County Prosecutor Anticipates Filing Assault Charge Today Over Classroom Beating of Gay Ohio Teen: VIDEO


More details are emerging with regard to the horrific video I posted yesterday showing a gay teen being beaten in his classroom by another student who taunted the gay teen on Facebook with homophobic remarks several days earlier.

The school's initial report did not mention anything about the victim's sexuality, the Chillicothe Gazette reports:

According to the initial report obtained Thursday by the Gazette, the two boys were on their way to a third-period class when they "bumped shoulders." The 15-year-old suspect told deputies he has a mental illness, that he "just zoned out," and didn't know why he punched Collins' son, according to the report.

Collins' son sustained a black eye, a knot behind his ear, a chipped tooth and a possible concussion, Collins said.

While Collins told deputies she thought the fight was motivated by her son's sexuality, the report indicates Osborne told the deputy he talked to the teacher and students in the classroom and no one reported the student saying anything about Collins' son's sexuality.

However, the school is investigating any connections following the victim's mother's claims that the fight was motivated by her son's sexuality and the Facebook posts that came to light just recently.

The cell phone video was shot by the aggressor's cousin.

The fight occurred during a class change and the teacher was in the hall monitoring students and did not know what was happening.

Regarding charges:

While the sheriff's office continues to investigate the motive, Ross County Prosecutor Matt Schmidt said his office is evaluating whether to file an assault or felonious assault charge.

"What people are failing to understand is there isn't an Ohio law to enhance it (if the assault was motivated by the victim's sexuality)," Schmidt said.

There is a federal hate crime law, he added, but the federal district attorney would have to file the charge, and Collins could approach him about it. He also said he has not heard from Collins or her son, but certainly is willing to listen to them if they want to talk with him. Schmidt anticipates filing the charge from his office today.

Officials investigate claims high school fight was motivated by student's sexual orientation [chillicothe gazette]

Bully's Brutal Assault of Gay Ohio High School Student Caught on Camera: VIDEO [tr]

Reposted video:


  1. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Bully’s Greatest Secret

    Bullies are more like poison than a knife, and they are more like slow-working poison than cyanide.

    You’re body is flooded instantly with adrenaline and it’s derivatives, like norenephrine. Now when these hormones pervade the bloodstream, you’re brain reacts. It shuts down certain centers and activates others.
    This is called the stress reaction. Or stress syndrome action. Then when the abuse recedes, the adrenaline levels begin to drop. As they drop, the entire system goes into mayhem.

    So what bullies usually do…they start and stop, start and stop. That achieves the maximal stress syndrome. And this is the great secret of bullying: never overdo it…small doses…the victim will do the rest.

  2. Kevin says

    What’s to investigate? It’s on video for Christ’s sweet sake! Charge him, prosecute him, and have a trial of his peers decide his fate.

  3. antb says

    if that isn’t felonious assault what is? get that bully kid into a prison cell before he kills somebody – cause it’s only a matter of time till that happens if he’s not locked up.

  4. says

    At what point do we stop calling these crimes “bullying?” As if attacking and assaulting people based on their perceived or actual sexual orientation is roughly equivalent to calling someone in the chess club a geek. To be sure, the longstanding tradition in American schools to make fun of the non-athletic smart kids is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. And, yes, violence against LGBT is related to this hatred and ostracizing of “the other.” But the continual lumping in of this violence…these crimes…only serves diminish the importance of the problem.

  5. Brian G says

    The “Bumped Shoulders” is total BS. Why was the aggressor’s cousin filming in the first place of the kid just standing there waiting? It was a premeditated attack!

  6. Caliban says

    The fact that the cousin is there filming the guy WAITING for the victim to show so he can beat him up puts the lie to the “bumped shoulders” story. That’s obvious and hopefully even the police can see that.

    OK fine, the state doesn’t have a Hate Crimes law. To me that’s less important than it being treated as what it is, a violent physical ASSAULT instead of a minor incident only worthy of a 3 day “suspension.” This jerk needs a lesson and it sounds like he will get one via the Criminal Justice system. I hope. We need to keep following this story to make sure it doesn’t just go away.

    The bully (for lack of a better term) has a “mental illness”? Yeah, he’s a homophobic @$$hole.

  7. sleepy bear says

    i’ve no doubt that they thought that they could get away with beating a gay kid because everything they’ve been told from the pulpit, to the video games they play, to the movies and shows they watch, to the parents that tell them they better not be gay tells them that they can get away with it.

  8. Mark says

    I hope the bully gets prosecuted but in JUVENILE court. The bully is a creep but I’d rather not see his whole life destroyed, especially if he is suffering from a mental illness.

  9. antb says

    sorry mark but that behavior is psychopathic and he needs to be locked up, and not in juvey hall. he thought nothing of destroying the kid he beat up, who could easily have been permanently damaged in either body or brain. I have no issue with seeing the attacker’s life destroyed.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    he has a “mental illness” that made him ask his cousin to get into position and record him beating the crap out of a gay kid, waited for the kid, then pounced on him, then he zoned out? is that really the story their sticking with?

    What if teh victim zones out, buys a gun online, learns how to shoot it, and comes and pops that bully in the back of the head like they did King? is that a mental illness as well? FTSB!

  11. Johnny says

    What they’re dealing with is a sociopath.

    This is classic sociopathic behavior. Plot attacks, fool everyone, figure out who is weak, figure out a way to play the system, figure out exactly how to lie, pull in others to corroborate your lies, act as if you’re the actual victim (of your own mental illness or whatever you can fabricate) after the incident.

  12. RonTEX says

    @ Johnny, well said but that could also be a definition of a Republican – who are just basically bullies to anyone they perceive as “other”.

  13. says

    The cops’ comments show that that they’re also trying to protect the bully.
    They haven’t heard anything from the victims? Isn’t it their job to interview the victims? Now if you are attacked, it’s your responsibility to schedule an interview with the cops.
    Osborn didn’t hear of any anti gay taunts? But he certainly heard the victim’s queeny manner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s evidence that this was a hate crime. The cop ignores that and chooses to focus on the students’ claims. He chooses to accept their version, even though none of them helped the victim, which should cast doubt on their claims.

  14. says

    “The 15-year-old suspect told deputies he has a mental illness, that he “just zoned out,” and didn’t know why he punched Collins’ son, according to the report.”

    What a load of BS. He was lying in wait, and had his cousin video it. No way this wasn’t premeditated! He thought it would make him BMOC for beating up a gay kid.

  15. says

    I can’t help but wonder if the fact nobody present heard any reference to the kids sexual orientation being mentioned prior to the beating, wasn’t simply out of fear that they would be next should they nark on the attacker/bully.

    I’m not really buying into the mental illness part of this young man’s story, although I believe he has some serious issues he needs to deal with. Sounds more like a convenient excuse to garner sympathy given the seriouness of the situation and the yet to be determined consequences.

    And I’m definitely not buying the zoned out part of his defense. Does he suffer from DZOS (Delayed Zoned Out Syndrome)? Is there even such a thing? Supposedly the bumping of shoulders occured in the hallway before class, in which case one would expect the Zoning out to have taken place at that time. Yet he waited inside the classroom, in ambush fashion, for his victim to arrive with his cousins camera at the ready to record his delayed zone out.

    He might want to go back to the drawing board and see if he can come up with something a little more plausible. There’s always the “gay panic attack” to try. It’s a proven oldie but goody.

  16. Mike says

    Claiming to have a ‘mental illness’ as an excuse is disgusting. While personality disorders are diagnostically relevant, and could be what this aggressor calls a mental illness, that claim neither explains nor excuses the aggression. This incident is jaw-droppingly awful and profoundly disturbing, not least of all because of the group’s complicity in just letting it happen. It’s not a bad apple you’ve got there, Chillicothe, It’s a bad apple crate!

  17. walter says

    now that the sh-t hit the fan,he has a mental
    illness.amazing how this mentally ill hoodlum
    knew how to post on facebook, have his cousin ready to film and be in the same place as the
    victim. pretty good for someone who just zones
    out. being that the cousin is involved itmust some family tree.

  18. Bob says

    You have video proof, school officials and police dept. personnel, what more do you need? And those students and other people that watched it and did not at least call for help, should not only be ashamed of themselves, but should also be reprimended for lack of assistance! Wake Up, OH!

  19. Rin says

    There are many different categorizations of felony assault so when they say they are investigating it is probably to see which “felony” or “felonies” they will end up charging him with.

    The fact that the video went viral means they are trying to figure out charges that will not only stick but will appease the public.

    My guess is that if he has a documented mental illness they will go for something severe enough that when the kid’s lawyers attempt to plea it down he will still end up with some kind of felony assault.

  20. tracy says

    you mean the teacher in the hall heard NOTHING. BS!!! The teacher is as guilty as the bully student.

  21. Clay says

    Is the cousin who was clearly an accomplice also being charged? After all the cousin new it would happen and was waiting to film it happening.