Campaign for Premier Job in Ontario, Canada Gets Homophobic


Canadian Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak, campaigning for Ontario's top job, is under fire for a homophobic campaign flyer that misleads voters about the education curriculum in place under Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty.

The Globe and Mail reports:

The Tories are quoting from a Toronto District School Board curriculum guideline that says, "Sending a school newsletter home at the beginning of each term is a best practice for keeping parents informed of all upcoming equity topics in the classroom."

Still, the PC flyer warns parents against classrooms that would introduce concepts such as “cross dressing for six year olds” and “reclaiming Valentine’s Day [by celebrating] sexual diversity with a kissing booth.”

The statements aren't based on what was proposed, however. The Valentine's Day example was an idea to give chocolates to students who complete a "school climate" survey. As for cross-dressing, the Liberals said "there is no such thing." The page cited in the PC flyer is a list of "Significant International" gay and lesbian individuals, including Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Virginia Woolf and Harvey Milk.

Other candidates associated with the flyer are running from it, literally.


  1. Mike says

    WOW, that is so un-Canadian. I never expected something like this here in Canada. I thought we had gotten beyond this a while ago. It’s a sad statement for the conservatives……

  2. says

    This is how the conservatives have always been under Stephen Harper… he dreams of becoming the canadian version of the tea party. It’s disgusting and as Mike says so unCanadian it would be laughable if these clowns weren’t in power. Honestly, it saddens me the American style of divisive and propaganda truth be damned style of politics has taken root here.

  3. Gigi says

    Hudak is a class act all the way. In a recent article written about him in Toronto Life it was said that he was the politician most could see themselves “having a beer with.” Remind you of anyone?

    Hudak’s platform is practically non-existent so he’s pulling out all the stops now, trying to scare those middling/conservative-by-nature or upbringing types into voting for him. A local publication did some fact-checking and they found most things in this poster to be false:


  4. Francis says

    Yes it is, Ravewulf.

    Goes to show that no matter the location, even in progressive Canada, conservatives by and large sure do one thing similarly “well”—-spew bigotry against LGBT people.

  5. Jeff says

    As an American living in Toronto This Hudak could very will win the election as Ontario Premier. Think Governor for U.S. readers. In the short time I have lived here I believe Canada is entering its new dark age along with the USA which has clearly arrived there. We need in both Canada and the USA to fight this outspoken homophobia that is on both sides of the border and keep the freedoms that we have attained lest we lose them. Toronto itself has become increasingly homophobic with Mayor Ford and I urge Ontarian’s to squelch his grip by actively re-electing Dalton McGuinty Thursday.

  6. Francis says

    Thanks for that piece of info, Jeff, and I really hope this bigot isn’t elected.

    What’s really going on is pretty clear, and pretty simple to deduce. We as a community have made legal and social gains and a lot of people can’t handle it, so what we’re seeing is the backlash against our community by those who have angst against us. Kids and adults alike. They’re more outspoken because we’re more open, they see as a threat and we’re more open to abuse with increased visibility.

    Now more than ever our community better fight for our right to live as equal legal citizens. Because now that we’re in position to have a share of the pie, there are millions out there who are going to do everything in their power to take that away from us.

  7. says

    Hudak is also paying people in OTHER PROVINCES to man his phones. Seriously. A man who claims to care about “jobs in Ontario” is paying people in BC and Newfloundland to make the calls to Ontarians to tell them whom to vote for.

    Pathetic. He’s a bigot and he’s attempting a throwback to the Olde Times, which Ontario simply will not stand for.

    Harper’s government has taken page after page from the GOP – Stephen Harper is a Bush-worshipping fool who wants more than anything else to be treated the way the GOP treats its leaders. Bush in particular. He’s the most anti-Canada Prime Minister in Canadian history – he’s a republican. it’s pathetic.

  8. Steve says

    I’m not shocked. Its the PC’s. This is what they do. I just live in a province that has had them in control for 40 years so haven’t had gay rights on the election trail for awhile.

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