1. says

    Great vid……..Colin Farrell is super…..and has a great sense of humour !
    I guess the drink is an underrated social lubricant.

    “For all you people in the mid-west I’m sorry we said f*** so often”…ha ha ha.

  2. TANK says

    I hate to say this, but some of the sad, aging queens around here are too easily pleased. This clip did nothing for me… I just saw two stars who look like bums acting like idiots. Robert Downey, Jr. is just a disgrace anymore… does he ever take a bath? And Colin Farrell… he’s no Laurence Olivier, but I guess that none of the bitches around here are into him because of his acting skills. He just has fans, I would guess, because of that private video that got “accidentally” leaked to the public. Give me those two cute, clean-cut guys on Glee anyday over these two old has-beens!

  3. jaragon says

    Downey Jr is anything but a has-been considering he leads two successful movie series- “Ironman” and “Sherlock Holmes” and Farrell is more than just a good looking guy.

  4. Cal says

    Just a bid of fun. They are supposed to be acting like idiots. But no….another opportunity for some self-hating gay guy to attack older gays. Please get a life….

  5. AnonymousJack says

    @TANK, really? Colin F. is a very talented actor and some of his best work has been in much smaller, more intimate productions like A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD and IN BRUGES, not the Hollywood stuff. He’s very subtle and quite, quite good and seems to have a great sense of humor in real life. The fact that he’s relentlessly gay positive and served as best man for his gay brother’s wedding doesn’t hurt, either. In fact, I’d venture to say his “home video” temporarily diminished him in the eyes of many fans including me and other gay men. So he has a large endowment…that hardly made up for the fact that he had the unfortunate bald head from the film he was shooting at the time and was talking like a 19-year old frat boy trying to hard to sound “cool” in his homemade adult film. It was kind of painful to watch, the setting depressingly “ordinary” (and messy) and the Playmate he was with ridiculously vapid. I think gay men have legitimate reasons to be fans and he’s earned that fandom; it’s unfair to chalk it all up to gay men embracing a man who we saw naked once.

    Robert Downey Jr. has been to hell (of his own making) and back and seems (in the limited amount I know of him) to be a nice guy. Currently rocking 2 1/2 franchises (IRON MAN, SHERLOCK HOLMES, and AVENGERS, the 1/2), he’s hardly a has-been.

    Hating for hating’s sake is the true unattractiveness here.

  6. hcb says

    seriously, tank? first things first, they ARE supposed to be joking around. if you didn’t pick that up, then…what does that say about you? and you’d pick any of those clean glee boys any day over these has beens? please, these has-beens were bigger stars and have more character than any of those blah, deluded glee talents will ever dream of being and having. next.

  7. Sell it to Me says

    What an expensive production. Everyone in the “audience” must be on the payroll. The guys certainly know how to appear sexually attractive to everyone, good marketing, A+.

    If only the films could live up to the hype.

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