1. Angela Channing says

    It would have been better just to let things be. She had the right to make a face when she received the hydrangea, because it seemed a little creepy to me. (And that was only due to the “fan” chasing her down later to ask where her hydrangea was.)

  2. Nate says

    I thought this was going to be a funny, crazy over-the-top apology to her fan… but nope, she’s just a b*tch.

  3. jj says

    I think maybe Madonna misses the point…nobody thought her dislike of hydrangeas was rude, lol. She’s so far out of touch with reality, she doesn’t realize the criticism was about being so inconsiderate to a fan.

    Well, at least some artists – like Gaga and Tori Amos – know how to treat the people who support them.

  4. says

    Seriously queens? God forbid Madge make a little bit of fun of an absolutely RIDICULOUS situation.

    The fact that the story was even picked up by the news cycle in the first place is hysterical so it’s nice to see M being in on the joke.

  5. Matthew says

    I don’t know why I was thinking this but when I was watching this about half way through I envisioned Charlie Chaplin’s little tramp character walking in the front of her and ruining the take.


    Though I think Vadge lacks the depth and the warmth if you catch my drift, this little sepia vignette is a vast improvement upon any of her conventional roles (or direction for that matter). And for all the Gaga haters, the video for Bad Romance alone exceeds the collective creatity of ALL Madonna videos combined. Face it, Gaga may copy, interpt and recycle many artisits BUT she’s done it better thab Vadge. Plus she’s gracious.

  7. James says

    @ Mark Is her career in the dumps so bad that she make this crap to get a little attention?


    F’ing seriously?

    Are you a bitter Mariah Scarey fan or something?

  8. breathe people.... says

    ok, really? who doesn’t love this?

    this is the madonna i fell in love with and i’m wagering, that you fell in love with too. She hasn’t been this much fun in a decade! More please! If hydrangea fan isn’t somewhat warmed by this classically Madonna-esqe response, than picking the wrong bouquet is just the beginning of how little he understands her.

  9. dws says

    I thought it was pretty funny, actually. And she should do more silent work. It becomes her vocal abilities.

  10. dc says

    Hilarious! And ps… it wasn’t a fan who gave the flowers to her. It was a reporter who was not supposed to approach the table at the press conference. To make matters worse, this creepy reporter chased her down after the press conference. Long live the queen. Only Madonna would be this creative and funny.

  11. peter says

    I still don’t get this “controversy.” She was never rude to the fan. If you watch the original video, she actually politely thanks him. She only then, and privately, tells others she hates hydraneas or whatever they are called. Sorry, all of us have received gifts we don’t like, and privately told others we didn’t like it (or, more likely, returned it!) Further, celebrities receive thousands of gifts from fans — the odds are many are going to be items the celebrity in question wouldn’t like.

  12. MarcusJC says

    @MT “I’m your mother, brother, sister, lover, daughter, auntie, uncle grandma, grandpa, little baby Jesus!”

  13. mike128 says

    i thought it was funny. also the fan was creepy. anyone who calls a woman he doesn’t know “my princess” deserves an eye roll.

  14. Christopher says

    Whatever she is, was or will be. . . .she won’t be a class act. (hmmm. . . .where’d she put her crucifix?)

  15. jaragon says

    That was funny perhaps Madonna should revive silent cinema- or better yet play the Gloria Swanson role in the musical version of “Sunset Boulevard” just cast James Franco as the gigolo and get someone with talent to direct it.

  16. Chicklets says

    She’s turning into Joan Crawford circa 1961. Box office poison, however i’d love to see Madge reprise the lead role in a remake of “Straight Jacket”.

  17. Paulie says

    The “reporter” who gave Madonna the flowers is a Borat-type from Ukraine named Vitalii Sediuk. He even dressed up as a “Ukrainian Prince” while covering the recent royal wedding. Well, I guess he got his name out there, which was the point.

  18. TPOWW says

    She should have sent this to the Venice Film Festival instead of that Wallace Simpson merde.

    And I STILL love hydrangeas!

  19. Michael P says

    I thought that was hilarious. It brought memories when Madonna was funny,before she decided she was a god.