1. Nick says

    Interesting Lisa -are you privy to what occurred between Mr. Pitt and Ms. Aniston; were your there and when was the last time “your Jen” talked to you?
    Don’t make assumptions and draw conclusions on something you know nothing about. And-
    you might want to consider that Ms. Aniston has never had a close relationship work with anyone in her family or romantic life.
    Life is complicated- it isn’t so black and white.

  2. Ian says

    Let’s get this straight:

    We are all FOR anti-gay marriage discrimination.

    We are all AGAINST gay marriage discrimination.

    The headline makes it seem like Pitt said gay marriage is un-American. Double negative equals positive.

  3. Gregoire says

    To be clear — Brad Pitt was born and raised in the Ozarks, one of the many buckles along the bible belt. The fact that he is this open about his opinion on gay issues has always been a touch more admirable to me than most celebrities.

    There are people who hate him back in his home town of Springfield, Mo., because of these views, despite the fact that Brad is also a huge supporter of that community and has put his own money into redeveloping the downtown area. I just think it’s a very admirable balance.

  4. Kim says

    So Lisa is back. Lisa how do feel about Jen being a homewrecker Justin Theroux was in a 14 year relationship w/ Heidi would think Jen would wait until Heidi moved out of their apartment before going out on dates with JT. Very “uncool” Jen’s words. What a hypoctite. As for Brad I will be happy when he finishes World War Z I hate the hair and the beard but he is still sexy IMO. I love the laugh

  5. says

    There you go blaming sweet Jen over this mans failings. Brad was wrong. Vince Vaughn was wrong. John Mayer was wrong. He has ZERO standing in my opinion about marriage (even if he happens to make a good point), when he had such a cavalier attitude about his.

  6. denison says

    How can so many hundreds of men who slept with Jennifer Anise-what’s her name be wrong in their choice to leave her, if they all coincidentally came to the same decision?

  7. John in Iowa says

    Pitt means well, but saying that he won’t marry until everyone else can marry makes about as much sense as saying he won’t eat three meals a day until everyone else can eat three meals a day.

  8. TANK says

    I just love how all the jaded middle-aged queens here put someone like Brad Pitt on a pedestal. He’s done diddly-poo to advance gay rights, the last time I checked. There’s some big time denial going on here: I just wonder how many of you bitches would be such big fans of Brad Pitt’s high school philosophizing and dime store moral logic if you didn’t want to band him. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but hey, if Tank doesn’t keep it real around this dump, who will?

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