1. Angela Channing says

    I must be some kind of pickle puss, because this did not even make me crack a smile. This is basically a 4 minute commercial for Target and David Beckham cologne.

    I realize that is how commercial TV works, but Ellen is in bed with a company that has not clarified whether it will support anti-gay candidates or not after the debacle involving the MN Governor race last year. Some accounts state they have put in internal controls such as a review committee but there was no statement of policy moving forward. They are likely to do it again, in my book. I realize that Target has supported Pride, provides partner benefits and has done other things. However, I feel like Ellen is going for the buck, and is being used by Target to appear more gay friendly.

    I realize I am not pure either. While I don’t shop at Wal Mart, I did have to go into Target once because there was no other option at the time. At least I admit it. Thank you for listening.

  2. GMB says

    I’m amazed that David B. is so game for this. Any global celebrity who’s this willing to make a fool of themselves on camera should be celebrated. And heck, it’s hard to do this kinda stuff without cracking up and blowing your cover; he’s clearly got some good acting chops in there!

  3. Joey Y says

    Angela, you do realize that forever wal-mart was open about firing gay employees for going against the Waltons’ values, right? Also, this is the latest of several skits with him, the last being him posing as a masseuse. Perhaps looking into the companies you frequent as well as the show you criticize would be good.

  4. Angela Channing says

    Joey Y, reread my post. I said I do not shop at Wal-Mart. I admitted to shopping at Target and regret doing so. However, as we all know, boycotts are sometimes difficult to sustain.

    Why is it wrong to question a Lesbian performer who has sponsorship ties to a company that supported an anti-gay candidate for MN governor who had dubious ties to a hate group/rock band? Yes, we received some muddled assurances that Target put in some type of oversight committee to review future contributions but they did not say they would never do it again. Nor, did they counter that money with any donation to a LGBT organization. Yes, I know Target has sponsored pride events, and provides domestic partner benefits, but that does not excuse the political contribution debacle from last year.

    So, Joey Y, kindly read one’s posts in full before criticizing. And it is also not nice to mess with the matriarch of Falcon Crest!

  5. gr8guyca says

    Lighten up, people. It’s a funny piece and Beckham is game enough to laugh at himself.

    No one is going to be 100% PC, 100% of the time. How can you criticize Ellen who has made being gay a non-issue for so many people? The good that she has done far outweighs any mis-steps she might make.

  6. Angela Channing says

    PS – I know I have last word-itis, but on Ellen’s premiere show, she did a whole segment on Whitney Elementary School’s principal, who goes to extraordinary lengths to support economically disadvantaged students. Ellen presented a check from Target for $100K (she referred to them as “our friends at Target”) and then there was a scene where dozens of Target employees coming to the school with backpacks full of things. It was a nice gesture but it was also a 12 minute commercial for Target. Some would say it was a maudlin display or something off the Oprah Winfrey show. Thank you for listening to the wind-bag.

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