high and we’re over-extended [again, Congress and politicians are to blame].

  18. Karl says

    America has a large and growing underclass Every day more and more of the working middle class are slipping away into that vast (and hated) pool of the poor. Meanwhile the rich and super-rich continue to prosper, building larger and more isolated mansions and corporate towers. The republicans are winning the class war, but at what cost and what will the final outcome be?

  19. NY2.0 says

    This article sums up the GOP’s philosophy in a nutshell. To further expand the gap between the haves and have nots with their staunch belief in Reaganomics trickle down scheme. By doing this they further disenfranchise millions of Americans and enacting numerous ballot box measures to prevent the masses from voting and protect the status quo.

    During the debt debate the GOP opposed any kind of tax increases against big corporations yet now they also oppose the extension of a payroll tax cut that benefits the middle class.

    The funny yet sad thing is that the GOP base comprises of a poor white majority more concerned about religion, what a woman does with her body and the “icky” gays. All while voting against their personal well being.

  20. says

    @RATBASTARD: show me the stats. Also, one of the big reasons that there are many single mothers in the African American community is because big corps sent their well-paying manufacturing jobs overseas, thereby impoverishing many black so they no longer felt they could be a father/husband. Not a great decision all around.

    Besides, at least these programs have lowered our infant mortality rate above third world levels. Cuba still beats us.

    But the big salaries and bonuses will still be paid to the execs and the wealthy stock holders will reap the rewards.

  21. Donald says

    Two houses down from me, young girl, mid-20’s, two kids under the age of 10, live in boyfriend who isn’t the father of either child, Section 8 renter, Independence Card which is basically food stamps, neither the girl nor the boyfriend work. Boyfriend recently bought a Cadillac Deville (about 4 years old). Why is she poor? Because white corporations moved production overseas? No, she’s poor because she doesn’t work. And she doesn’t work because she has two young kids. And she has two young kids because she knows the government will pay for them. And she will continue not working because she has nothing to motivate her to get off government assistance. Is she an exception to the rule? Not in my neighborhood (where out of 60 houses on my block, 30 houses are occupied, there are 3 home owners and 6 people that go to work every day). 6 out of 30 and I’m only counting per house, not per adult as some houses have more than 1 adult living there. Poverty exists for multiple reasons, not because the white corporation owners moved a plant and not because all poor people are lazy. But do I want my neighbor to have a say in electing who is going to decide whether to raise or lower my property tax rate or where to spend government grants (on rec. centers or museum additions)? No, I don’t.

  22. Kas says

    I’m not a fan of corporate America but you can hardly blame them for sending jobs overseas. They are set up to make money and with cheap labor and cheap shipping costs it is more cost effective to produce elsewhere. It is, however, a problem. At the beginning of World War II we produced about half of the worlds industrial goods. I wouldn’t want to guess what our production was today but I promise you its nowhere close to half. Our production abilities were key to our rise to preeminence among nations. It also has the side benefit of creating well paying jobs.

    We have replaced those production jobs with mostly service sector jobs that pay less, are more often part time, and lack a great deal in the way of benefits. Naturally society, in the guise of government, has to pick up the slack. You simply cannot eat or find a place to live on seven dollars an hour.

    That having been said we also have a problem with generational abuse of our public assistance system. It has become a cycle of poverty where a mother raises her children on public assistance, the children have children of their own in their teens, and then raise those children on public assistance. We make college easy to attend but for these people college isn’t an option; they never finished high school. A college degree in this economic climate doesn’t mean much, but it at least means a fighting chance at a reasonable job. I have seen this cycle repeated over and over but I’m not a social engineer and I don’t know how to solve it. I’m fairly certain, though, that we need to find an approach that attacks the problem from multiple vectors.

    We don’t face a single problem or an easily solved problem of “welfare trash” that we should just cut off. We face a cycle of problems that we haven’t done anything to solve and are unlikely to address in the near future. Our government has gridlocked to the degree that we are essentially in the midst of a crisis of government. I don’t think we could ask for better proof that the two party system is an utter failure.

  23. Noam Sane says


    I feel sorry for your neighborhood. What kind of place would the world be if everyone judged their neighbors like you do? How do you know so much about that young lady? I’m guessing that you really don’t. Your attitude is exactly what is wrong- some superior attitude that you think will separate you from the unwashed masses. That young lady, whatever her circumstances, has as much say and right to participate in the neighborhood, and society at large as you do.

  24. NY2.0 says

    Oh Donald suck it up! Those poor neighbors of yours who you seem to know all their life details are Americans as much as you are and do have a right to vote. Maybe if there weren’t so much cuts to public education and more affordable college Ed that young lady would have a chance at a decent paying job.

    I personally wish that big corporations and rich people don’t have as much influence on my future as they presently do but I don’t want and never wish for the selfish CEO’s to lose their right to vote.

  25. Joey says

    All this about moving jobs overseas. Have any of you looked at the German economy???

    Highly unionized, long term unemployment benefits, health care for all, long parental leave, etc. etc. And they export products not jobs. They have a trade surplus. Why???? Because after Hitler they realized that having a stable middle-class/ working class who have a stake in the future is what makes a society work. America believes in getting rich that is it.

  26. ratbastard says

    Of course globalization since the 70s especially [‘free’ trade since the 80s-90s] has hurt ‘poor’ or working-class blacks [and whites, Hispanics, Asians] and it has also put a lot of pressure on the so-called middle-class. So hasn’t:

    1] Unions that have morphed into Frankenstein monsters, especially public-sector unions.

    2] Excessive rules, codes, regulations that have badly hurt, even destroyed, productive sectors of our economy [but of course helped make middlemen and women like lawyers, accountants, government bureaucrats rich]. Republicans [cons] have championed this so haven’t Democrats and ‘progressives’, often
    hiding behind things like environmentalism and the ‘green’ movement / religion.

    3] Laws exist [prompted by demands for ‘reform’] that force corps to maximize their shareholders profits, AT ANY COST, forcing management to be primarily concerned with short-term.

    4] un-controlled immigration / millions of illegal, ‘poor’ immigrants, in a society that is post-industrial and has no need for them [except to keep pressure on, and wages/benefits depressed, for the ‘poor’, working-class] has BADLY hurt ‘poor’, uneducated black men and women’s employment opportunity, as well as whites, legal Hispanics, Asians, etc.]. Of course, ‘progressives’ LOVE out of control 3rd world immigration [legal and illegal[ into the U.S., as does big business, even many small businesses. How many ‘progressive’, liberal black ‘leaders and ‘advocates’ oppose illegal immigration?

  27. ratbastard says

    Germans, as a distinct culture and people, are hard-working, intelligent, forward thinking, and appreciate education, skilled training, co-operation, orderliness. ‘Poor’ [not all] subgroups and subcultures, in the U.S., DO NOT share these values. Many have been raised with a HUGE chip on their shoulder, a sense of pernicious entitlement [no amount of welfare, social service benefits, etc. is or ever will be enough].

    To other posters:

    The people who pay for ‘entitlements’ have every right to get p’ed off by DECADES of abuse [by individuals or corporations/companies]. They don’t have to ‘s*ck it up’. Like I said in previous posts, 70 plus % of ‘single moms’ is no accident.

  28. scollingsworth says

    Conservatives pine for the old days when only those who were white, male and owned land could actually vote. They long for that lost time when they could just sit on the verandah sipping mint juleps, the scent of magnolia caressing their olfactory senses, the breeze from one of the house slaves fanning them and the song of the darkies in the cotton fields lulling them to sleep on a warm summer evening…

  29. ratbastard says


    Do you hate ‘white males’? Do you think ‘white males’ are responsible all the bad things in our world? Are any other humans, non so-called
    ‘white’, of either gender [or ‘confused’ gender],of any ethnicity, just as capable of those evil white males of discriminating against or treating poorly others? Do black males and females ever behave like a-holes against other blacks or non-blacks? Same with ‘Hispanics’, Asians, gays, lesbians, Native-Americans, etc. Who are individuals, especially ‘minorities’ most likely to be victimized by? Random white males, or their so-called ‘own kind’, family members, ‘friends’? Are countries, cities controlled by black males or females always better for the average black person? Same with ‘Hispanics’, Asians, even gays? Are white males ever victims [unfairly]of others, including white males or females in perhaps more privileged positions? Who ‘discriminates’ in black African countries, ‘Hispanic’ dominated countries, Asian countries? Over the past 45 years, in America, what laws have existed that say it’s OK to discriminate based on race or minority status? Do those laws favor average, non ‘privileged’ white males?

    The U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe were founded by guess who? ‘White’ males and females. That’s why ‘whites’ figure so prominently in these countries. Get over it.

  30. Joey says

    My bad for trying to offer reason to a guy like Ratbastard. His name says it all. His comments on Germans are as stereotypical as his comments on others. “Germans, as a distinct culture and people, are hard-working, intelligent, forward thinking, and appreciate education, skilled training, co-operation, orderliness.” And yet they slaughtered millions of Jews, ethnic minorities and gay people. Why? For pretty much the same mind set as Ratbastard’s… the “others” were dirty, lazy, and stealing what rightfully belonged to them. They were the cause of Germany’s economic woes. Watch out, this kind of class and racial anger is a very slippery slope.

  31. ratbastard says


    My comments on Germans is of course a GENERALIZATION, but holds true for Germany as a whole. It’s a nation / society that works well for the most people, and of course there’s a reason why the Germans are asked to bail out other Euros, not the other way around.

    Regarding WW2, the Nazis, the Jewish holocaust:

    I’ve posted previously my condemnation. Germans in 2011 ARE NOT responsible for a war and millions of deaths that ENDED 65 years ago. And Germans and Germany are FAR from being guilty of such crimes against humanity. Any decent historian will agree ‘progressive’ communist in Europe and elsewhere [ along with ‘progressive’ eugenicist like the founders of Planned Parenthood]. Germans DID NOT invent eugenics, and indeed many leading eugenicist were [are?] ironically Jewish [!] and even Israel has practiced eugenics! Radical, leftist ‘progressives’ are to their necks in blood and violence, just like their right-wing cousins.

    Germans, other Europeans, Americans, are paragons today of respecting human dignity and rights, HEAD and SHOULDERS above ALL of Sub-Saharan Africa [yes, including S.A.], the M.E., excluding for the most part Israel, most of Asia, etc.

    Everything else I posted previously is 100% true. You of course picked my ‘German’ comment and twisted it into something ‘racist’ and ‘bad’ because you can’t adequately counter my other detailed POVs. You of course then resorted to an emotion-driven argument, based on just as much stereotyping and generalizations as you accuse me of.

  32. redball says

    RATBASTARD you hypocrite. you were raised with help from your dead dad’s pension. you did not pull yourself up by your bootstraps. you racist queen.

  33. Bill Perdue says

    Workers, poor people and anyone with an income below $250,000.00 a year should have a million votes each to offset the wealth of the looter classes that own the Democrats and Republicans.

  34. Donald says

    @Noam Sane,

    I know that much about her because I’m friendly to her, friendly to all of my neighbors, because that’s how neighbors are supposed to act. When we see each other, we stop and say hello, talk about the weather, about a new family moving in, about the litter on the street. I’m sorry if the chip on your shoulder that you carry around colors how you see the world. And I wish my neighbor would participate in the neighborhood, get off her ass and pick up trash like the homeowners do, not throw her garbage bags into the alley because she doesn’t have a trash can (she said she didn’t have one because no one bought one for her). I wish she would get a job, any job, just so she knows what it feels like to come home at the end of the day having accomplished something besides spreading her legs and pushing out babies.

  35. ratbastard says


    1) I’ve been working since I was a young teen. In H.S. jr/sr years, I worked every school evening/night, and weekends cleaning highrise office buildings, dunkin donuts, etc. I joined the army. I worked F/T for 3 out of 4 years of college.

    2) My father’s pension was his, you moron. He worked sometimes 2 F/T jobs. His pension wasn’t welfare or charity, you fool.

    My father was also the victim of a violent, unprovoked crime, committed by, guess who? That’s right, ‘urban youth’. He was badly injured and it resulted in his death, when I was 12. I’m not racist, but if anybody has a right to be, it’s me and my brothers and sisters.

    THINK before you speak or write.

    @Bill Perdue

    WTF are you babbling about? EXPLAIN how I have a ‘severe mental disability’ by countering detail by detail, what I posted.

  36. ratbastard says

    I had NO HELP from concerned ‘progressives’ [LIBERALS] when I could have badly used it. Why? Because I may be gay, but I’m also:

    1] Male

    2] White

    ‘Progressives’ blame all the world’s woes, all ‘minority’ problems,on white males. Not the privileged and powerful of every gender, race, ethnicity…just white males, including Fedex drivers, cab drivers, homeless dudes. White males are to ‘progressives’ what Jews were to the Nazis. Doesn’t matter that you’re a ‘sexual minority’ or gender minority, you’re:

    A) Male

    B) White

    This trumps everything else in the eyes of radical liberals [sorry, progressives].

    Am I bitter? You bet your a** I am. I HATE hypocrites.

  37. redball says

    no one has a “right” to be racist you piece of bigot-trash.

    your father’s pension was HIS. exactly. but you were supported from it. how many poor youth don’t even have the benefit of THAT due to their parents suffering lack of employment opportunities. answer: a lot.

  38. redball says

    or said a different way: anyone who insists on a right to be racist deserves to be treated as the piece of benighted sh*t they are

  39. says

    That’s right. America’s dreaded “welfare recipients” – you know, the single moms who work two jobs and take out food stamps to keep their kids from starving – are easily manipulated parasites, and any effort to help them exercise their sacred right to vote is “antisocial,” bordering on treason.