1. nick says

    VJ needs to go back on crack or alcohol -whatever she was on before she found the magic man in the sky.

  2. rayrayj says

    Oh my god the poor thing is brain dead. I couldn’t bear to watch past the seven minute mark.

  3. lessthan says

    Isn’t she a comedian? Maybe this was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t, but maybe she was trying?

  4. luminum says

    Can’t we just ignore people like her? Giving washed up people viral video attention for their insane platforms only elevates them to public icon status, giving them an even bigger stage, and, God forbid, a legitimate opportunity to infect our lives later–like a book deal, movie, radio show, or a career as a Fox News pundit.

    It happened with Michele Bacchman, Glenn Beck, and even that dumb ass Joe the Plumber guy.

  5. Dale says

    Victoria was just amazing to be able to pack so much ignorance into 15 mins. Between your FAUX ignorant questions and statements and her chalkboard voice, that 15 mins. was also very painful. I never thought she was funny on SNL either. She is waste of human matter.

  6. Bart says

    Oh my God was that hilarious. She was owned by that guy. Question for question, owned. She’s a blithering idiot and it was comical watching her get chewed up and spit out by this guy.

    You gotta love the ignorant tea party folk, they set a trap then step in it themselves. Nice work, Victoria. Your obvious stupidity is a greater asset to those you oppose then those you represent.

  7. walter says

    victoria jackson is totally brain dead and why is anyone even covering her. if this is what tea party has to offer god help us.

  8. kx1978 says

    Does anyone realize that the entire interview is with a former porn star…Kurt Lockwood. He’s smart, sexy and liberal. I truly feel bad for her. Poor thing sounds like an overgrown 4 year old.

  9. Hmmmmm... says

    I guess it is a testament to her intelligence that she put out that vid. She comes across as a complete idiot, yet doesn’t even know it…..

  10. Ted says

    I just don’t understand: she was the only cast member who refused to perform with guest star Andrew Dice Clay because of his bigotry. It’s like Fred Phelps (who at one time was a prominent civil rights attorney).

    What happens to these people?