1. says

    The time-lapse shots show how beautiful and amazing the earth is and how lucky we are to inhabit it. It put everything into perspective for me—how people are unique but yet connected and dependent on each other. What a great world this would be if we could live peacefully with our differences.

  2. Hysterical Record says

    A live feed available on some tv channel would be a great idea and really good marketing for the space effort. However, they are probably afraid somehow it would be giving away a military advantage.

    Maybe the Chinese will do it when they colonize the moon.

  3. says

    It was lovely to see this time-lapse photography of the Earth. It is nice to see our beautiful planet. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is nice to see the pictures of the space and especially Earth. I think we live in the most beautiful planet in the whole universe.

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