1. E. says

    Amazing video! I love it when nature still inspires awe–I feel like we’ve been losing that feeling as a culture. But yeah, monumentally stupid to get in the water with them.

  2. Dallifornia says

    Since when is it against the law to be near whales?! It’s not like he’s harpooning them. And who cares if it’s dangerous? People swim with sharks. A blue whale is not dangerous just because it’s large.

  3. OberonOZ says

    I dont know about California, but its illegal to swim with or get too close in a boat to whales here. Youre supposed to stay a minimum of 100meters away from memory, both for your protection and theirs.

  4. uffda says

    Oh shut up. It’s the most natural thing in the world to want to get into the water with such impressive, peaceable beings. Good for the kyaker. And thanks for his video.

  5. anon says

    International law? I guess he’d be better off harpooning them like the Japanese do. I doubt he was in significantly more danger one way or the other, and both kayaks and whales are fairly slow moving, so it’s hard to see how anyone was getting out the way quickly.

  6. Lexxvs says

    Whales are not meant for tourism and the laws that exists where exists are for a reason based on facts given by biologist. The more you promote that stuff the more the animals will be disturbed by stupid people wanting to have “their” mystical experience, and the animals have enough stress and problems with all the boats, the sound disturbance –very important for marine mammals- and the increasing pollution they fed with –lead, industrial waste and so on and on- to add dumb people wanting to bother them while feeding or whatever. Oh, don’t forget that we are depleting the ocean by fishing, so it’s not like they have plenty of option to go feed away from humans anymore.
    Nature is NOT an open zoo. Period. Want to see a whale, turn on Discovery Channel or have a job related to their protection or scientific study.

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