NOM Launches ‘You’re Fired’ Billboard Campaign at Pro-Equality NY Republican Roy McDonald: PHOTO


NOM's Brian Brown announced the launch of a new billboard campaign today targeting lawmakers in New York who voted to pass the state's marriage equality law. He writes:

Already the billboard is getting attention as the state fair begins. As you can see, the message is simple. We will hold accountable those legislators who betrayed marriage.

Local leaders came to us and helped fund this billboard. Would you like also like to see billboards in all of the legislators districts who betrayed marriage? Well you can make it happen. For the next month whatever money NOM PAC NY collects will go to this billboard drive. And if you donate we will match your donation to get as many billboards as possible up throughout the state.


NOM is spending $40,000 on the initial run of billboards, the NYDN reports.

Good As You notes: "No candidate has even announced an opposition campaign. So at this point, not only is McDonald not fired — he's not even thinking about updating his resume yet! You'd think that if NOM wanted to spend its donors money on silly little roadside attractions, they'd at least pinpoint a path forward rather than merely positing this generalized need for regression."

Said McDonald in mid-June, announcing his support for equality: "“I’m trying to do the right thing. Rather than wait I worked with the governor…I’m not out to alienate anybody. This is driven by compassion. My lifestyle is my lifestyle — I don’t want anyone telling me or my children what to do. We’ve got 20 million people in this state…we can’t be paralyzed by social issues. It’s my own evolution."


  1. Jeff says

    Maybe NOM needs some history lessons. Remember what happens in every single case when vengeance was sought after a defeat? Remember what happens when we move forward after we reach a verdict?

    These people are really intent on dragging our Country backward. I don’t mind them so much; it’s the people who support them I have a big problem with. Unfortunately, one of their supporters is my very own mother.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Donating money to NOM will do absolutely NOTHING for the donor or for NOM’s cause. It’s a complete waste of money in a time when worthy charitable organizations are going wanting because of money-grubbing ideological throwbacks like NOM.

  3. Ben in Oakland says

    Jeff, you sohuld tell your mother:

    Mom, you’re anti-gay attitude is never going to make me sorry I’m gay. It’s just going to make me sorry that you’re my mother.

  4. says

    Remember when Maggie complained that she and her fellow bigots were being “unfairly targeted and punished” for “their beliefs”?

    yeah. i remember that too. i’d call her a pig but that’s an insult to pigs which are compassionate and intelligent creatures.

  5. walter says

    nom is the biggest bunch of bigots in the world. they have to be investigated to find their source of money because if it the churches they then should be taxed for their political activities. why should they be allowed to be funded by the taxpayer.

  6. Godisluv4all says

    If pro equality people put up a sign like this one, NOM would immediately cry “persecution”. They are so blinded by their hate they lose any sense of decency. They always try to be “the victims” when they are persecuting a minority. They claim that THEIR civil rights are being taken away by not allowing them to discriminate. That’s like the KKK saying their civil rights are being denied by not letting them attack and kill blacks.

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