1. Jeff says

    OK people, get off your butts, call ABC and complain about Sherry Shepard’s statement on THE VIEW that “Black men on the down low are the ones spreading A.I.D.S. in the black community”. A gay black man sitting at the table tried to correct her, but he was talked over. A correction or apology has never been issued by the Barbara Walters’s show. Surprisingly, even Joy Behar never said anything.

  2. nodnarb says

    Is the San Francisco AIDS Foundation saying that men on the downlow is not a contributing factor to HIV transmission?

    I’m sure they know more than I do, but I have to seriously question their stance here.

  3. Dback says

    Dback has a problem with self-important people who constantly refer to themselves in the third person. Dback finds this annoying. Dback thinks it’s like that old SNL skit with Tarzan, Tonto, and the Frankenstein monster.

  4. intristin says

    While I don’t pretend to know the number one reason AIDS is spreading in the black community, to suggest black man on the down low have nothing to do with it is a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

    When you have guys having unprotected sex with their girls friends and then running around have unprotected sex with dudes and no one tells anyone else about what their doing, you have the perfect storm for spreading HIV.

    It may not be the number one form of transmission, but I’d say it’s a large part of the problem. Not to mention that men on the down low are less likely to get tested then out and open gay guys.

  5. Max says

    Jeff, Sherry Shepherd is right. You have to correctly identify a problem in order to solve it. If you want to silence her, then this kind of risky behavior will continue. Political correctness kills.

  6. paul says

    question. How exactly does the Game know that 50 Cent is gay if 50 Cent is on the DL ? Presumably the only way Game would know is if they had sex together right ?

  7. me says

    I think there needs to be condom education all around in the black community. Look at the pregnancy rates, and the HIV rates. While it’s a lot easier to get knocked up than to get HIV, neither is a great thing, and both are happening at alarming rates in the black community.

  8. ratbastard says

    3 things:

    1] Intravenous drug use is not a major problem in the black community or black males in general.

    2] imprisonment, doing time, is a big issue in the black community, among black males.

    3] Real [not imagined] homophobia is a big issue [for gays and bisexuals at least] in the black community, forcing many to be DL.

    Do the math.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “Down Low”? Hmmm, does that include United States Senator, Larry Craig?


    I’ll demand that my tax dollars to to help women in poverty (whose rate of pregnancy have actually gone down), and you demand that your tax dollars to go fat-azz businessmen and coporations who couldn’t give a real about the “WELFARE” of this nation.

    Just because this idiot Rapper sounds un-educated and backwards doesn’t mean you homosexuals have to do the same.

  10. Brian in Texas says

    Yes, lets all jump on someone that is trying to speak honestly about important gay issues just because he didn’t say everything PERFECTLY right. It’s no wonder why we don’t have as many straight allies as we should.

  11. Turtle says

    Yeah, I don’t know why I’m surprised that we’re jumping all over someone who was publicly supporting gay people and committed the cardinal sin of getting some of his information wrong.

    I don’t know what has to happen for LGBTs in general to stop this perpetual state of victimhood and see the bigger picture.

  12. ratbastard says

    @Derrick from Philly,

    Nothing wrong with helping people in need. Women who [often repeatedly] get pregnant,give birth to [often multiple] kids [often with multiple daddies], don’t marry and create a stable nuclear family with their kids dads, then expect the gubmint [taxpayers] to pay them all kinds of goodies and freebies, is a BIG problem. It’s why the black community is plagued by so much violence, crime, extreme levels of antisocial and dysfunctional behavior. 70% + rate of single moms [usually financially unable to care for themselves and
    their kids is no accident or mistake.

  13. El Camino says

    He’s not a homophobe…he was just unaware of what it implied when he talked about closeted guys being an HIV risk.

    To be fair, he made a good point when he said that people should be able to talk openly with each other about their sexual preferences…but that has more to do with having an honest and authentic relationship in general, rather than any STD risk.

    I wouldn’t think anyone- gay or straight- would like the idea of wasting their time with someone who is not truly attracted to them.

  14. beaunic says

    Here is why will never win as a community …We attacked people who are hostile to us and then when they redeem themselves and try to advocate for us, we still attack them because they were not articulate enough …Focus gay people, choose your battle, the man was trying to be supportive …

  15. Hollywood, CA says

    Bringing attention to the fact that people are having unprotected sex on the side, and then coming back and having unprotected sex with their partner who thinks that they are being monogamous, is never a bad thing.

    It sounds like The Game is trying to say that if you’re gay, come out of the closet and be gay. If you are gay and pretending to be straight, screwing guys without condoms, and then coming home to have sex with your girlfriend, you are totally wrong.

    Instead of getting bogged down in semantics, or politically correct vernacular, we should seize on the opportunity to use The Game to reach out to these closeted DL guys. And, PS, it’s not just Black men living on the DL. It’s across all races.

  16. Inside says

    The Game’s comments are a powerful reminder of the value of speaking clearly, to avoid the need to wade through Ebonics to figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

  17. Queen says

    I have to agree with, “The Game”. If you are heterosexual or lesbian be real about it, don’t pretend I think humans like that are selfish. I blame organized religion for this hatred in the world. I was friends with a woman who I thought was really nice we talked alot, then she thought because I was nice to her, I am supposed to be with her, I don’t think so.

  18. Rob says

    Black men on the DL is a big issue. Does anyone but me ever, ahem, glance at Craig’s list? “Brutha for brutha doin’ it raw” is all over the place.

    I think it’s an act of carefree rebellion for any man to have unprotected sex with another man- with disastrous consequences, to be sure, but it has a strange appeal for some. I think they feel constrained in other ways, and let it out sexually. Back in my hook up days, I had a number of guys turn me down if I wanted protected sex. One I got to know well socially, and he did seroconvert. They speak in terms of freedom and rebellion, at least before the hard reality of living with HIV. Then things change.

    I think many men see being black and gay as a double whammy on the status front. I’m a gay white male physician and am constantly shunned. I can only imagine what it would be like to come out as a black man.

  19. dark paul says

    Despite representing only 14% of the US population in 2009, African Americans accounted for 44% of all new HIV infections. Compared with members of other races and ethnicities, African Americans account for a higher proportion of HIV infections at all stages of disease—from new infections to deaths.In 2009, black men who have sex with men represented an estimated 73% of new infections among all black men…. It’s not hype it’s fact.

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