1. arbatax says

    There is something odly artificial in Anderson – And i don’t mean the wax one :o)
    A very good professional. He could do so much for the community. But we must respect his choice.

  2. Jack says

    Why do you keep glorifying this closeted coward? He doesn’t even pretend to be a journalist anymore, so every time I see an article about him on this site (getting a spray-on tan with some reality TV person, for instance), I lose a little more respect for towleroad.


    Really. I want to like you. But ugh.

  3. ohplease says

    “He could do so much for the community. But we must respect his choice.”

    Do you mean his choice to be photographed all over the world traveling everywhere with his boyfriend? Or do you mean his choice to fight for the LGBT community in his television career?

    If you think a man who is best friend with Kathy Griffin is in the no-longer-existent “closet” (welcome to the Internet!), then I don’t know what to tell you to bring you back around to reality.

  4. ohplease says

    Jack, calm down.

    You apparently don’t know that Andy has a daytime talk show now in addition to his night-time news job.

    And please don’t talk about “closeted cowards” when you’re posting anonymously, because it makes you look silly.

    PS — There is no closet now, thanks to the Internet. For proof, please re-read your own post. Someone the entire world knows is gay is not in some fictional “closet”.

  5. Jason says

    but…but….in the article about him getting a spray tan everyone was arguing only the gays know he’s gay, not the whole world. I’m so confused now!

    But yeah, this blog has really gone downhill

  6. nodnarb says

    You can’t argue with people like Brian (incidentally the same commenter who railed against sissy gay men the other day, who repeatedly claims that Lady Gaga has a bisexual double standard, and earlier today agreed with Michelle Bachman that vaccines cause mental retardation.) He is operating at a much lower intelligence threshold and needs famous gay people to pose on a “Yup, I’m gay” magazine cover to be satisfied.

  7. Jerry says

    I admire what Snderson is trying to do. He’s trying to make it so that gayness is known without selling it like a whore on a tabloid page. He has succeeded, everyone knows he’s gay…except gay men on gay blogs who need to see him with Liberace’s c*+k in his mouth to know for sure.

  8. Gigi says

    @ANONYMOUS – no, the dummy is posting under the handle ANONYMOUS.

    In reference to Anderson’s gayness, is there anyone who doesn’t know that he’s gay? He doesn’t talk about his private life to his news audience, much in the same way that I don’t tell clients I live with a man. I like to keep it professional. Now, if Andy were doing anti-gay stories and speaking out in favor of a ban on gay marriage, then I’d be angry. As it stands right now? I think he’s fine and we could do far worse than to have him on our side.

  9. says

    Has anyone watched Anderson’s new show? I’ve seen three episodes now. I think it will survive and he will grow into it. He talks a bit too fast at times but you know he has to be nervous before a live audience. I gotta say yesterday’s show about two separate baby girls who were abandoned along the freeway moments after being born – one miraculously found by a CHP officer who stopped “to take a break” and found the baby in a brown paper bag. Heart wrenching and unbelievable. I was totally sobbing. The girls are now all grown up and absolutely remarkable tho’ both remain in the dark about their biological parents. Really a good show and I hope there are more like this. I can tell you that he seriously strides the middle gender road avoiding gay and straight talk. We saw his country home (which he HAS to share with his lover, the bar owner) but there were no clues there. I hope he shows his Firehouse when finished (it is gorgeous!)I can only hope that he deals with gay issues and doesn’t avoid them – deportation of gay spouses, Tea Party gay hatred, etc. Oprah was never able to hide her relationship with Stedman and Gayle so he’ll have to come to terms with his own personal/public life.

  10. says

    BTW, the wax figure of him was on yesterday’s show. And he takes you through the process used to create it. Again we get to see him shirtless just as we did on the first show wearing boxers as he got spray tanned. 3pm Channel 2 in the Bay Area if you want to record, he comes on just before Ellen does.

  11. Tanner says

    I’ve seen the first four Anderson daytime shows, and I think they’re great. He is doing a fine job, but as another commenter stated, I suspect he will mature into the host role with experience. There is potential for a good blend of inspiration and entertainment here. I wish him the best.

    Surely, ANYONE who is paying attention knows that Anderson Cooper is gay. He makes no attempt to hide it. I wish more of the (many) gay people I know handled it the way A.C. does.

    My (homo)sexuality is an integral component of my life, but it does not define me.

  12. Jack says

    well said Gigi!! I am fine with him doing it his way…I see nothing hypocritical and believe his discrete influence as powerful as anyone flying out of the closet on the cover of some magazine….back off you whining queens!!

  13. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    I never came out to my parents but for Sunday dinner my brother brought his girlfriend at the time and I brought my boyfriend at the time.The mexican singer Juan Gabriel made it clear when ask if he was gay,he is quite effeminate,he said:”What is obvious,need not be asked”.I’m positive my parents knew I was gay and so the rest of the family.You show you are gay by your actions,not by telling the world:I’m gay.

  14. mike128 says

    If any of you have family in small towns or the midwest, ask them if they know Anderson Cooper is gay. I assure you, they do not. I think most of us on this blog understand that gay people hide out behind silence or in phony, contracted relationships (I’m looking at you Travolta), but much of America does not no that. They are so heterosexist that you DO have to hit them over the head with an announcement before they consider that you might be gay. This is the whole idea behind “coming out”. We let people know that regular people they like and know are gay. We’re not just the characters they sometimes imagine us to be. So, no – Anderson standing next to some guy at an event does not clue the whole clueless world in. And neither does palling around with Kathy Griffin. You would think it might. But this speaks to how much most of America wants to pretend we don’t exist, or that if we do, we’re a bunch of perverts who have nothing to do with anything they value. All of us that are posting here right now have benefitted from a history of people coming out, not in subtle implied ways, but really coming out. Of course, Anderson is free to make his choice, but don’t ask me to respect him for it.

  15. stranded says

    He doesn’t need to come out nor does he owe it to anybody.

    How come some people think that all gay public figures need to become a gay rights advocates? Has anybody asked him if he wants that?

  16. jj says

    @mike128 People in small towns and the midwest have access to the internet. If they have an interest in Anderson they will probably google him, and once they do they will find out he’s gay. They’ve also had the opportunity to see him on the cover of the National Enquirer with his boyfriend.

    There’s been enough celebrities and politicians who have come out after years of bearding or silence that anyone without their head willfully buried in the sand will know that happens.

    People who don’t know he’s gay now and are unaware celebrities don’t always volunteer their sexuality probably wouldn’t hear about it if he publicly confirmed his sexuality.

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