Gareth Thomas Strikes Classic Pin-Up Pose: PHOTO


Gay Welsh rugby icon Gareth Thomas tweeted "Boom boom boom.I'm back in the room.been a busy bee.check out this photo I did for American magazine;)"

Ed Kennedy at AfterElton writes: "He almost instantly got some ribbing from his former teammate and occasional model Nick Youngquest, who told him he just wasn't ripped enough to model."


  1. Scott says

    Who the hell cares if he’s ripped or not? He’s a beautiful human being inside and out. I’d definitely rather look at him than the other ‘pretty’ boys who supposedly represent the ideal man. But that’s just me. I’m not into chicken.

  2. louis says

    Thank you Gaerth for the beauty inside and out.

    And thank you for coming out…. By doing so you have given support to thousands of LGBT men and women and boys and girls worldwide who are struggling with homophobic families and communities.

  3. Very Nice says

    I can see his obliques. He’s ripped. I think the critics are just jealous of his manly legs. He’s not like a lot of the ‘models’ that have toothpicks for legs.

  4. Craig S says

    Very Nice, I’m pretty sure the comments that he’s not ripped are just sarcastic, because he’s obviously ripped in a way few of the rest of us can claim.

  5. Gary Brubaker says

    Well Gareth is a good Cymraeg man, and if he’s not ripped enough for you let me introduce you to a sport that doesn’t permit steroids and wear shoulder pads: Rugby. The opener of the Rugby World Cup is today (Friday, 09.09.11) at Eden Park, Auckland.

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