1. Jacques says

    “they’re going to have to kind of transfer their energies at some point to making some specific suggestions or bringing in people who know more to try to put the country back to work.”

    Wrong! We already have 538 legislators and a president along with staffs of thousands who are all well paid and whose JOB it is to do those things. The task of the OWSt folks is to say, enough with the B.S., we’re mad as hell, and we’re fed up with the Republicans’ faith-based economic policy and the Democrats’ limp-dicked, cower-in-the-corner response. It’s time for YOU to get to work.

  2. booka says

    Even he doesn’t get it…or maybe he doesn’t want to…much of what is now in place began in his terms in office…he is better than most, but still not good enough.

  3. Vlad says

    Of course he doesn’t want to get it. He is very wealthy now and a celebrity as well. And his wife is part of the current regime. What do you expect from this sleazebag?

  4. John says

    “I think what bothers people is the country has gotten so much more unequal under the last, over the last 30 years”

    Funny how he presided over 8 years of economic policy that helped lead us where we are now and that’s all he has to say?? He triangulated the left out of the Democratic party and now our country is paying the price of one-sided policy.

  5. Joetx says

    Bill Clinton did his best a Republican-in-Democratic-clothing by signing a rash of deregulation bills & “free trade” agreements in to laws. He’s a guilty as anyone for the current condition of our economy.

  6. says

    The old leftist game of blaming others with nonstop accusations while ignoring anything good.
    Clinton made mistakes. Of course. He also made the economy go like Lady Gaga dry humping Maddona.
    And by the way, I and the unions were out protesting the free trade deal, while the left sat home. So please don’t blame others when the left is often just as culpable.

  7. andnowwhat says

    President Clinton was not perfect, but willing to negotiate. if you are upset that he was too far to the right, then you will gladly vote for a candidate on the left.

  8. Bob says



    Daddies: Lock up your daughters!
    Husbands: Lock up your wives!
    Daddy Lewinski: Warn Monica wherever she is!
    Arkansas Farmers: Lock up your mules and sheep!