1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    **Ouch** I get those occasionally when I get up in the morning. Feels like your leg’s being ripped apart.

    Tho’ it did look like the world’s best blowjob….lol

  2. Kevin says

    Leg cramps can be horribly excruciating, especially in the back of the upper leg.

    I’ve awoken with them so bad that I’ve screamed myself hoarse into the pillow, they can take quite a while to be over.

    Knowing how awful they can be, I think he showed remarkable composure.

  3. George says

    I’m a trained massage therapist and I can help with cramps like that. I’m surprised he doesn’t travel with his personal sports massage therapist. If I were there as his therapist, I would have rushed to help him. Cramps are devastatingly painful and can be relieved if the therapist knows what he’s doing– I can also use therapy to keep cramps from recurring.

  4. Bruce Callahan says

    Had them for years until someone told me to push heal down or forward. Greatly relieves pain and they do go away. might need to balance potassium(K).

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