1. justme says

    I hate to be one of “those” Towleroad commenters, but this is the very first time I’ve ever seen this group in action and I like this sort of thing in general but can’t say I cared for this at all. This felt like somebody’s idea of what this might be as opposed to the thing itself.

    On the other hand, Trixie is scorching hot.

  2. Jonathan says

    I’ve seen them many times. I used to be friendly with one of them (who is no longer with the group) but for me the biggest problem is musically, it is just disastrous. Before you can be funny, the musical part of a cappella singing has to be spectacular, strong, tight and IN TUNE! If that’s not there it doesn’t really matter what else they do. I agree with the poster above. It also fails the drag test. If they didn’t look ridiculous you wouldn’t have any idea what they were doing and why it was supposed to be funny.

  3. Wisebear says

    That was hysterical! Maybe it’s too much work for some people to appreciate the cerebral humor of the Kinseys. I mean, you have to listen to all those words! I love ’em.

  4. Lexxvs says

    Well, that was funny. At least much funnier that the Rupaul’s drags who think that doing drag is being overly feminine and pretty or even the previous test step to sex change.

  5. Brian in Texas says


    I disagree. I actually prefer the Rupaul queens who are a little more glamorous and fierce. I don’t think drag has to be funny or clownish all the time. Drag can be different things. At the end of the day it’s female impersonation. So it doesn’t make sense to me why you’d criticize the Rupaul queens for being overly feminine or pretty. To me that is the point.

  6. justme says

    Yes, that’s it, Wisebear — it’s not that humor is subjective, it’s that you’re so much smarter than those of us who don’t care for this example of it. If only I was smart enough to get the “cerebral” bathroom humor and crotch shots.

    Humor may be subjective, but facts are not and cerebral this wasn’t.

  7. Lexxvs says

    @ Brian in Texas. Well, I disagree with you too. Drag it’s not about female impersonation, a drag is not a serious actor who tries to convince you that he is a real woman and therefore acting trying to look perfectly like one. It’s an exaggeration that is based on what we are used to see as the cultural traits of femaleness –that can look pretty good at times- but is never taken seriously, that’s why they –the drags- can get away with all those exaggerated resources: tons of make up, prosthetics, overacting, extreme fake dramas, etc., because we know it’s not for real and we act as willing accomplices. When the drag strays away from that –that is, when he really take it for real to the point where he goes to the surgeon to change his body, as many of the Rupaul’s have done- then something got lost in translation, it’s not the art of drag anymore and becomes something else. Something that can be valid on its own sphere, but that’s not drag.
    Rupaul tries always to summarize it in the fact that he is not always in drag, in fact he lets his drag character be just a part of the show, but he doesn’t go beyond that. And when he is not in drag, he is not posed as the soft version of his stage drag character, he doesn’t need it to later perfectly drag himself back.
    But well, everyone see it differently I guess.

  8. Yvesofdestruction says

    I happen to like the song. And I’d take the Kinseys over RuPaul’s tired old act any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Your mileage my vary, but viva la difference!

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