A Snapshot of Three Months in England Taken with a Beer Can


New Scientist explains:

Justin Quinnell left the "can cam" near Antony Gormley's The Angel of the North, the iconic 200-tonne, 20-metre-tall steel structure near the A1 road just outside Gateshead in the north of England.

After three months, Quinnell removed the photographic paper the can contained, which now held a negative latent image of the apparent movements of the sun, which are caused by the Earth spinning on its axis. "The image forms with time, like a suntan," he explains.


  1. Anna Lemma says

    It is very simple proof that the earth wobbles, doesn’t just spin, but wobbles. If it was done for a year the width of the wobble would be about 23 degrees if I remember correctly.

    I was named after this effect.

  2. manufacturer's defect says

    So the earth spins, wobbles and is tilted on its axis. Doesn’t sound like anyone paid a lot of attention to the details does it? Or is that what makes it so special??

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