1. Towlehead says

    I’ve been to Iran. Most mens rooms don’t have urinals, and when there are urinals, each one is surrounded by a curtain which you pull open and closed to use it. So you can’t catch a look at anyone’s peen next to you.

  2. George F says

    The reaction of the guy being grabbed trying to take down the groping hand just points out the seriousness of the situation…

    Actually not: it just makes evident how macho and backwards they can be.

  3. Gay American says

    this from a country that seperates women and men…..? They do everything societal that COULD lead to men/touching/men….they Segregate thier country. Just proves HOW SICK RELIGION in all its forms is…..innocent grab from the joyfulness of winning….they turn it ugly.

  4. uffda says

    See. There you go. Proof. It doesn’t even matter when your country is an oppressive sinkhole of stone-age backwardness. Men love one another’s asses.

  5. Andalusian Dog says

    Like Ayatollah Khamenei doesn’t like to cop a feel every once in a while. Like, say, after a really good round of Friday prayers…though I bet some cheek would be hard to find under all those robes.

    Anyway, the point is…wait, what’s the point?

    RIGHT: Iranian people = people. Iranian regime = stupid.

  6. Rob says

    While the punishment is ridiculous – I do have to admit that was some serious grope ‘n probe action – his hand was diggin in and exploring. Ah well, the more people are repressed, the more they try to sneak things in.

  7. says

    I pray the religious leaders are not concerned with the kisses exchanged at 0:08, which are a charming display of affection, celebration and friendship. I hope these teammates are not punished for their natural emotions.

  8. Paul R says

    The point about segregation based on religion is so true. So many countries (mainly developing) separate the sexes, and the affection that straight men show to one another is sometimes startling, from holding hands to kissing. And depending on the country, quite hot.

    Men are horny. Big news!

  9. marica says

    Funny, no one has commented yet on the two players who hug each other and kiss on the before the other players pile on top of them. I got a more sexual vibe from that than from the guy who squeezed the cantaloupe on the other dude.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    BAHAHA! I was expecting a butt slap and got some Rated R “Oil Checking” instead! My first guess is that this is something they do behind closed doors to piss off the other person… like their version of a wet-willy, it’s clearly at the over-reaction expense of the probee.

    And I agree with UFFDA, even in countries where they don’t “cotton” to the grab and tickle, men do it anyway… why fight it?

  11. Lexxvs says

    Clearly they are desperate to make a fuss about anything to make people forget about their real problems. And how come that the victim is also suspended? Yeap, Islamic logic. Islamic morals.

  12. Inor says

    One would think that they’d show a bit more restraint, considering that the same stadium is probably used to hang or stone people for much the same actions. They should be thankful that they are sports heroes and not commoners, else they’d most likely already be swinging as examples of swift, unmerciful and misguided interpretations of divine justice.

  13. BG says

    The sports censor responsible for the suspension is like a school hall monitor exercising his ‘power’. Look what I can do! All of football bows to my whim! Once the point has been made, it will likely be reversed by the same guy relishing his influence. To western eyes this may seem childish, but it’s actually a core aspect of that country’s social makeup.

  14. tad says

    why did they both get in trouble? the guy who got probed definitely didn’t like it one bit, and didn’t do anything to initiate it. i don’t get why he was apologizing for anything.

  15. Y. Battle says

    What about the awkward kiss on the cheek btw the firat two players in the huddle? And it looks more like he was trying to support the player who was doing the mid-air teabag rather than cop a feel.

  16. C says

    What?! It looked like he saw the guy falling and was reaching to help him stay up. He just applied pressure to an awkward place. Suspending them for this is really stupid and over-reactive.

  17. craaaaig says

    Why did they ban the guy who got his butt grabbed? He did try and swat the hand away and it’s not his fault that his teammate grabbed his sweet sweet man cheek. Then again why am I trying to apply common sense to this situation?

  18. Rob says

    They banned Sheys Rezaei (#13), the guy who got his butt grabbed by Mohammad Nosrati (#6), because HE later grabbed a guy’s butt too. You have to watch both clips. When the clip above finishes playing and the display of other clips appears, click on the second one in the top row and you will see what Sheys Rezaei did to another player.

  19. Rob says

    There is something else I thought I should add, in case you guys aren’t aware of it:

    In Iran, a soccer match is an all-male event. In Iran, women are prohibited from attending soccer matches. The players are of course all guys, and the fans in the stands are all guys. No women at an Iranian soccer match! That could be the reason why the players feel that maybe they can be a bit free and natural with each other. But maybe sometimes they forget in the heat of the moment that the particular match they’re playing in is being televised. That is the actual reason why Nosrati and Rezaei got in trouble. The match was a televised match, and women were watching at home.

    By the way, you should google Mohammad Nosrati and Sheis Rezaei and look at some photos of them. They’re gorgeous guys!

  20. john says

    it was a little more then butt grabbing or patting… it was totally uncalled for as seen by the guys reaction… he stuck his fingers up the guys ass… I think he should be punished, and I’m a total liberal..

  21. Rob says

    You say “totally uncalled for as seen by the guy’s reaction”. You are referring to the reaction of Sheys Rezaei (#13) to what Mohammad Nosrati (#6) had just done to him. But Rezaei later did something similar himself to another player! When the clip above finishes playing and the other clips are displayed, click on the one captioned “Immoral Celebration 2 Sheys…”. In that clip, the focus is on Rezaei (#13), and you will see why the authorities saw fit to punish him as well.

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