1. Craig says

    Santorum is the owner of the largest margin of defeat by an incumbent in 30 years. His own constituents can’t even stand him. Unless he moves to some rural southern county or Topeka to run for office he will only be fighting from the outside.

  2. Andalusian Dog says

    What a whackadoo: “It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be…[Sex] is supposed to be within marriage.”

    So much for small government.

    I suppose I’d be confused about my political positions too if my sexual positions involved squatting over a toilet to expel a certain recipe of butt stew…

    In all seriousness, though, I’d agree with the above sentiments – may the day come sooner rather than later – except I’m sure his family, at least, loves him. Sort of. Maybe he can simply fight on the hill until exhausts whatever shred of relevance he may have. Again, may the day come sooner rather than later.

  3. Pointed says

    Sounds like he is ready to lead all his Christian followers to a deadly war against gays. Violence is never a good thing for a “person” running for the highest office in the world to advocate. No class among any of the republican candidates. And Santorum should be charged with making statements that could anger and enrage the populace into riot. This sh!t is starting to get scary.

  4. kit says

    “Die on the hill”??? Um, is he referring to Calvary? Jesus-complex much?
    Another put-upon Christian martyr being oppressed by not being allowed to oppress others…

  5. BobN says

    Actually, it’s the “special” procreative possibility in heterosexual sex that makes contraception both necessary and, ultimately, helpful in fulfilling that “specialness”.

    Children should be planned and wanted. Not everyone has an apparently endless source of donor money to keep them employed year after blithering year…

  6. David says

    It’s striking how much the political right is obsessed with sex. I don’t think that much about it, and I look at hot guys everyday. Just give it a rest, as no one (including a large group of Jesus Lovers) really thinks sex has been and always was designed just to poop out babies. I get it, you want to stand for something (as Kit put it above)to be Jesus-complex like, but the more you moan about it, the more disinterested everyone becomes. It’s pathetic as it is funny. He’s a sad little man, hanging his philosophy on a dusty tome that was outdated 2,000 years ago.

  7. Bart says

    I’ll make sure I use his skull to step on on the way to the altar after he’s dead. I always thought it would be beautiful to get married on a hill at sunset.

  8. Ben in Oakland says

    So, who is it again that is trying to redefine marriage? Gay people, or the jerks like Little Ricky who think that you must be forced to bear babies you don’t want.

  9. albertam says

    I’d like to say to this bible thumping nerd stay the hell out of people’s personal business like sex or faith. he is a backwards man that cant see whats in front of him as he walks forward. he should be more concern on health, education and creating jobs. i predict this guy won’t win and i hope no i pray or wish on star he doesn’t.

  10. Tim says

    He seems to be basically admitting to all kinds of sexual deviation in his personal life. Someone that protests SO much HAS to be hiding some very dark things. As everyone else has said, no sane person obsesses THIS much about sex!! And we are mostly horny men!

  11. Pointed says

    According to scripture, sex is strictly for the purpose of procreation and MUST not be participated in as lustful desire as that is the devil working. The pleasure from sex is a temptation and must not be given into. If you are to have two kids, then screw only until the each child is conceived. Then enjoy your celibate life. Oh, by the way, masturbation is also a sin as pleasure, again, is the temptation. Let’s see the straight and self-righteous folks give up sex in the name of God. Never happen as pleasure is OK as long as it is between opposite sex partners. These people sicken me.

  12. walter says

    this man seem to spend most of his waking dealing with two men getting it on. god rick, just do it stop dreaming about it . promise it won’t hurt and you will love it. some how i can picture him with his legs high in the air.

  13. says

    @Pointed : nice one !

    There’s a lot to be said for his point on straights making more of us……….”just like me, a lot like me, but not quite me.”

    And is it me, or are straights making more and more of us ? It’s the ultimate god’s joke on Frothy.

  14. paul b. says

    I can hear the hammer hitting nail-head into coffin as I write this. I only wish I could offer him a hand, but he’s doing such a great job of burying himself…why bother?
    Wow, I think that is a rug up there…line your box with it “santorum”.

  15. Caliban says

    So when he “dies on the hill,” will there only be a 3 day window to piss on his grave before he’s whisked off to heaven or will there be time to incorporate it into a larger vacation plan?

  16. Drew says

    As a former constituent of his, let me be the first one to get to the Hill. Nothing made me happier than the day I could throw his delusional ass to the curb.

  17. bruce says

    Seriously…this guy is absolutely NUTS…Every time I think he’s finally said his dumbest thing, he tops himself with something even more idiotic!!!

    GO AWAY RICK…and get some help!

  18. Todd says

    Harold Camping’s prediction of rapture on October 21, 2011 can’t come fast enough. My rapture list:
    Santorum in particular and then
    Entire GOP presidential contenders
    Maggie Gallagher and cast of NOM
    Westboro Baptist Church

    Good riddance (although I do think Camping’s a raging lunatic too).

  19. Flying Spaghetti Monster says

    Santorum dismisses polygamy in ancient times on Bret Baier’s show: “It was a very different culture. It was a system that was antithetical to everything we believe in. But the nature of the reationship… even though it was polygamous, each marriage was a man and a woman… for the purposes of coming together in a conjugal and unitive relationshiup, for the bonding one to one and having children for the future society.”

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