Gay Candidate David Norris to Re-Enter Irish Presidential Race


David Norris a former frontrunner who dropped out of the Irish presidential race last month following the disclosure of letters to Israeli authorities asking for clemency for a former partner who had been convicted of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy, will re-enter the race, according to Irish Central:

Norris Norris is expected to confirm his latest decision to run when he appear on Irish television’s flagship show The Late Late next Friday night.

The Norris u-turn has come about after he featured prominently in a number of opinion polls.

Independent members of the Irish parliament and some County Councilors have also confirmed that they will back a new Norris bid.


  1. says

    Great, I’m glad you’re back up and running David. I will be back in Ireland in time to vote for you.
    But stop antagonizing the electorate with the culture of gays in Ancient Greece; we all know about Alexander and Hephaistion and Achilles and Petroclus;
    Now let’s concentrate on getting the votes that you richly deserve having been a champion for gay rights since you challanged the law in the High Court, the Supreme Court and European Court and eventually shamed all of the country into waking up to equality for all.

  2. Hugh says

    He’s not actually back in the race. He will decide whether the support is still present to nominate him this week. It still seems very unlikely given that the party who were formerly in power have said that their members may not nominate independently of the party whip. They were the only party who could still nominate him.
    See this article from