1. Xavi says

    She is an amazing woman and supporter of the LGBT community. I could not stop sobbing watching the trailer. The 10-year anniversary is very emotional and my memories are still so fresh, so immediate. All the sounds, images and smells of downtown Manhattan that day come flooding back.

    It is so beautiful to see the efforts of Mark’s mother and the efforts of the gay rugby community develop such a wonderful legacy honoring his memory.

  2. Aedan says

    This was gut-wrenching indeed. I want to hug this woman- she is such a strong, powerful woman and an inspiration.

    Also- the spammers can go to hell. This was the wRONG post to post a poorly worded, broken-english advertisement on. I hope it is removed soon.

  3. Stephen Pickard says

    I saw the film about Mark’s life at the LGBT Film Festival in San Francisco. Alice was there for the Q and A following the film. She is an amazing woman and had over 1000 gay men and allies in tears. She is so focused on helping our community and so clear about remembering her son. It is an amazing story of an incredible woman. A woman that we would all like to have as our mother!

  4. Alex says

    I was 16 years old on September 11, 2001. That day completely defined who I am. I ended up going to the same college as Mark Bingham, and his spirit and his story inspire me all the time. I can’t even watch this or mention him without getting choked up. I am also a total cry-baby, I guess. That’s all.

  5. Clayton says

    as a united flight attendant like Alice, I wonder if part of his motivation and confidence in confronting the terrorists was inspired by her career. the flight attendants on board the planes that day were brutally murdered, and i’m sure he found that especially horrific.
    What a touching story, really had me in tears. our community is lucky to have her.

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