County Prosecutor Anticipates Filing Assault Charge Today Over Classroom Beating of Gay Ohio Teen: VIDEO


More details are emerging with regard to the horrific video I posted yesterday showing a gay teen being beaten in his classroom by another student who taunted the gay teen on Facebook with homophobic remarks several days earlier.

The school's initial report did not mention anything about the victim's sexuality, the Chillicothe Gazette reports:

According to the initial report obtained Thursday by the Gazette, the two boys were on their way to a third-period class when they "bumped shoulders." The 15-year-old suspect told deputies he has a mental illness, that he "just zoned out," and didn't know why he punched Collins' son, according to the report.

Collins' son sustained a black eye, a knot behind his ear, a chipped tooth and a possible concussion, Collins said.

While Collins told deputies she thought the fight was motivated by her son's sexuality, the report indicates Osborne told the deputy he talked to the teacher and students in the classroom and no one reported the student saying anything about Collins' son's sexuality.

However, the school is investigating any connections following the victim's mother's claims that the fight was motivated by her son's sexuality and the Facebook posts that came to light just recently.

The cell phone video was shot by the aggressor's cousin.

The fight occurred during a class change and the teacher was in the hall monitoring students and did not know what was happening.

Regarding charges:

While the sheriff's office continues to investigate the motive, Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt said his office is evaluating whether to file an assault or felonious assault charge.

"What people are failing to understand is there isn't an Ohio law to enhance it (if the assault was motivated by the victim's sexuality)," Schmidt said.

There is a federal hate crime law, he added, but the federal district attorney would have to file the charge, and Collins could approach him about it. He also said he has not heard from Collins or her son, but certainly is willing to listen to them if they want to talk with him. Schmidt anticipates filing the charge from his office today.

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