Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski Gets Behind DOMA Repeal


Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), who was the subject of a campaign by LGBT groups in August to get her to support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, has announced via Twitter that she will do so. Mikulski received a petition with more than 3,000 signatures from Maryland residents as part of the campaign.

Mikulski Wrote Mikulski: "Will co-sponsor bill 2 repeal #DOMA – All Americans entitled 2 equal protection under law & 2 be treated w/dignity & respect. #ItGetsBetter"

The Washington Blade adds:

In a statement provided to the Washington Blade via e-mail, Mikulski confirmed she’s a co-sponsor of the legislation.

“I am proud to co-sponsor legislation to repeal key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act,” Mikulski said. “I believe all Americans are entitled to equal protection under the law and all of our citizens deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

She continued, “The Respect for Marriage Act, S.598, will allow couples who have a legal marriage in a state to have the same federal protections as every other married couple. This includes the right to receive spousal benefits under Social Security; to file joint federal tax returns and to take leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act when a spouse falls seriously ill.”

Thirty Senators now co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act.


  1. Sean says

    Babs rules! Maryland loves her with reason, she stands up for justice and fairness in government and she is not a special interest pushover.

  2. says

    Good for Barbara. Sometimes a bit of polite persuasion is all it takes.

    Of course I’m sure, thanks to the persuasive powers of GOProud and the LCR’s, many Republicans will soon join their 29 Democratic and 1 Independent (my Bernie, who, like Barbara signed on when we asked him to) in co-sponsoring the DOMA repeal. Shall we all hold our breaths and turn blue?

  3. says

    I wondered what was taking so long. BTW, ATTN PayPal friends, PayPal officially states that its users “may not use the PayPal service for activities that […] promote hate, violence, racial intolerance” but PayPal has become a favorite payment service for anti-LGBT extremists all over the world. Go to AllOut.ORG and sign the petition demanding PayPal drop gay haters. ThanX

  4. MikeBoston says

    So simple – All Americans should be entitled to equal rights under the law. With equality come dignity and respect.

    Senator Mikulski is my hero of the day.

    DADT down, DOMA to go.

  5. Randy says

    Despite the fact that pretty much everyone knows Mikulski is a big ole dyke, she remains closeted. Worse, she is completely absent from any of our national debates on gay issues. Where was she when SSM was going through the MD state legislature? Sure, she’s a federal senator, but she has clout with donors and wonks.

    She is so afraid of teh gay that she just holes up in the closet on every one of our issues when she should be out there shouting from the rafters about equality.

    It took 3000 signatures to get her to co-sponsor? That time and expense should not have to be wasted on a natural ally. For that, I resent the fact that her intransigence can only be changed with massive pressure.

  6. says

    @Randy, it wasn’t massive pressure, it was typical political pressure that happens every day on a whole host of issues. And it hasn’t been that long. Her constituents cared, so they brought it to her attention, nudged her, and she responded, the right way.

    So, maybe she should be more vocally supportive, but she is on our side. (Her reluctance to get deeply involved in the Maryland equality fight isn’t surprising–my US senators, though very gay-supportive, generally stay out of state politics as a matter of form. And most consituents prefer that they focus only to the business of their office.) Compared to all the closeted completely anti-gay Republicans Barbara is far from our enemy and shouldn’t be treated as such.

  7. mdtopdad says

    Perhaps after this she will assist in Marriage equality in Maryland and then she can marry that piece she keeps hidden mostly from view.
    You Go BABS, We love you, but your closet is getting smaller every day

  8. Mark says

    What repeal of DOMA? I wonder what planet you people live on? Newsflash: The House of Representatives is controlled by republicans, who are actually DEFENDING DOMA in federal court. Hence, obviously, a DOMA repeal bill won’t even be considered in the House in this Congress, no matter who supports it.

    No, there’s not going to be any DOMA repeal unless the democrats take back the House AND hold on to the Senate in 2012. This is a tall order: to retake the House they have to gain 26 seats. As for the Senate, it only takes a net gain of 4 seats for the republicans to capture it. This is quite likely to happen since, of all the seats up for re-election, 23 are democrat and only 10 are republican. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it folks!