New Promiscuous Gay ‘Glee’ Warbler to Break Up Kurt and Blaine


Michael Ausiello at TVLine reports on a new gay Dalton Warbler set to topple Blaine and Kurt's romance:

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Grant Gustin, who came from Broadway's West Side Story, is expected to debut in episode five.


  1. Leo says

    …because they didn’t already have 3 love triangles going…yawn. How original.

    Also, Kurt ‘schemed’ constantly in seasons 1&2, so they won’t be opposites at all. As such, I’m predicting snark overload for this entire plot-line that relies heavily script-wise on the stereotype of the gay man as narcissistic and unable to commit. I’m not asking for a “politically correct” young gay couple to win-over Middle America, but this just seems like a complete cop-out.

    Just predictably like Gossip Girl before it – the viewers dropped after the high school transition. Count me in the 38% that did for the premiere this year. Sucks, seeing as it had such promise.

  2. Sancho says

    Temptation is one of the things that tests a relationship; you haven’t been chaste until you’ve been chased.

    One of the problems with Kurt and Blaine being the only two out gay students in the show is that this eliminates one of the biggest potential tests for their developing relationship – being together seems inevitable, because who else is there for either of them to date (besides the closeted Karofsky)? This is a frequent weakness on shows with a small number of gay characters.

    It’s a stronger statement if GLEE shows Kurt and Blaine choosing to be together because it’s the right relationship for both of them, and for that to happen they have to be presented with other options.

    I wonder if naming the new guy Sebastian is a wink toward Ryan Phillippe’s sexually manipulative character in Cruel Intentions?!

  3. Rich F. says

    A true polar opposite of Kurt would be 6’4″, built like a brick house, with a thick thatch of chest hair and a deep bass voice that shakes your soul…

    Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my chin…

  4. Dback says

    I still think Blaine should fall for Karofsky, based on sheer animal magnetism–or maybe Blaine would feel sorry for him and try to help him, and then hormones take over. (He IS a football player…) Blaine and Kurt break up. Kurt does yet another torch song in an empty theater (“The Man That Got Away” perhaps?), then goes on to great success.

    Not that Grant Gustin isn’t attractive,I just don’t see him as oozing the sort of charisma to topple Klaine–at least, not from the photo. (Say what you will about Karofsky, he doesn’t fit the “pretty boy” stereotype.)

  5. Scott says

    Thankfully, I don’t watch this show- well, unless I’m with my bf, n it’s Tuesday night. But I agree- I’m really sick of these stereotypical reps of gays- we’re never monogamous and that’s why out lives suck. And the article said “topple” not “test” – so one of them is gonna chest or do the breaking up. Like if they said they would have the new guy TEST heir relationship, fine, but destroy it? Yea- it just gets old. Ah well- at least the guys on Mod Family seem safe…… For now.

  6. Mike says

    I like the Karofsky idea which was in another comment. In any event, it’s good to mix it up a bit… Kurt and Blaine are already getting boring. Actually, what would really be good is Blaine getting it on with Finn or Puck! Or maybe Karofsky getting it on with Finn or Puck! LOL…

  7. Zlick says

    I think by now most can acknowledge the first rule of television relationships is once they get settled, they get boring. Writers are super keen on this, and will only let a relationship be untroubled for a few episodes.

    Glee is a high school show, and a highly, HUGELY stylized one at that. If you don’t care for silly high school drama between rather rad musical numbers, I guess this is just not the show for you.

    Also, if this site is going to report on this particular Glee gay rumor, I don’t know how it could have been done without the spoiler in the headline.

  8. Sancho says

    Actually, the referenced article doesn’t say Kurt and Blaine will break up. It only describes the new recurring character as “a gay Dalton Academy Warbler who sets his sights on Blaine.” That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll succeed.

  9. Nat says

    “But I agree- I’m really sick of these stereotypical reps of gays- we’re never monogamous and that’s why out lives suck.”

    Well, Patti Stanger did tell us that gay men aren’t monogamous, and who knows gay men better than Patti Stanger?

  10. Craig says

    Blaine and Kurt really weren’t right for each other, I never bought into the storyline. Go ahead Blaine, have some fun with the new guy, and hopefully it can evolve into a new late-night series on Showtime.

  11. Craig says

    Blaine and Kurt really weren’t right for each other, I never bought into the storyline. Go ahead Blaine, have some fun with the new guy, and hopefully it can evolve into a new late-night series on Showtime.

  12. Danny Mealer says

    How about not making another gay whore character ad giving kids a gay role model/couple to look up too. All this is gonna do is show the stupid homophobes that their right about us

  13. Mrs. Sippi says

    Imagine if they actually explored how their relationship could grow. Explore intimacy (as they have with most of the str8 couples). They could delve into Blaine’s family who are pretty much absent and how they accept Kurt (or not). Silly to bring another guy in so fast. Another day at stereotype central for Ryan Murphy. Blargh. And yea- I’m a sucker for musical numbers in prime time so I will watch, but they could think a little more broadly. Not so cutting edge or interesting as it was. Spice it up by being unpredictable!

  14. dc says

    I am tired of Kurt (and that girl) singing the Barbra Streisand songbook. Halfway through “I’m the Greatest Star” I shut the TV off. Way too queeny.

  15. ynot says

    This is cool. A hot guy like Blaine would never go for a ridiculously queeny character like the other one.

  16. Don says

    Leo and Scott: You guys are analyzing this WAAAAYYYYY too much. It’s a friggin TV show, and these are teenagers. Since when does “ability to commit” and “never monogamous” at the age of 17 have even the remotest relevance to anything? High school romance breakups are part of the daily drama that is teenage life. Seems like you wouldn’t be happy unless Blaine and Kurt got married right after graduation.

  17. dk says

    I agree the gay has been turned up to 12 on this show. I don’t buy Blaine/Kurt, they seem more like ghurlfriends than boyfriends. Go ahead, throw a man in the mix because there isn’t one now.

  18. Matt says

    Guess that’s a good move considering the only people who watch that show are gay stereotypes and their obese fag hag sidekicks.

  19. David says

    I think this is great. This shows that they are not going to limit the portrayal of gays to sexless singles or old-fashioned romantics with all sexuality off-screen. You should check out the amazing music video where Blaine tries to seduce a young salesman at the GAP. While he sings “When I Get You Alone” Blaine pursues the salesman while Kurt ruefully looks on. A great scene that gets beyond the gayness and treats these characters on an equal basis with all the others.

    The love triangle plot seems to follow the same idea. Great!

  20. TANK says

    Well, once again, Tank is gonna have to step in here and speak some sense to a bunch of pathetic self-hating middle-aged pre-menstrual queens. You bitches sit around and complain about how there aren’t any TV shows with gay characters, and then when one comes along with several gay characters and lots of gay-themed storylines, all you sorry losers can do is badmouth it. I guess all of you know more about the entertainment industry and pop culture trends than Ryan Murphy, who just happens to be raking in millions of dollars every month while you bitches live from paycheck to paycheck and do nothing to advance gay rights! Not being harsh here… just keeping it real.

  21. Dback says

    Dc is absolutely right–they’ve gone to the Streisand well at least 4 times now in just 2 episodes, and there were at least 5-6 of her songs in last season. Let it go and find some more diverse music.

  22. SP says

    The way they are trying to convince the audience that Blaine is the only attractive one in this relationship is ridiculous. Getting some bumps in the road is good for them, but come on, there has been enough pining after Blaine, it’s getting really jarring for people who wouldn’t waste a first glace on him when Kurt is right next to him. Stop fueling the effemiphobia, it’s not cool.