1. gr8guyca says

    The only women who would agree to be on a “Real Housewives”
    show are self-selecting; they are already vain, narcissistic, vulgar,
    and showy. Nothing they say or do would surprise me.

    That said, watching the real life version of’ “The Sopranos” aka “Housewives of New Jersey,” is a hoot. Unintentionally, one of the funniest shows on TV.

  2. PSGuy92262 in PS says

    Who are these morons who are on these shows and who are these morons who make these television shows – I will not be a moron for watching any these shows.

  3. Haga says

    Technically, she’s right. Lying about the cost of things is a pretty gay cultural trait. Therefore, I would deem that comment technically appropriate. thank god she said gay and not Jewish, otherwise she’d be working on the new movie with Mel Gibson.

  4. Gregv says

    @Haga: Let me guess. You have two gay acquaintances and they both lie about the cost of things, so you’ve decided it’s their “cultural trait.”. I’m gay and haven’t ever lied about the cost of anything, and I can’t thing of a single time I’ve ever seen any such pattern among gay people.
    This sounds completely baseless. The housewife’s comment was prejudiced and classless.

  5. dee says

    @Gregv Learn how to spell you moron!!! By your ridiculous comment we can tell you are gay!!! Why? Because that was such a “gay” comment!!!! We learn how to be nice to eachother in the sandbox. You need to reflect.

  6. Skooter McGoo says

    Who is this person? She spend her 15 minutes years ago. BRAVO used to be worth something for shows, now it’s just as sad as that shiny 70’s hooker dress she is wearing.

  7. PSGuy92262 in PS says

    Ken posted – Given that Bravo’s core audience includes many gay men, I would think there would be someone at Bravo to complain to about this fool.

    I question who is more out of touch the viewers, the Bravo production staff, and the ‘real’ housewives??

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