1. RandyN says

    This guy is really really bad news. Obama was elected with a majority african-american vote. The african-american population is one of the most homophobic in your society so come the choice between a pro-gay and an anti-gay candidate, you will have Herman Cain as next US President. He is not tea-bag crazy, he is quite reasonable on other issues and comes across as somebody who actually thinks before answering so this will attract the undecided. Sadly, if this guy is the GOP candidate, I am afraid the awesome win called repeal of DADT will remain only in the history books.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    This quote from Cain:

    “I am grateful for the United States being a nation that can change. Because in our short 235 year history it is our ability to change that allowed us to become a great nation”.

    Remember it the next time he and his ilk say marriage must continue to be defined as one man and one woman because it has been that way for 5000 years.

  3. Steve says

    Not that many years ago, there were people who would not have wanted to answer the “colored question”… you, know, the one about equal rights for African Americans, etc. Is Mr. Cain from America? Or was he hatched from the behind of, oh, let’s see – a warthog? Please Mr. Cain, don’t run for the Presidency. You are an embarrASSment to your culture and your kind. I know so many enlightened African Americans who refer to you as the dark within the darkeness.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Eek! Cain may not have a lengthy political background, but he is a strong Republican candidate, and a fierce interview. He’s gone toe to toe with the above lawrence and instead of answering questions, he’s spread his agenda… the mark of a “good” politician. I love his attitude on changing our financial problems, but hate his ignorance on gay issues. If he comes around and realizes that being gay is not a choice, Obama may have a big problem.

    We should be focusing on the gays who are in his sphere of influence, his family, and his friends, to make him realize his mistake.

  5. simon says

    Just an arrogant ass. Instead of answering question, just say next question, meaning other people are too stupid to understand his points. He thinks he is the boss or CEO and forgets he needs to convince people to get votes.

  6. Jesus says

    “The african-american population is one of the most homophobic in your society so come the choice between a pro-gay and an anti-gay candidate, you will have Herman Cain as next US President”

    Not really, but thank you for making an asinine assumption about people of color in “our” society. Whose society? Wow, I could go on dissecting this comment, but I think it stands on its own merits (hint: IT HAS NO MERIT)

  7. Jason says

    I’m not a Cain supporter, but like another poster said, I like his economic plan, but he is socially too conservative; however, I found the most troubling part of this interview to be Lawrence O’Donnell. A quick Google search shows his question about Vietnam to be extremely hypocritical as he used a deferment to get out of serving and did not go to fight the war. At least Cain was working for the Navy and God forbid a conservative commentator questioned a liberal black politician about why they did not do more to fight for black civil rights…people would be calling for him to be fired and say he is a racist. It is wrong no matter what someone’s political beliefs are. It’s time to start calling all pundits, journalist and politicians on their hypocrisy!!!

  8. Moonie says

    @Jesus: Black people are, in fact, the most anti-gay major race in the United States, unfortunately. Out of Caucasians, Hispanics, and African-Americans, black people have historically had and continue to have the lowest rates of support of gay marriage. It is a troubling statistic that some have attributed to religious climate, subculture, etc.
    However, I agree that making the assumption that the African-American population will vote for Cain over Obama for this reason alone is just ridiculous.

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