1. Steve says

    Recently, I wrote about Ann Coulter – evil woman. Now I write about a real woman and real human being. She is filled with love for her new-found son. She is lovely and good at heart and this is why we love Cher. Unafraid to speak the truth no matter what. This is what a real human being looks like. Take a good look Ann Coulter – and learn something about humanity.

  2. Larry says

    I love Cher to death, but she looks like a muppet.
    Chaz? Too bad his man-model seems to be beer-slugging couch potato, but his life is definitely more interesting than mine.

  3. Gregor says

    I never really thought of Cher as a genuine motherly type, but when I saw last night’s episode . . . something about her face — those eyes, especially — radiated a mother’s love and pride in her child. Bless them both!!

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