Married Gay Binational Couple Under Threat of Deportation Meets with Pelosi, Congressional Leaders

I've posted about Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk here before. Wells and Makk have lived together for 19 years, were married seven years ago in Massachusetts, and are fighting a battle with U.S. immigration so that Makk can remain in the country.

Makk Yesterday, they went to Capitol Hill:

On Wednesday, the couple met privately in Washington for half an hour with their representative, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, visited congressional offices and headlined an evening reception by Immigration Equality, the group giving them legal aid in their fight.

"I'm as married as any other married man in this country," Wells said Wednesday at a briefing for congressional staff. "My marriage is legally recognized in the state I live in. But the government is forcing me to choose between losing my family or losing my country."

Wells, as you may recall, suffers from HIV-related medical issues and Makk is his chief caregiver. Makk is now in the country illegally, the SF Chronicle adds, after his VISA ran out on August 25.


  1. says

    Hi all. I read about the problem, it’s very funny. There are a lot of codes that should be changed in case to meet all requirements. Let’s face the problem with immigration visas for gay couples. If you are family with a person in different sex, your wife/husband receive the rights as well. But you both are of same sex is not the same. This is nothing else than discrimination problem.

  2. justme says

    From what I know of immigration law, it was a huge mistake for Makk to remain in the country illegally. I hope I’m wrong and that this works out. In their circumstances, obviously I can see why they made this choice.

  3. says

    Sorry, but this is not a country I dreamed for (USA). This is a real factical act of discrimination that should be court attacked. Apologize, my english is not so good, but I know exactly what human rights means. Guys, you should fight for your human rights, gays, or hetero, there is no matter.
    Take care all of you. :)

  4. JD says

    The word “visa” should not be written in all caps.

    This is a horrible injustice, and all those blocking progress on this matter should be ashamed of themselves. I wish this couple the best and hope that they’re heard and helped.

  5. andrew Cicchetti says

    Please send your support to Immigration who are working tirelessly to pass the UAFA, Uniting Americans Family Act, a bill designed to right this wrong.

    Call your Senators and Congressman, especially the conservative ones and point out that love, commitment and family are all American values.

    If we are lucky this law will change in Obama’s second term.

  6. says

    I’m astonished that there are not a hundred more comments on this posting !
    Don’t you guys giv a sh** about other national spouses of US citizens?
    Don’t you care that all our noses(domestic and foreign ) are shoved in the dirt by this blatent bigotry ?
    Or has the USA given up on all issues of immigration ?

    I didn’t come over in the effing Famine Boat, but my country men did…….and they ,at least, burned with the rage of indignation against injustice and did something about it.

    Allowing breeder couples to remain and not homo couples is another way of manipulating every social constrain against us.
    We need to burn down the Disco (to use a metaphor).
    At least the “Occupy Wall Street” boys have more balls than we have.