1. barilla says

    So simple and powerful. Just looking at a chair would conjure up who might’ve sat there. God, it’s hard to think about.

  2. Rob West says

    Re: BARILLA, perfect comment, truly sad.
    Last night on the news they had a story about piece’s of the Trade Center that were sent to ever state for some type of memorial, at first I thought, why.
    Then I saw how moved people were, all over. Just to touch it, powerful.
    Like a spiritual relic, brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Jack says

    If you’ve ever had to set up chairs for an event, you know how hard it is to make perfect, straight rows like that, let alone long ones and so many of them!

  4. secret identity says

    WOW. I think Barilla said it best.

    It really is stunning; almost a metaphor of all the empty chairs at dinner tables that horrific day. As if waiting for someone who will never show up. Truly moving.

  5. Another says

    All memorials everywhere should immediately be dismantled and put away so that Allan doesn’t get sick.

  6. Max says

    Anon, most of those “132,000 civilians killed in Iraq/Afghan wars” were killed by Muslims, just like the 3,000 on 9/11. U.S. soldiers aren’t blowing themselves up at all those markets.

  7. ratbbastard says


    America and Americans have ‘moved on’. That doesn’t mean you forget or deliberately ignore what happened. Cynicism for the sake of cynicism [attempting to appear sophisticated?] doesn’t make you appear ‘deep’, just a do*che.

    As for the rest of the world:

    1] You speak for the world? Who died and made you king/queen?

    2] Do the average Brits, French, Germans, Brazilians, Chinese, Russians, Canadians [well, maybe Canadians] care what the ‘…rest of the world’ thinks, at least regarding something similar to 9/11?? Of course not. Why would Ameriicans?

  8. TylerAnthony says

    @ Anon & Alan, the many countries around the world stood in memorial with America yesterday. Check out MSN… This is NYC for Gods sake there were people from all over the world at the World Trade Center and in NYC who either died in the attack or where in it and survived