1. Jerry says

    Sumo was more of a jackoff artist than a porn star. I certainly enjoyed his work and wish he’d do more.

  2. jamal49 says

    Wilmer Valderrama! HOT! Great video btw. Don’t the AFA or the FRC are gonna like it much. Too bad for them.

  3. Dan says

    Don’t be so precious, John. You know that those solo Rex videos were for the gay market. That makes him a gay porn star.

  4. McCoysMarketNY says

    Why is everyone arguing about Simon Rex? Ron JJeremy is definitely NOT a gay porn star . . . .

  5. jason says

    I think towleroad is confusing male bodies with homosexuality. Unless there are male-male interactions, it’s not gay.

    Honestly, it’s basic logic. Male bodies are not gay. Gay men do not own the concept of admiring male bodies. Reading gay into male bodies is the product of a sad, wasted mind.

  6. jason says

    Also, have you noticed how the homophobes of hip-hop have moved into the dance music genre lately? Dance music seems to have been overtaken by sleazy straight guys (who have a fetish for girl-girl action) and women who claim to be bisexual (for the benefit of these guys). I’ve especially noticed this in a number of music videos.

    Notice how, since the age of Madonna, a number of female performers in the dance music genre have claimed to be bisexual. They’ve even been allowed to suggest their supposed bisexuality in their music videos. Male performers, in contrast, have generally not been allowed to do this. Radio has also embraced bisexual females but not bisexual males.

    You really have to wonder why the GLBT community has stayed silent on this. What’s going on? We really need to focus a lot of our attention on the music industry with its blatant homophobia towards male-male sexuality as is indicative within the bisexual double standard.

    Make no mistake, Madonna is partly to blame.

  7. Whatsup says

    Jason LMFAO is not Hip-Hop they have always made house and dance tracks since the beginning. They have been out for about 5 years now so don’t get them mixed in with Hip Hop. Yes they are more Hip Hop artist now doing house and dance, but you cant lump LMFAO in that category at all.

  8. Karl says

    Oh lord, leave it to the weirdos on here to twist a dumb piece of fluff into a major treatise on everything from Madonna to the state of mankind.

  9. Candy Cooch says

    Guys in speedos dancing while being admired by a group of other guys…Yes, it can be seen as just heterosexual horseplay or male bonding. It could also be read as homoerotic. I think that is the point of the post. Maybe. But it’s LMAFO in speedos. Who cares? đŸ˜€

  10. Just_a_guy says

    It’s about male attraction to male bodies. Gay enuf for me. So what if some of the guys looking may have stronger attraction to females

  11. Just_a_guy says

    Or if most of the guys looking don’t have it in them to ever really want more than that moment of admiration

  12. Just_a_guy says

    They all still want at least that moment of admiration. Refreshingly honest. In a stupidly fearful culture, this is edgy sh**. and sexy playful good

  13. jason says

    Since when has the concept of men admiring men’s bodies been “edgy” or gay? Men have always admired men’s bodies. It’s only in the last 20 or so years that gay men have attempted to own the concept of admiring men’s bodies. Liberals are also to blame due to the fact that they hate the concept of masculinity.

    Memo to gay men and liberals: you don’t own anything. You have attempted to twist male body admiration into a gay-owned notion but you will not be allowed to succeed.

  14. Just_a_guy says

    Jason, you don’t own masculinity. Let masculinity be broad, man. Why ya gotta think so narrow? That ain’t good for masculinity.

  15. Jerry says

    I lost count of how many ways this is wrong somewhere around 47. JUST WRONG. Ron Jeremy doesn’t even enter into the wrongness of this equation, that’s how wrong this is.

  16. Pyre says

    Did anyone else think that the package flapping looked just a liiiiittle bit CGIed? Kinda ironic considering how the song is all about how proud of his body he is.

  17. HillBilly says

    Am I the only one who thought this was a Weird Al video? (and still do!)

    @JAMAL49, the AFA and FRC may not like this video, but I bet everyone there has watched it a few dozen times – to research just how vile it really is, of course!

  18. The Iron Orchard says

    NONE of this video has to do with male to male attraction! Are you frepers blind??? It’s all about male to female sexual attraction, and vice versa, with male to male machismo preening over vagina.
    So STFU you asswipe 20 somethings!! You have nothing to add to any discussion because you HAVE DONE NOTHING AND YOUR LACK OF LIFE EXPEREIENCE ADDS NOTHING TO ANY DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!!

  19. ducklingboi says

    @The Iron Orchard
    lol! generational issues much? anyway, you’re too old to comprehend how gay this video is.

  20. BallerMD says

    Ha ha… Just watched this video. If anybody doesn’t see the obvious GAY undercurrent, that’s not even really an “UNDER”current, then you’re just fooling yourself. And the fact that Redfoo wiggles around with two woman at his side during parts of the video and Ron Jeremy makes an appearance doesn’t negate the GAYness of the video. Ha ha ha. But I’m not complaining. This is great stuff!!!