Anti-Gay Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle to Run for U.S. Senate

Former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, who vetoed a civil union bill in that state in July 2010, is planning to announce a run for U.S. Senate, the Honolulu Advertiser reports:

Lingle "Former Gov. Linda Lingle is expected to announce as soon as today that she will run in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, sources say…U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, and former U.S. Rep. Ed Case are the Democratic contenders to replace U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, who is not seeking another term next year."

Lingle made herself an enemy of equality during her tenure as The Aloha State's governor.

Said Lingle at that time: "For those people who want to makes this into a civil rights issue, and of course those in favor of the bill, they see it as a civil rights issue. And I understand them drawing that conclusion. But people on the other side would point out, well, we don’t allow other people to marry even — it’s not a civil right for them. First cousins couldn’t marry, or a brother and a sister and that sort of thing. So there are restrictions, not to put it in the exact same category. But the bottom line is, it really can’t be a civil right if we are restricting it in other cases, and it’s been found to be legal in those other cases, that the restrictions."

Civil unions have since been legalized in Hawaii. Governor Neil Abercrombie signed them into law in February of this year.


  1. Steve says

    Is this Victor Victoria? You know: a man dressed as a woman pretending to be a man? Wait. Or is it: a woman, dressed as a man pretending to be a woman? Or does it even matter? This is not a real live person. Ignore it.

  2. Joe says

    We all know why she is anti-gay.
    She is a self-loathing, closeted lesbian!
    I mean come on, has she looked in the mirror or seen any video of herself. Why is it that these obvious closet-cases think they can fool people.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Well she definitely passes the Idiot Test required for Republican candidates to be taken seriously.

    By her argument, VOTING isn’t a civil right because we don’t allow people who are 17 or younger to do it, and at certain points in our history women weren’t allowed to do it and black people weren’t allowed to do it. Even civil rights can be limited and restricted, but to do so constitutionally you have to PROVE that there is a valid, necessary and justifiable reason and prove that not restricting them in these cases would present a real, provable and measurable threat to society.

    Restricting marriage to heterosexuals doesn’t pass ANY of these tests.

    And, lest we forget, history tells us that just because we have DENIED rights to certain people doesn’t mean that the rights didn’t exist or that they weren’t applicable to the person from whom they were denied. It just means that we once withheld application of people’s just rights as we are now doing with gay people and their just right to marry a person of the same sex.

  4. Paul R says

    Hawaii should be represented by native Hawaiians, not jerks. And why Hawaiians would think a Jewish Republican born in St. Louis will take to heart their interests and needs is beyond me. (No offense intended to Jews.)

  5. Kevin_BGFH says

    “But people on the other side would point out, well, we don’t allow other people to marry even — it’s not a civil right for them. First cousins couldn’t marry, or a brother and a sister and that sort of thing.”

    Wrong. Hawaii is one of 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, where first cousins can marry. Another 6 states allow it for cousins older than child-bearing age. And even if Hawaii didn’t allow first cousins to marry, it would still recognize first cousin marriages performed legally in other states.

  6. SFShawn says

    It would be fantastic if the Victory Fund would run a qualified openly gay candidate for that seat and force her to start telling the truth and getting her “facts” straight. I hope she loses and loses big.

  7. farsouth says

    Her comments about civil unions were and are extremely offensive. It took her successor to do the right thing. I’d be interested in contributing to Lingle’s opponent…. I feel the same way as this news as I did when heard U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was running for President. I want to say: Haven’t you done enough evil already?

  8. Mary says

    Maybe this isn’t a good picture of her, but she sort of does have the “Tootsie” look. But then can we assume she’s a lesbian because of this? Isn’t that stereotyping? Not trying to start trouble here, just genuinely curious. Don’t we all know somewhat effeminiate guys who are straight and somewhat “macho” types of men who are gay? Something tells me that if homophobic types were to assume she’s a lesbian a lot of the people here would say that its a bigoted statement and that you can’t always tell who’s gay. Just sayin…..

  9. Scott says

    I live in Hawaii and it’s whispered in Republican back rooms that MS Lingle led a very open lesbian relationship back in his hippie days on the beautiful lepor colony island of Molokai … But these are just rumors.

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