1. Nick says

    Gerry Rivers-as he was known-back in the day-
    attempting to report for Faux Snooze? Laughable-does his pimp Mr. Ailes know what he is up to?

  2. Thomas Cardellino says

    Geraldo Rivera will always hold at least an ounce of respect in my regard for him because as a young reporter he helped reveal the horrors of enforced institutionalization of millions of the weakest citizens amongst us into lifelong sentences in mental asylums, whether or not they had mental deficiencies requiring protection of the person involuntarily incarcerated. One very good San Franciscan friend of mine, Dorothy Conley, was one such person who spent her childhood and early adulthood confined in a New York State mental institution because she had a physical malady, muscular dystrophy, her father could not financially afford to ameliorate. She kept her sanity intact for decades, until her court-ordered release, by taking care of her fellow inmates’ needs, especially those of the other children who were largely left to fend for themselves. She continued her advocacy for others until her death in 2005, here in San Francisco, a small city that so often has benefited by “outcasts” who’ve lived horrid lives before coming to our Golden Gate.
    Nonetheless, as they too often say in Italy, at least Mussolini made the trains run on time. Despite his earlier efforts many years ago to expose the predation of the strong over the weak, the elder Mr. Rivera has sold his soul for many millions of dollars to Faux News, the radical right wing’s “free press” proxy for all sorts of lies and distortions in support of the uber-wealthy oligarchs who truly do attempt to run this world by literally buying votes in Our American Democracy’s halls of governance.
    Geraldo has a vested interest in fomenting conflict by utilizing agents of misinformation, and more perniciously, disinformation to distort the multifaceted disenchantment felt by the great majority of Americans who know something fundamentally has gone terribly wrong with our democratic Republic. We Americans are burning in a drought void of truth while most politicians are pissing on us and Our Constitution while swearing under “God” that it’s rain.
    “Fox News Lies,” however, is only a first realization on the road to educating our fellow citizens about the age-old quest of the rich to become richer, and that the poor amongst us only achieve redress by politically taking power out of the hands of those who worship affluence more than the rule of law. Class warfare has always existed worldwide. The Tea Party Darlings now elected to our modern-day American Reichstag who act as if only the “mob” has recently invented class warfare, were simply raised to believe that they, the wealthy few and their elected minions, had won that war here in the USA years ago through their massive investments into repealing the hard-fought-for regulations that were won by the blood, sweat, tears and lives of the once-disenfranchised few. While the epithets of “Class-Traitor” still hound FDR in the pages of history, we see history reawakened in the peoples’ streets worldwide. Those nascent few who dare protest as if they were truly free, who have quickly been rendered into non-persons under the newspeak of our unimaginably wealthy “Big Brothers” the likes of the Koch Brothers and their hired henchmen nationwide, are disorganized now but will find their voice the more that this do-nothing Congress drags its feet towards the 2012 Presidential Election. Many of the wealthiest Americans who fund their own brand of conveniently erected Potemkin Villages to delude the mass media viewers into complacency despite their deeper long-term motives, are afraid that they have gone too far. Why else would their hired talking heads denigrate “Occupy Wall Street’ as communists (our corporate most darling source of slave labor, Red China, is still communist last I looked) and a mob?
    Now, as my run-on sentences flee like wild stallions harnessed to my wagon of complaints, I’ll call it quits for now.
    Please be smarter and more cunning those of you who have answered the call of “Occupy Wall Street.” Your repressive opposition is a formidable foe, a sort of shape-shifter that can change an unskilled vociferous non-plumber named Sam into “Joe the Plumber” to launch a racist stealth torpedo into the campaign of a real-life honestly himself candidate for the USA’s highest office.

  3. ajj says

    When is Geraldo getting rid of that 70’s porn stache? How can anyone take him seriously with that bushy bug on his face?

  4. matt says

    There you go again.
    What in the world did Rivera do to piss this group off? He works for Fox, so what? He’s an Independent at best and a far as I can tell as never done anything to annoy the gay community (he admitted to having sex with Mick Jagger FYI). So while, the chant is lyrical its also misdirected—one is certain he knows who he works for and its his job and who knows what kind of report he might have made.
    The problem when any group gets together is group mentality, which is to simply join in and that is what this crowd did.
    I would ask that before he is insulted with comments about his stache (dude, you alienated a huge section of the gay community), his relevance, give the man the benefit of the DOUBT.

  5. Jeff Kurtti says

    Matt is either uniformed or a deluded troll. Geraldo is there representing Fox News, and is their highly-compensated employee. That “news” organization is the purveyor of divisive and destructive lies on a near-daily basis. The chant was meant to reach the ears of Gerry’s audience, not Geraldo himself, as he is no doubt aware that he has sold his sould to the Satan of journalism.

  6. Laura says

    One has to wonder why Geraldo was there anyway. It’s not like Faux News was going to air any footage from OWS that painted them in a bad light.

    It was a publicity stunt and nothing more. I may be dating myself but I remember when Geraldo was a serious journalist.

  7. Craig says

    @Matt – “…never done anything to annoy the gay community…”

    Are you implying that OWS is a gay protest?

  8. Fenrox says

    @Laura, Because Geraldo will resonate with protesters. They were hoping he got beaten or hurt. THAT was the story they wanted.

  9. Jerry says

    I remember seeing him driving up 6th Avenue, I guess to the studio, in his bentley convertible with the top down. Nice ride.

  10. anon says

    Gerry always violated the cardinal rule of journalism of not making the reporter the story. The pattern continues.