1. dancobbb says

    I know Parry is an ass of the first order, but as far as I am concerned, any picture (even if it is phot0-shopped)of a man giving head to another man is a beautiful and marvelous thing. There’s nothing more intense or more beautiful than two men going at it.

  2. Come on... says

    Cracks me up seeing things like this. The opposing party will do anything to bully the candidates they know threaten their party. This goes for Republicans and Democrats alike.

  3. Mike says

    As far as the rumors that Perry is gay…. I don’t believe it anymore. As someone else commented previously if Kay Bailey Hutchison couldn’t dig up the dirt, it isn’t there. There is no smoking gun, otherwise it would have already been shown.

  4. jason says

    Nobody said Rick Perry was gay. However, there are strong rumors that he has had one or two male lovers in the past. This means that he might be bisexual, not gay.

  5. Jesus says

    Wow, can we get a kinda-NSFW tag and after the jump pic instead of that? I’m pretty sure my office manager just saw what looks like Rick Perry blowing some guy.

  6. Caliban says

    Wow. Towleroad’s “dirty word” filter is set kinda high, isn’t it? There’s a picture of a simulated oral sex but “s*cking a d*ck” gets filtered? I wasn’t aware the Baptist Ladies Union had a gay news site!

  7. Jerry says

    I was thinking along the same lines as Mike about the gay rumors, however if he was on the down low with some one just as closeted as himself, then maybe it still is possible.
    Speaking from experieince of year long affairs with 3 married men (at different tiems of course). So maybe.

  8. says

    Excuse me, not that anybody cares, but this PhotoShop is hella homophobic! What benefit are juvenile stunts like this to the Gay Rights struggle? Nothing but juvenile cheap laughs, usually gotten at the expense of same-gender sexuality: A dude sucking d*ck is funny, har-de-har-har!

    I find this asinine photo comparable to Queer Nation posting Ruben Diaz’s head shot on top of cut-outs of women’s bodies. Somebody sure needs to grow up! The oppressor has trained some of us only too well.

  9. hmhm says

    Stuffed Animal, good points. Your website would read much better with black type on a white background due to the extensive copy as well as intense content. Otherwise, it tends to look like a conspiracy theory website. You’re welcome.

  10. CHuckFeney says

    Rumors Of Strange Bed Fellows In Texas In 2004
    (P.C. version)

    A Texas RINO Governor named Rick Perry
    Got busted bedding his State Secretary.
    His wife couldn’t handle
    A nasty gay scandal
    Like Idaho’s “wide stance” Senator Larry!

    Perry likes to pray, and talk of matters straight
    But she caught him with his Secretary of State.
    His wife felt disgraced
    That she’d been displaced
    ‘Cause Rick had some needs that she couldn’t sate!

    Soon after the sordid tale hit he press
    The Bilderburgs stepped in to suppress
    All these gay Perry rumors
    Which are electoral tumors
    So they brought in the Rove for finesse.

    He issued an immediate repudiation
    And arranged his lover’s resignation
    ‘Cause the Bilderburg’s goal
    Of a Perry Presidential role
    Won’t be blocked by Rick’s back door infatuation.

    When Perry prays, he’s playin’ you for a fool
    He only practices the top half of the Golden Rule.
    He now awaits his chance
    To “widen out” his stance
    And as President, offer to push in America’s stool!

    Charles Ulysses Feney

  11. CHuckFeney says

    The Perry Military Comes Out

    Since Obama dumped “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”,
    The Marines have been going through Hell.
    Imagine what comes to mind
    When you hear “We don’t leave our Marines behind”
    And “looking for a few good men” rings a different bell!

    Yet the Navy didn’t have the same kind of trouble.
    They made their changes “Aye, Aye, and on the double”!
    Their anthem “Anchors Away”
    Got changed to “Y.M.C.A.” ,
    And the Lava soap has been replaced with “Mr. Bubble”!

    The Army wants to avoid this slippery slope,
    Developing strategies to help the soldiers cope.
    For the cadre to be effectual
    They must be more metrosexual
    And new recruits must now be issued soap on a rope!

    But for Republican troops, these changes will be scary,
    ‘Cause there’s skeletons even grave diggers can’t bury!
    Soon their candidate will flout
    His flaming desire to come out
    After he’s elected, and gets sworn as President Perry!

    Yes, gay military will toast that merry day
    With bottles of Champagne and Perrier!
    They’ll dance for all to see,
    Just like they do in “Gay Paree”
    When the newspapers proclaim that Perry’s Gay!
    Charles Ulysses Feney

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