1. Albert says

    Don’t know about Kanye, but Russell is one of those millionaires who has a conscience. So if this helps broaden the attention of the protests and helps attract more people of color to the movement, that is a positive.

  2. peterparker says

    I like Russell Simmons. He is a passionate animal rights advocate, championing veganism, supporting the Humane Society and partnering with PETA to protest the treatment of chickens by Kentucky Fried Chicken. He has lent his support to help homeless men re-enter the work force. And he has gone on record stating that he supports marriage equality.

    Kanye West, on the other hand, is a moron.

  3. Jr says

    I don’t resent the successful. Support from some of the very wealthy 1 percent can make these protests stronger and more legitimate.

    That said, Kanye West has diamonds embedded in his mouth. His teeth could put half those protesters through college. He has no business there.

  4. Tim says

    To quote Mark, his presence means nothing to me. If free tickets were handed to see him appearing at a dog fight across the street, I would not go. If he paid me to go see him, I would not go.

  5. AsherStClaire says

    Mark, rush cards are PREPAID debit cards.
    You can’t spend more than whats on them so in a way, he is Part of the Solution, by giving them an option where they can’t spend beyond their means.

  6. Leonard says

    @ ASHERSTCLAIRE No, he is definitely a part of the problem regarding these “rush cards.” It was even a matter of contention for some of the protestors.

    And you can certainly spend more than whats on the card, just by using the card. Monthly fees to have the card and fees per purchase from use of the card can add up quickly.

    I like Kanye as an artist, and he is no moron, but he’s really out of place at this protest. Russell Simmons…smh

  7. Mark says

    It annoys me when celebrities jump on the band wagon with social causes, but for these two to come down and pretend they are “one of us” is disingenuous and pisses me off. What’s next, a live performance from J-Lo singing “Jenny From the Block”??

    The rush card and “bling culture” promoted on some level by these two contributes to a consumer/debt culture that has given the corporations and banks they very power they want and have over us.

    If you are really serious then you are going to have to do more than spend an hour standing around talking (or not talking) to the press. It’s easy to be a limo liberal–it taking real balls to make real sacrifices and make a real difference.

  8. Mark says

    For a public figure to show up at public protest rally and NOT speak – and instead have someone doing your talking for you – is the epitome of self-aggrandizement. Kanye West–see megalomania

    If you REALLY support the cause, Kanye–why don’t you donate some food, supplies, and portable bathroom facilities to the folks at the protest? Surely if you sold that 400 dollar shirt and those thousand dollar jeans you were wearing during your one hour photo op you could buy quite a bit of badly needed resources for the people really sacrificing for the cause.

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