1. walter says

    just let the ass-oles keep talking. they are their own worst enemy. each one of these clowns gets the lead then promptly shoots themselves in the foot. oh to be a podiatrist for the repuks there is money to be made.

  2. paul says

    Max – run this by me…you think people are upset with Cain suggestions because the electrocuting people ‘would work’? What exactly do you mean ? Meaning that it would kill people ? Or you think that is a viable option for addressing immigration issues? You don’t think people might be annoyed by Cain because he is slightly right of Attila the Hun, a raving lunatic whose ideas are both unethical and prehistoric?

  3. Laura says

    Keep talking Herm. You’ll be next in the very long list of repub candidates who talked themselves right out of the job.

  4. Max says

    Paul, use your brain. An electric fence would reduce the number of people who illegally cross the border.

  5. Bart says

    @Max – use your brain. It would kill people. I know they’re just “illegals” in your little mind but *shocker* they’re actually human beings.

  6. Jwxford says

    @ BART—what part of “illegal” do YOU not understand? If there is a real and present danger to some idiot wanting to cross the border ILLEGALLY, then, GUESS WHAT—maybe they won’t do it!

  7. Max says

    Bart, it would *deter* people, and you just proved my original point: “what people are really upset about is that it would work,” i.e. keep people out.

  8. cadence says

    Max, it will be costly and hard to build a fence and then it would only keep out what people like you would consider the “wrong” type of illegal aliens. We’d still get illegals from European countries, and places where the people’s skin isn’t brown.

  9. says

    I went to live in the UK 18 years ago. The fact that there is a discussion about a fence has made me prouder to be an emigrant than ever before.

  10. RyanInSacto says

    Put this in a thought bubble over Herman Cain’s head:
    Words… how do they work anyway?

  11. You Let One In.... says

    He’s stupid enough to think he’s smart enough to be President. This is the legacy of that Bush fellow.

  12. say what says

    BS Max

    an electrified fence if it even got finished…..

    The great wall of china was never finished so the mongols just went around it

    can easily be dug under = see already built tunnels from mexico to america being found

    can easily be grounded in spots and cut


    walls have never worked throught human history ask Emperors Antonine and Hadrian how well their walls kept back the flea ridden dirty scots, picts, etc

  13. says

    why do you assume the fence wold have lethal voltage? Electric fences don’t electrocute cows on farms. It is used as a deterrent. And how the hell do illegal Europeans get here? That one made no sense! The whole electrocute mexicans thing is dissembling at its worst.

  14. Max says

    @Cadence: “it will be costly and hard to build a fence”

    Did you support Obama’s failed stimulus?

    “it would only keep out what people like you would consider the “wrong” type of illegal aliens.”

    I only said “it would work.” You inferred the rest just to validate your liberal sense of moral superiority.

    “We’d still get illegals from European countries”

    You mean people don’t want to live in France?

    “places where the people’s skin isn’t brown”

    People like you believe that the whole entire world revolves around race. It doesn’t.

    @Becareful: “Who’s going to pick our vegetables? and fruit? and nuts?”

    I don’t know. Maybe some of the millions of unemployed American citizens?

    @Say What: “walls have never worked”

    Israel’s security fence cut down the number of Palestinian human bombs to almost zero. The DMZ between the two Koreas probably isn’t crossed very often either. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, but an electric fence would be effective nonetheless. You’re probably right about the “if it even got finished” part though.

    I don’t actually care if people come here as long as they aren’t a drain (i.e. as long as they pay taxes). But I know – someone who doesn’t support full open borders and a one-world socialist government is obviously a racist. Duh!

  15. RGB says

    @ Ted

    You can’t be serious! But you are… Europeans come here on temporary visas as tourists, workers, or students then their visas expire and they stay. And umm “dissembling” I am not sure that word thinks what you think it means. It seemed pretty clear what the intentions behind an electric fence were…

  16. Jim says

    Would Cain had thought it a “joke” if the reference had been made to blacks in segregated areas during the 1960’s? I doubt it. Somethings, Mr. Cain, are NOT funny! Grow up.

  17. says

    You kids should know by now that Miss Max is a conservative f_ggot who don’t like minorities and never did just read some of his past comments on anything here dealing with race. He only likes Cain like the rest of the hateful GOP folks because he speaks what they like to hear.

    But Max we all know you wouldn’t turn Diego out of your bed on the DL neither ūüėČ even if he crossed that border illegally.


  18. say what says


    I admit this is cut and paste from wiki (not the best source for anything) buit for a fast check on info…

    “….However, there is debate over how effective the barrier has been in preventing other attacks. A report by the Shin Beit, published in early 2006 notes that attacks in 2005 have significantly decreased due to increased pursuing of Palestinian militants by the Israeli army and intelligence organizations, Hamas’s increased political activity, and a truce among Palestinian militant groups in the Palestinian Territories. According to Haaretz the report also mentions that “The security fence is no longer mentioned as the major factor in preventing suicide bombings, mainly because the terrorists have found ways to bypass it.”[40] Former Israeli Secretary of Defence Moshe Arens claims that the reduction in Palestinian violence is largely due to the IDF’s entry into the West Bank in 2002.[41]…”

  19. Be Careful says

    from Max: @Becareful: “Who’s going to pick our vegetables? and fruit? and nuts?”

    I don’t know. Maybe some of the millions of unemployed American citizens?

    Back at ya, Max: Why don’t they now?

  20. Max says

    BeCareful, they don’t do it now because big business can exploit cheap labor for a fraction of the cost. Are you going to pay someone $15/hr to do what an undocumented worker will do for $3/hr? The immigrants get abused because they are too afraid to go to the authorities. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone except big business.