1. say what says

    The article on america selling out the future/ innovation being dead is misleading

    2 of the three innovations it cites were heavily financed, studied, created, expanded, improved, etc via FED GOV $ and scientists through the millitary and University system

    The majority of inovations can be traced back to direct FED GOV involvment. Now if the article would deal with the lack of funding of the FED via taxes and how that hurts america’s future/ innovation then it could be a great article

  2. Cal says

    Is someone new writing the news feed? You need to give us a little more information so we’ll know if we want to click. I mean at least something – not ‘the cute one’ gets married… tease, yes, bewilder, no.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    I’m sure I’ll once again stir up the hornets’ nest of the “But he’s pretty so we give HIM a pass” queens, but at the same time that anyone doing a week of shows about bullying is a laudable idea, how ironic is it that its host is still hiding in his own public closet? Is Mr. Cooper afraid that someone at Priviilege High School will shove him into his locker? Throw a Slurpee on one of his $4000 designer suits? “The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill. There is simply no excuse in 2011 for anyone in his job not being publicly out. No one’s asking him to tattoo his forehead with the rainbow flag. But by being one of those “Everyone Who Knows Him Knows He’s Gay” gays he telegraphs to nongays that there IS something “wrong” with it, and, thus, influences the kind of stories his mainstream media peers do and DON’T do about LGBTs. Great series but, at its heart, a “part of the problem not the solution.”

  4. Blake says

    I actually agree with Cal. I love the Beatles, but I didn’t know who “the cute one” was. (Yes, I’m 26. So what.) I guess I’ll call this a learning experience.
    Still, the links in this post are a little too vague for this site.

  5. James says

    But what happened to the plane?!

    @JACKNASTY Really? I mean, come on. That’s insanely rude. Guess what – musicians are allowed to fluctuate in their weight. You may want to sit for this… they’re human too! Shocker.

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