1. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    This is the first I’ve seen of “Princess Nancy” outside of her show.

    And I think we can all understand why they keep such a tight shot on her.

  2. Joetx says

    I want her to stay on DWTS as long as possible, only b/c I like watching her dance partner.

  3. Albert says

    Nah, that wasn’t a fart, but like Walt said, more an unfortunately ill-timed stomach growl. Very embarrassing, but she tried to keep it moving.

  4. Book 7 says

    OMG, that one sounded like a chair-dragger!
    With the nip-slip from last week, and the outgassing this week, I think Karma is coming to get her to remind Ms. Grace that she is HUMAN, like everyone else she likes to judge. Could she own up to a natural function? No. She had to LIE. Lying is a sin, missy. Nice thing to teach your kids.