Oscar De La Hoya Says Fishnet Drag Photos Were Him

A clean and sober Oscar de la Hoya has come clean about the crossdressing photos that surfaced in 2007 which were the subject of a lawsuit, Gothamist reports:

Delahoya "Let me to tell you, yes, yes, it was me [in those pictures]," he told Aqui y Ahora. "I am tired now of lying, of lying to the public and of lying to myself." The pictures, if you want to remember De La Hoya for something other than his devastating left hook, showed the boxer in bras, fishnet stockings, short skirts and women's underwear.

Also in the photos was a 22-year-old beauty named Milana Dravnel. Shortly after the photos came out, Dravnel sued De La Hoya for allegedly tricking her into signing a statement saying that the photos were altered. According to The New York Post's sources, De La Hoya settled that lawsuit out of court for about $20 million.

De la Hoya blames his adventures in drag on cocaine and alcohol.


  1. princely54 says

    Hmm, can you really blame ALL of that on booze and cocaine? I think there’s a bit more that Oscar needs to be honest with himself about.

  2. ravewulf says

    All he had to do was say “We were just having a laugh” and that would be that. Instead he’s gotten himself into quite a mess.

  3. Rob says

    I agree, PRINCELY54, booze and cocaine lower inhibitions and lessen the anticipation of the possible consequences of doing something you think would be fun but maybe risky. They don’t make something you didn’t already think would be fun seem like fun.

  4. MattCA181 says

    It’s funny because on any given weekend, by the end of the night it’s almost guaranteed that someone I’m hanging out with will be dressed similarly. With pictures posted online of course, and I’ve never had to pay out a 20 million dollar settlement.

    A sense of humor goes a long way.

  5. Turtle says

    All he had to so was say, “Yeah, so what? That was a wild weekend. You should have seen what we DIDN’T photograph.”

    That’s it. There would have been some snickering and then it would be over. How many millions of college dudes get trashed and end up wearing some girl’s bra for laughs?

    Crazy. Oscar, fire your publicist.

  6. Mike says

    I’m not sure I would have thought too much about the pics.. had it not been the way he fessed up to them. He clearly has a lot of shame about them, which is odd. I still think he’s mostly straight. I guess this shows how in the Hispanic community any type of effeminization will make you a social piranha.

  7. gregory brown says

    @mike: do you mean “social PARIAH” instead of “piranha”? It works either way, just differently.

  8. BenB says

    Because, you know, certain kinds of garments contain chemicals that turn you into a bad person unless you have ovaries. -___-

    The idea of gendered clothing in itself is moronic and I sincerely hope that one day people will stop being such regressive sexist idiots.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Where’s the poster RICK?

    Del La Hoya is about as masculine as you can get, Rick–in fishnets and pumps. I love him!

  10. OMNOMNOM says

    Uh, it’s impossible to be masculine in that getup, no matter who you are. Donning women’s clothing instantly emasculates you. End of story.

    Yeah, Oscar should not only fire his publicist, but he should also really consider how much he wants cameras around when he’s going to do things like this.

  11. justme says

    “Donning women’s clothing instantly emasculates you.”

    We definitely do not have the same experiences or run with the same crowd. Too bad. The contradiction of a real man making feminine clothes masculine as hell is a sight to behold.

  12. Paul R says

    A $20 million settlement for that is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in a while. Must be nice!

  13. dh says

    Wow. I guess straight athletes can’t do anything too kooky or wacky without having a scarlet “F” permanently tatooed on their forehead.

  14. jaragon says

    You have to really drunk to get into that get up and have your picture taken unless someone was trying to blackmail him ( if you listen to his interviews in Spanish he doesn’t sound that macho…)

  15. Erc W says

    I agree with Princely and others. What is blaming on the coke and alcohol? He was under the influence when he wore the fishnets. But what about when he bought them? I’m sure he can’t fit in fishnets his wife or any lady friends had, unless they happen to be his size. Owning up to this now just poses more questions and as has already been said suggests he’s not telling all of the story here. Guess he can go the Obama route and simply say his explanation is “evolving.”

  16. ratbastard says

    Jesus, OLD NEWS; you aren’t telling anybody [well, a lot of folks] anything they haven’t known for years, Oscar. And you were INSANE to pay-off that beeitch with 20 million $!

  17. ratbastard says

    Jesus, OLD NEWS; you aren’t telling anybody [well, a lot of folks] anything they haven’t known for years, Oscar. And you were INSANE to pay-off that [redacted] with 20 million $!

  18. Rob says

    He was trying to make his hot date laugh. The dudes from Jack Ass are some of the most toughes dudes on Earth and they pull this type of studf all the time. The real problem is that he did something regretful while beimg under the influence. In regards to the secrecy, I think that
    His machi idenity based on his Latino heritage as well as his boxing status was threatened. The reality is that he has never been percieved as anything more than a nice guy with good boxing skills. I doubt he has ever been in a fight out of the ring. My message to Oscar is to relax. Go take some more pics while sober and laugh at the world for being so upight. I on SNL or Jackass and prevent this from haunting ou anymore.