1. Randy says

    Sort of off topic… but about DADT repeal… has anyone else noticed how many Army ads that have been on tv today?… I’ve seen them on Spike several times over the last couple hours… and I can’t remember that last time I saw those kinds of ads at this hour… Conincidence?

  2. BobN says

    I still don’t believe the gays-for-GOP stats from 2010. They’re based on very limited polling in undisclosed locations. But if it provided leverage… good.

  3. Brian says

    @David – What gaff was that? Dan is an articulate speaker who knows how to string a sentence together that makes sense. Bachmann stumbles over her own lame jokes (to which not a single person in the audience reacted. I loved seeing her on the hot seat. If Leno can make her nervous (and she was), imagine what a one-on-one with a serious journalist would do to her. She shot herself in the foot by sticking it in her mouth too many times. She is no longer a threat, though whoever she ends up supporting, will be.

  4. Francis Fendland says

    Would it kill Dan to wear a button down shirt on television? I love t-shirts…but c’mon.

  5. FunMe says

    Sorry, Arthur, but I tend to agree with Francis. Sometimes STYLE along with SUBSTANCE will go a long way.

    Last month I watched “Before Stonewall” and I saw how the protest in front of Independence call was organized by NYC gay groups. They all agreed that they had to dress “conservative” for now to have an impact.

    Even now almost 50 years later, when you still have to win the hearts of Americans, or at least make them understand, you need to “dress the part”.

    Still, as someone who admires Savage, I still think he was really good in this interview.

  6. says

    It’s odd that every time towleroad posts a Savage video the freaks come out with fashion tips. Dan has already addressed this and talked about how its more approachable to see someone in a tshirt/casual look. He is speaking to high schoolers and college aged kids…what would be accomplished (other than making you feel better) by looking like a stuffy teacher?

  7. says

    Who died and made Dan Savage King Gay? He is neither a military man nor a military expert. There are plenty of Gay vets and DADT activists that O’Donnell could have interviewed. I’ve had it with cable shows treating a sleazy sex columnist as if he had Gay Rights movement cred.