NEWS: Amish Gone Wild, Glee’s Gayest Hits, The Death Of American Ingenuity, Steve Jobs, A Graceful Plane Crash

640px-Femmes-Amish Road Amish gone wild!

Road Glee's gayest moments.

Road Marine recruiters at Pride Parade!

Road Step 1: Sell baby to gay man. Step 2: Go to Disney.

Road Gizmodo's iPhone-scooping editor writes sweetest Steve Jobs story.

Road Anderson Cooper goes after bullies.

Road America sells out the future.

Road Were Madonna's topless pics snapped by ex-boyfriend Jesus Luz?

Road In Connecticut, prisoners will sue for access to porn.

240px-La_Toya_Jackson_croppedRoad Frightening pics from tacky Jackson tribute concert.

Road Luxury yacht purveyor explains: If you can't afford a boat, you're barely human.

Road Glenn Beck talk weirdly deserted

Road The cute one gets married.

Road Irony! Iranian actress jailed, beaten for appearing in film about the censoring of Iranian artists.

Road The agony of text neck.

Road Romney and abortion, explained.

Road See an astoundingly graceful plane crash AFTER THE JUMP.

Apparently, this guy ran out of fuel en route to Hawaii. He radioed for help, calmly crashed his Cessna, and got scooped up by the Coast Guard.