Did an ‘A-List Dallas’ Actor Taylor Garrett Fake an Attack Against Him by ‘Anti-Republican’ Gays?


Late last week, Taylor Garrett, a reality show participant in LOGO's A-List: Dallas, tweeted a photo of a rock with a note on it and claimed that he was the victim of an anti-GOP attack by someone defending the gay community.

The tweet, since deleted, came following LOGO's decision to feature Republican pundit Ann Coulter in a guest spot on the show.

LOGO's NewNowNext wrote, of her participation:

Garrett Politics aside, kind of, Coulter joined some of her fave boys, specifically Dallas cast member Taylor Garrett and Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud, for a late lunch, and some reality show filming, in LA yesterday. It is unsure when Coulter’s episode as a Logo guest star will end up airing, but there is no doubt there will be some rumblings and controversy as a result.

Blogger Joe Jervis wasn't convinced that Garrett's tweet and claim passed the smell test and noted that LOGO executive producer John Hill shortly thereafter tweeted congratulations to Garrett for "making headlines" with his claim.

Jervis adds:

When I questioned Hill as to whether he'd played a role in the stunt, his tweet to Garrett was instantly deleted.

Neither Hill nor Logo have yet responded to my questions. I understand all too well that gay people are not above the depths of scumbaggery typically associated with producing reality television, but a false hate crime claim is truly beyond the pale. At the very least, Logo and the show's producers should address what some are (hopefully wrongly) thinking.

As you may recall, GOProud's LaSalvia claimed to be the victim of an anti-gay hate crime last July, though his claims lost much of their credibility when he began using them to push GOProud's pro-gun, anti-LGBT hate crime legislation agenda.

An online petition objecting to LOGO's decision to give airtime to Coulter has 1,168 signatures as of this posting.


  1. says

    This reeks. I don’t believe his story. If it’s true, he has to at least acknowledge why it sounds ridiculous (and looks ridiculous, look at that note).

    LOGO and John Hill should have the guts to address this. If they think this guy was truly the victim of this kind of attack, they need to step up and stand behind him and they all need to push for a police investigation.

    But something tells me he will hide being “oh, I’m not a liberal VICTIM-minded person, I won’t report it.”

    If this is fake or if it is left like this with no back-up and therefore seems fake, I don’t see how this show or network can be supported. It’s supposed to be for the gay community (yes, including right-wing gays), but condoning or dismissing a potentially fake hate crime report is really inexcusable.

  2. Bart says

    A-List Dallas = don’t care.

    This gay Republican fellow with too much dippity-doo in his hair = don’t care.

    Ann Coulter = really don’t care.

    This amounts to Never See TV.

  3. TPOWW says

    Every one of these pigs (“A”-List New York included) needs to jump off a bridge.

    Sad, vapid, moisturized, fake-tanned ghouls all.

    Go f**k yourselves, whores. And that goes for every other idiotic “gay bestie” on “reality” television these days.

  4. Ben Weldon says

    Is the worst thing this alleged vandal could think to call him really “twink”? And way to use proper branding for the show on your “hate crime”. Very considerate.

  5. says

    LOGO simply cannot claim to be pro LGBT when they put this sort of crap on there channel. I don’t care how many positive programs they put on, if they think this is OK they are so wrong.

    Just like the far right will not invite GOPride to any of their events. Giving Ann Coulter a platform on a so called “gay” channel is unacceptable!

    I will never watch LOGO again.

  6. bobbyjoe says

    There’s no way that note, as pictured, went through a glass window. Not only is the note not torn or cut in the slightest, it’s not even wrinkled. (And that is– according to Taylor Garrett– a picture of the actual, supposed note). Either it’s printed on paper with Superman-like qualities of invulnerability, or LOGO is complicit in faking a hate crime.

    I truly hope no-one watches The A-List: Dallas, and I hope people will let the show’s sponsors know that even as sleazy as reality shows can be, faking a hate crime for publicity is (as Joe puts it) way, way “beyond the pale.”

  7. says

    his picture screams “Look Mommy and Daddy! I’m so not like those other leftist gays, I even posed with Ann Coulter! Now can I sit at the table with you guys at Christmas?”

    Pathetic little wimps, you gay republicans. Your parents dont’ love you or accept you, they tolerate you on the grounds that you cut off your balls as an offering.

    You literally are a perfect example of what a homophobic culture can reduce someone to.

  8. gaylib says

    well, in fairness, his description of himself is pretty accuarate. embarrassment? check. pathetic? check. attention whore? check. Have 15 minutes passed yet?

  9. Bryan says

    I know a gay guys life should revolve around being gay, but how can a gay person support the Republican party with everything they stand for on gay issues? It’s not like they’re that better on other issues either.

  10. says

    and of course this story is as patently false as Jimmy LaSalvia’s lie about “being attacked by a bunch of BLACK YOUTHS whom he scared away by pretending to reach for a GUN.”

    If these cowardly gay white republican wimps spent as much time promoting LGBT Equality in the GOP as they do making up fake stories about “liberals bashing them” then progress might be made.

    Garrett is lying, LaSalvia was lying, and it’s all because they need to convince themselves that liberals at the enemy – that way they can convince themselves that their families actually love them and accept. Too bad they don’t, eh?

    Listening to gays complain about Liberals is like listening to Anne Frank complain about attics.

  11. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Well, it must be “A-List Dallas”, since you’re running a picture of that little publicity-desperate Mary with horse. But how did they get the horse in that little cocktail dress?


    Seriously, people from Dallas have always sickened me a bit. Sorry, rubes, but money doesn’t make anyone think you’re “of the manor born” instead “of the trailer park”.

    But Dallas gays? A disgusting bunch. And they’ve managed to herd the worst of them into one misbegoten show.

    LOGO should be boycotted completely over this televised abortion.

  12. Albert says

    Don’t know how anyone can sit and watch this crap! They’re the worst bitchy, dumb stereotypes of gay folks. I used to like Reichen when he was with his former partner Chip on the Amazing Race. He’s just an old famewhore now.

  13. John M says

    Dallas is nice enough to place all police reports online:


    Guess who hasn’t filed one? You know what they say, if it looks, acts and quacks like a liar the burden of proof is on him to prove otherwise. That “note” is just ridiculous and unbelievable.

  14. anon says

    Technically, it probably cannot be classified as a hate crime because hate crimes need a correlated primary crime (like assault). I’m not sure you could stretch this to making a terroristic threat. Vandalism? I suppose. But yes, it reeks of self promotion.

  15. donald says

    Here is the link to a Facebook page detail more information about this publicity stunt as well as these fame whores knowledge about people with HIV. Just a hint, zero.

    The best thing you can do right now to affect Logo – block their channel if your subscription package includes the channel. Advertisers and network providers actively track this information through the broadcasters. This will send a message (provided people actually do this) to Viacom, owners of Logo, as well as advertisers (Orbitz, Absolut,etc).

    Nice to see your still as hateful as ever to the gay Dallas community, One of the CA 36,000. Do wish you would get over your bitterness. Not sure who did what to you but, not all of us are the way you seem to perceive us.

  16. Nic says

    Off topic, perhaps, but is he a twink? Is twink now considered derogatory? I thought it just meant the likes of thin, young, and inexperienced?

    I hate that we have one gay channel and that one gay channel is, beyond being a perpetuate of stereotype, creating new and even more potentially harmful ones.

    Shameful. How has the RIGHT not picked this up as a scandal yet? You think they’d LOVE to show that we cry “hate crime” when we truthfully just made it up ourselves.

  17. JayKingOfGay says

    WRONG. Don’t bother boycotting LOGO. Instead, go after the advertisers that place ads on logo, or specifically this show. No sponsors = no shows. No advertising revenue = no show.

    This works the same way regular TV works. We are not the customers, we’re the product. The advertisers are the customers, complain to them.

    And yes, we do pay for cable, but we don’t pay logo. We pay the cable provider. The bulk of TV money comes from advertisers, go after them with your boycott.


    LOGO would be better off returning to its former glory as the All Buffy All The Time Network – at least it was classy and entertaining. In regards to this little “twink”, he reminds me of the rat in Charlotte’s Web…I don’t think I could bring my self to H8FUK the little rodent even if I was in a drug induced state with a gun to my head…there is nothing REMOTELY redeeming or sexy about any of these guttersnipe douchenozzles!

  19. Jon says

    I like A-list: New York and think it is interesting watching the group dynamic. Of course they act differently for the camera – everyone acts differently when they are being recorded. I haven’t see the Dallas version yet, but I don’t understand all the hostility. Must everyone approve of every show on TV? Isn’t it conceivable that someone else might actually like a show that you don’t? Why would someone try to pull a TV show off the air because they don’t like it. It just seems weird and a bit of an overreaction to boycott advertisers that in the long run are supporting gay programming.

  20. Mary says

    Kiwi, is it possible that GOProud is not really the group of “plantation gays” that they seem to be but instead are working to undermine unity within the conservative movement? It seems to me that this group is trying to divide and conquer by causing a rift between conservatives who are pro-gay and conservatives who are anti-gay. Once gays AS gays have a foothold in the conservative movement (they already have a foothold in the Republican party) they will be able to slowly become accepted in almost all areas of society (the orthodox religions being the one exception.) I don’t believe that the GOProud people really differ all that much from Log Cabin. To me their name should be GOSabotage or GOUndercover. They’re plants. But this is a very effective long-term strategy. Socons who are emotionally pro-gay may be tempted to become politically pro-gay as long as they contrast the “good” gays from GOProud with the “liberal” gays from Log Cabin. LaSalvia and Barron are tacticians who are willing to sacifice respect within the wider gay culture in order to pull this off. Just my opinion.

  21. Jollysocks says

    @Mary: “LaSalvia and Barron are tacticians who are willing to sacifice respect within the wider gay culture in order to pull this off”

    LOL! OMG, let’s give GoProud the Medal of Honor!

  22. Mary says

    Jollysocks, I don’t know if my assessment of GOProud is accurate. I could be wrong. But I think my scenario is at least a strong possibility. Doesn’t it make sense for gays to be involved openly in as many types of groups as will have them? There are even groups of gay evangelicals. Change takes time. A divided gay community actually advances the cause of gay equality by showing that gays are as diverse as everyone else. I know that the GOProud people look like Uncle Toms, but shouldn’t you be thinking long-term? Changes in attitudes are not always overt. Just by being at CPAC and by their affiliation with Ann Coulter, GOProud is making pro-gay attitudes more acceptable within the conservative movement. Why snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

  23. Mary says

    “UGG”, I wish I knew whether you mean this seriously or whether you’re being sarcastic. I enjoy Towleroad immensely,(I’d go insane if I had to read only the right-wing echo chamber) but my presense here IS kind of weird. Pro-gay emotionally, anti-gay politically. No easy way to resolve this, unfortunately.

  24. walter says

    the a list both new york and dallas are insult to gay men everywhere. who made these clowns a list until these dreadful shows i never heard of any these clowns.
    logo then goes out and gets one of the most
    homophobic b-tches around to create controversy and build ratings.
    The LGBT community would be better served without a tv network if this best that can be
    offered. i for one will never watch logo again until content improves.

  25. domicile says

    @mary…nice try…soft bigotry is still bigotry…as a stranger to you in a heterosexually christian privileged society, your vote affects my personal life and emotions a hell of a lot more than your supposedly emotional support…you’re simply another love the sinner hate the sin con trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility..i love this…i vote conservative but i love gays…how long do you think we’d be around if everyone had your attitude…our bars would still be getting raided and people thrown into paddy wagons while you stand by and do nothing but cry for us…good luck with your self-made dilemma

  26. Greg says

    Man, this is hard. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is truly brilliant. But after A-List NY, and this crap (using Ann Coulter to promote a show) I despise LOGO. I just don’t want to watch it.

  27. says

    he faked it. just like his parents fake that they love and respect him, and his hero Ann Coulter fakes that she supports the gay (white) community.

    the “attack” didn’t happen. he just needs to do things like this in order to convince himself that Liberals are the enemy, and not his mom and dad who (make no mistake) wish he wasn’t their son.

    Gay Republicans are so pathetic.

  28. says

    Mary, I know for a fact that your assessment of GOProud is inaccurate. How? Simple – I know more about GOProud than you do, clearly.

    GOProud do not build bridges, they don’t even make LGBT Equality an issue for their group, which sort of makes it odd that they even exist as a Gay Republican group anyway. Why be a group of gay republicans when you dont’ make LGBT Equality a part of your existence?

    Simple – they exist to save their own asses in front of their bigoted right-wing families. This is why everything that comes out of GOProud is anti-black, decidedly anti-gay, and just reeking of self-loathing.

    You’re also wrong in your statement, Mary, when you keep telling yourself that you’re “pro-gay emotionally”. You’re anti-gay. You are indeed an anti-gay bigot, and your fears of LGBT EQuality are based on nothing more than prejudiced myths spread by the Conservative Right.

    GOProud has a history of prejudiced anti-gay statements. GOProud is not making “pro-gay attitudes more acceptable in the conservative movement” – not at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

    GOProud promotes anti-gay bigotry, but in the way of saying “but not US, it’s those OTHER gays, those stereotypical left-wing gays who wear rainbows and march in parades.’ GOProud at last year’s CPAC showed up and insulted gay people. That’s how they exist – GOProud is a front for a group of white moneyed resentful-homosexuals to try to curry favor by telling all their fellow Republicans that they’re “not like those other gays.”

    Yeah. Us “other gays” who have self respect, spines and testicles.

    Yeah. Right. Like me marching with my parents in the pride parade every year is suddenly a bad thing.

    Mary, you need to speak less and listen more. For real, lady.

  29. RBearSAT says

    First of all, A-List as news? Guess LOGO is struggling to get the gays back to the fold and watch this mindless crap. Secondly, A-List cast members are definitely not A-List. We used to joke that if you had to prove you were an A-List person that was a good sign you weren’t.

  30. Paul R says

    I’ll admit to watching a couple episodes of the NY version and being mildly amused because it was such obviously stage camp/crap (that said, I hope not many uninformed straight people see it). But I tried watching the Dallas version and it was simply wretched. Absolutely unbearable. The part in the first episode where people describe why they’re “A list” is revolting. Why not just say what you do? They also seem to be skewing to younger participants, and a massive trust fund doesn’t make anyone A list (not that I’d want to be A list).

    Unfortunately, it’s probably Logo’s most popular show, and “controversies” like this will only make it more popular.

    And only in this guy’s wildest dreams is he a twink. Twinks are young, thin, and basically everything this guy isn’t.

  31. Mary says

    Kiwi, I’m glad your parents accept you – saw the picture of the 3 of you at the parade. I’m happy for you – truly.

    But it is necessary for you to be so nasty? You told me to WORK ON IT (my views of gays) and I’m trying. And why should I not speak? Shouldn’t we all learn from each other? Is this the way to treat someone who told you that you look good naked?

    Aa for GOProud, I can’t really know the organization’s true goals since LaSalvia and Barron are strangers to me. And yes, I can understand your frustration – no one likes an Uncle Tom. But this is just why I suspect that the organization has less to do with changing policy and is aiming for long term change in attitudes among conservatives. Keep in mind that this kind of psychological change is not easy to measure, and so a sabotage group might not have much it can point to as success for a number of years.

    As for being “anti-gay”, why would I read Towleroad if I were? In fact what I’ve done numerous times is give the readers here a sense of how they could be more successful with moderate and conservative voters/citizens. I’d probably be a pariah among socons for doing this if anyone found out.

  32. BBOCK says

    I think someone related to the show did it. Notice how they capitalized “A-List” but didn’t do the same to “Z-list”? That’s because “A-List” is part of their brand. I wonder whose fingerprints are under the label.

  33. says

    Sorry, but I’m channeling my inner Columbo (or perhaps Jessica Fletcher) and calling shenanigan­s.
    1. He CLAIMS a rock was thrown through his window.
    2. He has double-pan­ed windows, so ONLY the outside glass was broken. It apparently bounced off the inner pane, which is why there was glass on the balcony.
    1. The rock never went through the window. If it did, there would be glass INSIDE, not OUTSIDE. So when did he see the rock and the note?
    2. The rock must have been thrown by a child, mustn’t it? Is it that hard to break a double-pan­ed window?

  34. Fan says

    Wow. Really? All this rancor for a television show.
    I think the guys are cute,living in a fantasy $$ elite life, obviously scripted messed-up, but I like watching gays for a change instead of a million other reality shows of heterosexuals.
    Why isn’t it enough just to see something just for what it is? Sometimes a tv show is just a tv show?
    I certainly like these guys more than the harsh NY ones.

  35. Greg says

    There is no evidence this was a fake “hate crime.” This is character assassination of a fellow gay man who dares to buck gay group-think and blind gay allegiance to the Democrat Party, the party that signed DOMA into law.

    Personally, I would never have lunch with the despicable Trann Coulter, but I wouldn’t boycott a show because a cast member had lunch with her.

    These posts talking about bans and boycotts makes me wonder how any of you ever deal with adversity in your lives. Do you just boycott and ban everything that you don’t agree with or that hurts your feelings? Grow some balls and stop being such wimps!

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