1. V-8 says

    gay face? how about adding gay accent there as well?

    never seen anything with this guy (not my cup of tea), but he should definitely go have some tea with that Taylor Lautner princes…

  2. say what says

    16 eggs for 1 meal? The body only metablozies betwee 45-50 grams of protein every 2-3 hours

    each egg has about 7 grams of protein so that is around 112 grams of protein……he is shitting out 62-67 grams of protein. He probably has very runny /loose stools

  3. say what says

    PS his muscles are great……he just could do better and have firmer stools/shits if he split his protein intake to 6 meals a day at 45-50 grams each meal totaling 300 grams of protein a day but studies are inconclusive on that much protein per day being unnecessary for muscle growth/ mass gain

  4. Vlad says

    @MRJ Some of us find these huge bodybuilder bods repulsive. Not to mention shaved/waxed everything. I’m sure I’m in a minority here but, yes, I would turn him or anyone who looked like that down.

  5. Jesus says

    I’ve dated these “types”, and a lot of the time I’m left asking if he’d pay more attention to me if I were a muscle on his body. Then we do it, and for a minute, I kinda am.

  6. Jay says

    Boys, boys, boys…come on now. Not everyone has to subscribe to YOUR ideal of beauty. Liking shaved, muscular, veiny men is fine. Liking hairy, skinny men is fine, too. Liking softer, groomed men? That’s fine, too. Let’s appreciate beauty in all forms and not try to impose our preferences on others because they’re just that: preferences. Stop being such bitchy queens about what a guy considers his personal ideal body to be or what a guy finds attractive!

  7. Jesus says

    I like how any form of criticism automatically qualifies one as a “bitchy queen” or “bitter queen”, but please, let’s at least get it straight. I’m not a queen, I’m a princess.

  8. Fahd says

    He brought back my high school memories of lusting after boys who thrived in PE class. His hair problem has never been resolved I see.

    He’s such an accidental star!

  9. stevenelliot says

    Frankly the more I workout and lift weights…..(Im naturally thin in build. Im 6ft 181 lbs, at the moment)….the more I appreciate the hard work and discipline it takes to look like this guy looks! And if youre pumping iron and eating like Kellan youre gonna get vascular whether or not ur doing roids. Oh and I eat protein out the gazoo and my poop is not runny, in fact protein does the opposite….

  10. Matt26 says

    Give it a break. He’s not my fav. actor or anything either. But he looks hot in those jeans, jumping etc.

  11. say what says

    stevenelliot are you taking under 50 grams of protein per every 2-3 hour cycle

    come back and talk to me when you try metabolizing more than 50 grams of protein every 2-3 hours

    I take 150-200 grams of protein a day which is way way way above the USDA recommended allowance ….split between 4-5 meals a deal which consists of 2-3 of those meals as straight up protein shakes

    check out your protein shake mixes NOT a single 1 will ever have a dose over 50 grams of protein for 1 serving because nobody on the planet can metabolize more than 50 grams at 1 time

    7 yes under 50 grams every 2-3 hours your stool will be fine but hit over 50 a serving and you will shitz it out quick because your body can do nothing with the excess

  12. jakeinlove says

    All love all these pudgy queens trying to accuse someone of roids. Similar to SteveElliot, I’m 6’4″ and have fought like hell to go from 180 to 190 lifting weights. Nothing but diet with a concentration on protien. Arms have enough veins to supply enough blood to Rush Limbaugh’s fat bloated brain dead head.


  13. ohplease says

    Only gay men would argue over whether or not someone who is literally movie-star handsome and has the body of a Greek god is attractive or not.

    By the way, it’s actually possible to find both Kellan Lutz and, for instance, Kevin James and, I don’t know, RuPaul attractive all at the same time. You don’t have to make only one choice. It’s a buffet — enjoy!

    And JakeInLove, I’m assuming that the one you’re in love with is yourself?

  14. Brian says

    I used to weigh like 240 and dropped like 50 pounds through running and weights. I’ve put on like 10 pounds of muscle and working on toning and definition. Went from a 40 to a 32. From all the time spent at the gym, I’ve come to have a new respect for people who put in the time to get bodies that some are criticizing. I used to think that roids was the only way men could get the muscles they have, and trust, I am not naive, I know they exist. But from my own experiences, my own veins popping out after lifting or doing intense exercises, it’s just the body’s way of ensuring there is sufficient way for blood and oxygen to move through the body in an efficient and timely way.
    As far as protein, I’ve taken in a lot of protein … Not entirely to build muscle, but to eat healthier and eat more efficient foods for energy and weight management… No loose stools!

  15. Jay says

    Here are some other thoughts on his vascularity…During the shoot, he’s doing exercise, which means his veins are engaged, pumping blood and oxygen to the muscles more so than when he’s at rest. Another thought, I would NOT be shocked if they rubbed him down with a posing oil called Hot Stuff or gave him a glass of red wine before the shoot. Why? Those things bring the veins to the surface, too, and are well-known trade secrets amongst fitness models and photographers.

    Also, I agree with OHPLEASE. I find a variety of men attractive–normal, thin, muscular, short, tall, smooth, hairy, inked, not inked, blonde, brunette, black, white, Asian, latino…hell…even cut or uncut. Sexy comes in so many flavors!

  16. say what says

    brian how many grams at 1 sitting?

    it isn’t the amount of protein total for a day it is the total for 1 meal

    You don’t realize 1 huge steak is only giving you 20-30 grams of protein…..what you guys are claiming is a ton of protein is not huge it is almost nothing compared to what I take in and body builders take in

    Hitting 50 grams 1 meal is not easy and 4-5-6 meals a day also not easy as in oh I just ate a steak and that is 50 grams of protein …it isn’t

    Trust me if you measure out your food like body builders do every meal you will see

    45-50 grams max metabolized by body every 2-3 hours……300 grams a day will destroy your liver

    optimal protein intake for mass gain is 150-250 grams a day of protein split between tons of meals

    anyway; nothing wrong with roids if done right…deca being the least damaging if cycled right

  17. say what says

    Ps 1 huge piece of salmon as in covering the plate is only going to give you 25-30 grams of protein…that is not a lot

    You guys have no idea what a lot of protein at 1 meal is

  18. Rick says

    I get Men’s Fitness which is usually a snooze with all those over-developed, over-oiled yahoos. But this month’s Kellan Lutz cover is a winner (no oil!). Love that he works out in the back rooms of those clubs on West Street. Or so it looks. Yum.

  19. HA! says

    Targeting protein…
    1. 5-7 meals a day
    2. spread out targeted protein between above mentioned meals
    3. EX: target weight: 180Lbs.
    180 grams protein. Minimum 36 g per meal.
    4. but all meals should be balances with complex carbs too.
    5. Whey protein is best, followed by casein and then soy.

  20. Drew says

    If he came to my door to offer landscaping services, I would totally pay whatever it took to have him over every week. Shirtless and writhing in jeans, of course.