Matt Damon Admires Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Beautiful’ Bald Head


Matt Damon thinks Jake Gyllenhaal outdoes him in the bald beauty department:

"Wow, I try not to envy, but I have to say Jake's got a damn good-looking head. He sure does have a beautiful round head. Normally you say, 'That's a beautiful head of hair, but that's a beautiful head he's got. Gyllenhaal definitely gets the blue ribbon for the best bald head over me."

Your thoughts?


  1. says

    And …the guys in the lockerroom say Jake is also jarhead.

    BTW, has anyone seen the leaked clips from the new show, Husbands The Series, from the writers of Will & Grace? Very funny. A baseball player marries a twink. Premiers September 13th on the ‘Net.

  2. justme says

    Damon is hot no matter what he does to himself for a film, including this, but I must admit the first thing I thought of when I saw a pic of him bald was Vincent Price as Egghead in TV’s “Batman”. Of course, I also think Vincent Price was hot no matter what, too, so that works for me!