Bloomberg Chairs Gay Fundraiser for GOP Senators Who Helped Pass Marriage Equality in NY

10-13-11 NY Senate Invite and Reply Forms


  1. Gay NY Cop says

    Any info on how to donate if we cannot afford the ticket price? We news to support these guys so when the win reelection, it is a sign to politicians everywhere that doing the right think isn’t terminal.

  2. walter says

    this will help match the money from nom, the catholic and mormon church. these 4 men have to be shown they won’t be thrown to the wolves or at least be devoured by maggie gallagher.

  3. Charlie says

    I have a rather standard comment I post on these threats. NOM promised to defeat the condidates that voted for marriage equality in DC. They utterly failed. In fact, an endorsement from NOM seems to hurt a candidates standing.

    They know how to stir up fear and win rerendums and initiates against gay people. But they don’t know how to get their candidates elected.

  4. Tim Gorham says

    @Gay NY Cop:

    Below are the links to make secure donations to these 4 senators.

    I know that many Towleroad readers, including me, are Democrats and are not used to donating to a Republican. But in this one instance, we really need to step up and protect them. NOM is putting real money behind their effort to defeat these guys.

    NOM understands that if these brave senators are defeated, it will terrify Republican state legislators throughout the country, destroying any chance of their taking a risk to support us. Since there are only a very few states where we can pass marriage equality without at least some GOP support, NOM’s success in punishing these senators could effectively block marriage equality in all but a couple of states.

    I am listing the senators in order of how vulnerable they are to a NOM-backed challenge. So if you can’t give to all 4, please consider giving to the more vulnerable:
    (Click on “contribute”)

  5. says

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg, philanthropist and political strategist Tim Gill, and hedge fund manager and marriage equality supporter Paul Singer are chairing a fundraiser on October 13 for Republican New York Senators James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald, and Stephen Saland, whose votes were instrumental in passing same-sex marriage, at the Union League Club in New York City.

  6. Jonathan says

    Hey. Brian Ellner is my cousin and he didn’t invite me!! No matter. I sent money to all of them the day week after it passed (and after I recovered from Pride in NYC). I don’t know if I could vote for a Republican but they deserved that much.

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