1. Bob R says

    I’ve never seen Mr. Hammer act. It’s must be coincidence that “The Social Network” is due to be delivered to me via Netflix today and he’s starring in it. I have read many complementary things about him. He is exceptionally handsome and very tall at 6’5″. I’m also glad he saved his chest hair. He doesn’t have an overabundance, but IMHO he looks a lot better with it than without. Although I wouldn’t turn him away if he did shave.

  2. txstevo says

    I didn’t realize he was the grandson of Armand Hammer. So that means aside from being gorgeous and talented and he’s also filthy rich. Damn! Some guys have all the luck.

  3. Paul R says

    @TxsTevo: Thank you for explaining that, because I was wondering why anyone would have such a similar name to Armand Hammer, and whether it was a stage name, coincidence, or relation.

    So yeah, he’s filthy rich!

  4. justme says

    Bob R, I totally envy you your first time seeing “The Social Network”. I sat mesmerized throughout the entire thing and can’t wait to see it again. And Hammer is fantastic in it.

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