1. Derrick from Philly says

    Poor thing. He must’ve been soaking between his booty cheeks too. Very uncomfortable.

    Beautiful eyes though.

  2. norseman says

    Geez, is that a medical condition or something ? Too bad that the shirt wasn’t lighter weight and white….

  3. Kevin says

    Television lights are HOT. Typically 1,000 to 5,000 Watts or more. Reflectors and lens concentrate all of the light and heat on one spot.

  4. Yanz says

    Can someone provide subtitles to what he’s talking about? Is it a cocaine ring he’s being a grilled about, a hot boy-toy he was caught with or is he being asked to sweat profusely on the spot?

  5. andrew says

    people usually sweat like what when they are having a panic attack before passing out/fainting. you can clearly see him go from pink and rosy to ashen white. poor thing.

    been there, done that.

  6. hugo says

    I assume he just came in from the game and showers. Isn’t this what folks call ‘the after-burn’? Your metabolism is still running at full speed and you keep sweating as if you’re still running around on the field (or having vigorous sex…)

  7. Maverick69 says

    Lawd, I use to have sex with a man who use to sweat like that. It was like being under a warm waterfall. Okay, folks, I’m off……

  8. Ratbastard says


    1] It’s very humid,hot

    2] He recently showered

    3] He’s using drugs/medications that cause him to sweat.

    Drugs/medications? His face isn’t flushed. Maybe he just really,really sweats.

  9. Xavi says

    This dude is a nice example of the hot men found in Uruguay, especially their fabulous sports players. It’s a small nation [by population] with an unusually high proportion of attractive men [and women].

    The sweat is goes well with his look…

  10. Danny says

    he’s adorable. and it’s clearly natural–not drug induced. Some people just sweat like that. But his manner and speech don’t indicate he’s speeding or anything like that. he remains well-modulated with a charming affective range throughout.

    And I’d like some of that cheese too.

  11. PSGuy92262 in PS says

    Yup, look forward to next SNL. Have no idea what he speakith but who cares?? those eyes speak loudly.

  12. SFRowGuy says

    I need to meet this guy. We could get naked, and I could just slide all over him.

    @Jaragon- yeah, love his eyes.